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3 Tips for Getting Dishes REALLY Clean

Our first apartment when we got married didn’t have a dishwasher (but it did have a lot of bugs – yuck!). We were newlyweds and busy college students though so arguing over the dishes wasn’t something we really spent energy on. We did tell ourselves that our next apartment would have a dishwasher. And it did! We were moving up in the world. But several moves and three kids later, we know dishes better than ever. In this post, I’m going to share the secret key to getting dishes truly clean (without leftover food residue!)

Social Distance Halloween ideas like a dance party

Making the Most of Halloween: 5 Social Distancing Halloween Ideas

Well, I’ve never experienced Halloween during a global pandemic, and I’m assuming you’re in the same boat. The holiday that usually has my kids running and giggling down the streets is going to look a little different this year.

If you’re like me, you still are hoping to make the most of this Halloween even if it means your area is opting out of trick-or-treating all together.

biracial girl standing in a pretty field of grass

Think your Child has Dyslexia? Here’s What to Do

My oldest daughter is dyslexic. She isn’t shy about it, and she proudly explains it as a part of who she is and has given me permission to share a part of her story. We recorded this video to answer some frequent questions she gets about dyslexia and shares some thoughts that may be encouraging to others going through it.

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