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Ultimate 90s movie checklist

The Ultimate 90s Movie Checklist – 52 Films Perfect for Families

Let’s talk about Family Movie Night. For those of you who don’t already know about my family’s new tradition, every week a different person selects their favorite movie which we all watch together – along with homemade treats, fresh popcorn, and under a big, warm blanket.

When it’s been my turn to choose, I usually pick an epic flick from my 90s movie checklist. It’s a great list to rediscover your favorites, and my kids have loved all the movies I’ve shown them (so far).

Ready to see the ultimate 90s movie checklist? You can download and print off my checklist right here. See if your picks make the cut!

Home workout tips

5 Home Workout Tips to Get Your Kids More Active

We’re pretty fortunate as we’ve always been a pretty active family. My husband has always been an active person and both of us enjoyed sports as kids. He has better active habits than I do and it’s been an important value that has always been part of his life and we’re trying to pass on to our kids.

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