My oldest daughter is a competitive cheerleader, my son likes to run track. We are a fairly athletic family (ok, I’m the slacker) and we like watching and playing sports together. But one sport we don’t know a lot about is tennis.

Kids first tennis lesson. How to play tennis.

We watched Venus and Serena play together at the US Open this year and my kids were really excited to watch.

One thing I’m always trying to do is open my kids up to experiencing new things. You never know when you may discover a new hobby, or something you really enjoy. And you won’t know until you try. So we decided to pick up some rackets and give it a try!

It was easy for us to go online to to find the perfect facility for us. Here’s all the action highlights on video.

The kids had a blast, they walked in having never held a tennis racket before, and walked out with a great workout, some new skills, and HUGE smiles.

Kids first tennis lesson. How to play tennis.
Kids first tennis lesson. How to play tennis.

Playing on a regular basis can help them develop hand-eye coordination, and improve their speed, balance, strength and flexibility. It was easy to go online and find a local tennis club close by and register for a class or lesson. We also found some schools nearby that have public courts to practice at. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it keeps them active, and they loved it! It was really awesome seeing them come out of their shells and go for it. So we definitely recommend you add tennis to your list of sports to try!

And now I’m going to dump a bunch more photos all over you cause these big kids were SO FUN to watch.

Kids first tennis lesson. How to play tennis.

Kids first tennis lesson. How to play tennis.

Kids first tennis lesson. How to play tennis.

Kids first tennis lesson. How to play tennis.

We are getting Big T signed up for some more classes while we wait for track to start up again, and Lil’ J says this is one of her new favorite sports (second only to cheer). And who knows, maybe they’ll get a scholarship someday. I mean look at the determined face!

Check out to find a tennis court near you.

Have you or your kids ever tried tennis? What did you think?

Kids first tennis lesson. Try tennis.

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