Christmas movie night ideas for food and fun

Christmas Movie Night Ideas That Will Make Your Day Magical

If you’re looking for some Christmas Movie Night Ideas, you’re in the right place. We love family movie night in our home and it feels extra special during Christmastime. We watch a lot of movies, drink a lot of hot coco, and have a good time. 

One fun thing we love to do is make movie food that’s themed to match what we’re watching. Here are some easy holiday-themed pancakes using Pearl Milling Company Pancake Mix that are really fun Christmas movie night ideas that can also be great for breakfast time.

Strange world parent review: Is Strange World Scary for kids?

Is Strange World Scary for Kids? Everything Parents Need to Know

This is Indiana Jones meets Atlantis. The creators did a fantastic job world building and introducing us to new characters like Splat who don’t have a face, yet manage to emote. It is a story of multigenerational families and conflict that are simple enough for the youngest viewers to enjoy, yet an underlying powerful and moving message for older kids and adults to mull over. And boy I’ve been mulling over it a lot. But we won’t go into it in this review to avoid any spoilers.

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Diversity and Inclusion

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