If I could go back: 10 warnings I’d give myself before becoming a mom



I started this blog almost seven years ago when I was starting to get baby fever, but wasn’t ready to be a mom quite yet. I thought by researching and asking lots of questions, I could prepare for what motherhood would be like and things I should know before becoming a mom.

Things I'd want to know before becoming a mom mommy and me

Let me just save any of you who are debating this very thing right now by saying that honey, there’s no way to truly prepare for what you’re in for.

Here are 10 things I’d like to tell Jennifer, aka Future Mama of 2008. The Jennifer who thought she was learning all she could about preparing to be a mom before actually becoming a mom.

1. There’s no perfect timing: No matter how much you think there will be a specific moment when you know you’re ready for babies, it doesn’t happen that way. At least not for you. You got married, finished college, got a job and Tivo, what else are you waiting for?

2. Say goodbye to your cute wardrobe: Not only will you not care about how you look anymore, but all of that money you used to spend on making yourself look cute will now go to making your kids look cute. I know you don’t believe me, but just trust me on this one.


3. Actually, just forget buying nice things all together: Kids are messy you’re going to  get puked on, pooped on, and get all sorts of other bodily fluids all over you, and through your house for the next several years. But don’t worry; you can still get your kids those cute clothes you’ve been window shopping for. Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby is going to save some of your favorite tiny outfits. You’re going to get a free sample and love how tough Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby was in cleaning up your kids’ messy clothes.

biracial siblings

4. Your kids are way cooler than any other kids: Yea, every parent thinks this, but for you, it’s totally for real. Or at least, that’s how it feels. You may think some kids are cute, and others are annoying right now. But you have no idea what you’re in for with your own. They get on your nerves, and are more awesome than any other kid you have ever met.


5. They have a mind of their own: As much as you worry about teaching them right from wrong, how to be wise, kind, and obedient, remember they’re people too, and have their own opinions and uniqueness about them. Don’t try to control them, but help guide them.

6. Consider this payback: Remember how your parents said you talked so much and could never be quiet? You’re about to meet your tiny little match.

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7. You’ve never experienced love like this: The love for your husband is the strongest you know right now, but the love for your children in some ways is stronger. Your protective instincts (that’s right, you actually have motherly instincts!) are real.


8. Kids make you do crazy things: Soon you’ll actually be reading ingredients on packaging, sewing outfits, and learning how to use a camera. Kids are inspiring I tell ya. You won’t believe this but our husband is even having impromptu Disney dance party singalongs with the kids. It’s true!

9. Say goodbye to boredom: You will NEVER so much as utter the words “I’m bored” again. I don’t even remember what boredom feels like. But I remember using that word a lot in reference to my life before kids. Yea, enjoy that boredom sista cause you are never going to see that again.


10. Kids change you for the better: This may not be the case for everyone, but for you, children give you a purpose you didn’t know you had. The job you think you love and want to conquer now will totally transform and evolve into a mashup of your passion for journalism and your love for your children. I promise it’s the best of both worlds and worth changing your lifelong dream.

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Kids are exhausting, but you can capitalize on nap time. Kids are messy, but there’s Dreft for that. Kids will keep you from getting your work done, but there are iPads to distract them (you’ll know what I’m talking about in a couple of years).

There are parenting books on every challenge you run into. But reading all of them won’t prepare you for the amazing journey you’re about to embark on. Buckle up mama. It’s going to be a fun ride.

What you would you tell your pre-mom self?

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  1. I love this! Especially the part about not buying cute things for me anymore. I always go out to shop for me and end up coming home with only things for my kid. Much more fun and easier to shop for too. Great post!

  2. I am such a sucker for tiny little clothes! I’ve had to make a serious effort to not buy for them when I’m shopping for myself or to stop shopping for them so I CAN shop for myself.

    I’d say that while you aren’t fond of kids in general, you’ll think that yours are the bomb.com.

    1. I am a sucker for little clothes too! I love Ross cause I can quickly find cheap kinda cute stuff for myself and they don’t have a huge kids selection, ha! It’s the only place I seem to get myself something! And yes, our own kids are the bomm.com!

  3. Oh, so many things…..Don’t sweat the small stuff with the kids, there will be much bigger things withthem and in life that you should worry about. Also, go with your gut. No one knows your kids better than you!

  4. Be prepared fro your heart to grow as they do and to be in a constant state of awe with them. I swear everyday my son amazes me in a new way.

  5. I am not a mother yet, but I am waiting to see what my “payback” will be like. I hope it is not too bad.

  6. Take a long vacation before you have kids and make sure you and your husband are on the same page about everything. Take some parenting classes and love your kids.

  7. We had trouble getting pregnant with our first baby. I would love to go back and tell myself to enjoy every. single. minute. of that time. Once you get pregnant, there’s no going back. You will forever be a mama. We know now that we became parents exactly when we were supposed to and those first couple years of marriage sans-kids were for us to have just to ourselves.
    xo, great post
    Katelynn, hampersandhiccups.com

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