Emily Blunt and Dwane Johnson standing on a boat for Disney's Jungle Cruise

Is Jungle Cruise Scary for Kids? Here’s What Parents Need to Know

Jungle Cruise is an action-packed adventure with lots of heart. It hits like Indiana Jones meets Pirates of the Caribbean with a lot more Dad jokes. This was the summer blockbuster I’d been waiting for and I think families will enjoy it. Specifically older families, or families with kids like my son who are jungle obsessed. Some of you might be wondering why the PG-13 rating and if Jungle Cruise is scary for young kids. We’ll cover that in a bit in this spoiler-free review.

I went in with high-hopes for this summer blockbuster. I’m thrilled to see Disney do a live-action movie that is not a remake, or prequel to an animated movie. The trailer sorta gives you The Mummy vibes. And though it was a delightful watch, it wasn’t anything to write home about. Would I watch it again? Sure, there was a lot covered and I’d love to catch bits I missed. Am I dying to watch it over and over? No. And neither are my kids.

Jungle Cruise is exciting and I’m sure watching it in theaters with 3D glasses is the way to experience it. Parts of the movie could feel like a ride. The CGI was great and it was fun watching it in our movie room at home but this is one made for the big screen. 

While the graphics and thrills were awesome, the story was just ok. Emily Blunt was perfect in her role as Lily. And Dwayne Johnson, though one of my absolute favorites, felt a bit overpowering in this role. That said, his dad jokes were some of my favorite parts of the movie and there was still a lot to love.

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