Disney movies to watch on black history month

30+ Movies to Watch on Disney+ Beyond Black History Month

I’ll never forget the excitement on my daughter’s face when she saw a Disney Princess that looked an awful like her. She had long curly hair, brown skin, and big brown eyes. To her, they were just alike. The realization that representation matters continues to hit me time and time again. Like now, this same daughter is telling me she wants to be an actress. There are a lot of Black actors in movies and on TV, but am I giving her the chance to watch them? To see herself up on the big screen?

I’ve compiled a list to get you started. You can search these movies on Disney Plus and add them to your watchlist for this month.

Mother Daughter picture at the Percy Jackson Premiere

Here’s How I Really did on my 2023 Goals

Alright, there’s actually a lot I want to talk about. What I’m watching, what I’m reading. The pool we’re building in the backyard. Most of these things I talk about in my instagram stories but they go away in 24 hours. Maybe this here will be a better spot to keep it all organized and contained. We’ll see. No promises. No resolutions. However, there will be goals.

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