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21 DIY Disney Ornaments to Bring Magic to Your Christmas Tree

Back when it was just one baby I was all about all of the Christmas DIY things. I’ve since fallen way WAY off the craft bandwagon. But I’m determined to bring it back though. You know we’re big fans of Disney and it seemed fitting that we make some DIY Disney ornaments this year. And since we were on the hunt for some ourselves, I thought I’d round up some of our favorites to share with you all in case you’re looking as well.

Just click the link above the image you like, and it’ll take you to the tutorial. A big thanks to all of these bloggers for sharing their awesome creations with us and giving us some fun inspiration.

A homemade Mickey Mouse-themed DIY Disney ornament.
all-star cheerleaders at a cheerleading competition

A Day in the Life at an All-Star Cheerleading Competition

As we walked through the double doors at the Austin Convention Center I was instantly overwhelmed with the amount of sparkle and athleticism in the room. These girls were not here to play. They were there for medals, Division Championships, and Summit bids for the day’s All-Star Cheerleading competition.

Never In My Life (Untill Lee Lee): 8 Reasons my 3rd Child Keeps me On My Toes

Lee Lee is the boss in our house and she knows it. We are all wrapped around her tiny little fingers. It’s so fun seeing how different and strong willed she is. It’s cool seeing her own little BIG personality already.

You’d think by the third kid you’d see some personality traits overlapping but I’m amazed at how different she is. Here are some of the things she’s done that my other two didn’t.

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