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This Simple Task Can Make The Planet Better for Our Children

My Mom always taught us that when we visit someone’s home, we should do our best to help clean up and leave it even nicer than we found it. I think we can say the same thing about how we want to leave the world. A little better for our children. And their children.

We know trash is less than desirable. My kids and I notice it more now that we live in a wooded area without a fence. We’ll notice a random plastic bag or can that’s blown over from nearby construction and rush around to pick it all up. They’ve seen our animal friends visiting in our yard and they don’t want them to get hurt.

Growing up our recycling container was a small blue bin. We’d fill it with milk jugs and cans during the week, then set it out beside the trash can once a week. Now as an adult, with my own bills, including one for a large recycling can the same size of our trash can, I appreciate that we are trying to do better with our waste. We recently switched from bottled water to Primo filtered water, so we’ve eliminated plastic waste. And we try to recycle as much as we possibly can. I want these babies of mine to inherit a healthy planet.

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The Best and the Worst Disney Sequels Coming to Disney+

Everyone is freaking out about Hocus Pocus 2 coming to Disney Plus but I’m over here like dude, don’t forget about the other sequels. Well if you never put in the time or effort to track down those direct to DVD Disney sequels, but you’re already signed up for Disney+ you’re in for a treat.

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