I heard my daughter gasp and I turned around to see if she was ok. Lil’ J was looking at a nursery organizer I’d just finished assembling. She’d been working on setting it up for the last little bit.

“What did you DO?” She asked in an accusatory voice.

“Ummm…” I looked at her confused.

“You put the blankets on top of her clothes!” She exclaimed in a horrified voice.

Newborn shopping list. Getting ready for baby. Munchkin must-haves.

Lil’ J had spent the last half hour or so taking baby items she had stored in her room and finding a new home for them on this shelf. She folded and organized onesies, blankets and toys. I’d unknowingly set a blanket in the wrong spot. How dare I?

My daughter has taken the reigns when it comes to preparing for her little sister. She’s had a cute little corner in her room under her loft bed for all of the baby things we’ve collected so far: Bottles, clothes, and toys.

Me on the other hand… While this isn’t my first rodeo but it’s been awhile since I’ve been in the game. Five years to be exact. Munchkin is a brand I’ve known and loved since Lil’ J was a baby but when they sent me some new items for Sneaky I realized a lot has changed. The bottle brushes are more durable than ever, the cute inflatable duck baby bath has been upgraded to a swan. And then there are these cute little heart-shaped cleaning brushes that are for cleaning bottles, not babies. (Yes, I thought these were bath sponges at first.)

Newborn shopping list. Getting ready for baby. Munchkin must-haves.

I’m sure there will still be a bit of a learning curve as we jump back into things. My son has already decided the laundry hamper doubles as a really good hiding spot. And I haven’t even begun to dive into baby contraptions they sit on or ride in. These nursery, kitchen and bath things have given me enough to be in awe of. For one, everything has suction cups now. From that cleaning brush to the baby plates. And those little squirting bath toys that get all moldy cause you can never get all the water out? Munchkin has a new style that opens. Same fun water toy (my kids have already broken them in), now easy to dry from the inside out.

Newborn shopping list. Getting ready for baby. Munchkin must-haves.

Newborn shopping list. Getting ready for baby. Munchkin must-haves.

We’ve got about nine weeks or so until Sneaky makes her arrival and I can’t wait for everyone to meet. I think I’m almost as excited as Lil’ J. Thankfully I have her to help me get organized and keep things in their perfect little place.

Newborn shopping list. Getting ready for baby. Munchkin must-haves.


I’m partnering with Munchkin as we prepare for the arrival of our third and they’re giving one of my readers a chance to win a $250 gift card for Munchkin! Just head over to Munchkin’s site then leave a comment letting me know your must-have baby item for your munchkin (selfishly, this will help me double check my list) and we’ll draw a random commenter next week. Deadline to enter is Tuesday May 29th at 11:59pm . Good luck!

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