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10 Ways To Celebrate World Kindness Day Everyday

It’s World Kindness Day but what if I challenge you to act as if everyday is World Kindness Day. The idea behind the day is show acts of kindness to your family, friends, neighbors, community helpers and anyone you happen to come in contact. I have 10 ways to celebrate World Kindness Day everyday, because it’s really simple to do just one kind thing for someone each day. Most of these 10 things can be done by anyone of just about any age with a little variation when necessary. Pick one, do it today and then keep it going. Pretty soon it will be a regular part of your routine and a great way to fill your own cup in the process. Kindness will always come back to you.

1. Call Someone

Is there someone you haven’t spoken to in a while that you’ve been meaning to reach out to? Make the call today. Block out some time to call not text or catch up with them on social media. I suggest this one first because I love a good phone conversation. Sure it’s “old school” or not so much introvert friendly but do it anyway. And if you happen to be the person on the receiving end of the call, answer it.

2. Bring Someone a Warm Drink

For hot chocolate, or coffee lovers, a surprise cup will always be welcome. You can always substitute with a bottle of water. The point is to bring a friend, coworker or teacher a surprise cup of what they enjoy.

3.Pay it Forward

Have you ever heard of paying it forward in the drive through line. The saying is “forward” but what you’re really doing is paying for the person that’s in line behind you. You can pay for their entire meal or put a few dollars towards it. I’ve done this and I’ve also had it done to me. It’s one of those unexpected acts of kindness that stays with you for a long time. And I love when I spot the person behind me paying for the next person in line. It’s a gift that can keep on giving.


Is Disney+ Worth it?: An Honest After-Launch Review

As someone who already owns a ton of this content, I was hesitant when I first heard about Disney Plus. But I am a big Disney fan and I knew the original content would be enough for me to sign up. I did so when there was the deal for buying two years and getting one free. When the app launched I went straight to the originals section. Now, about 18 hours in, I’ve consumed most of the original content I had on my watch-list. If you still aren’t quite convinced and you’re wondering if Disney Plus is worth it then read on!

two sisters sharing a gerber snack for terracycle

This Simple Task Can Make The Planet Better for Our Children

My Mom always taught us that when we visit someone’s home, we should do our best to help clean up and leave it even nicer than we found it. I think we can say the same thing about how we want to leave the world. A little better for our children. And their children.

We know trash is less than desirable. My kids and I notice it more now that we live in a wooded area without a fence. We’ll notice a random plastic bag or can that’s blown over from nearby construction and rush around to pick it all up. They’ve seen our animal friends visiting in our yard and they don’t want them to get hurt.

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