Ten Marvel Eternals characters standing side by side on a beach

What parents need to know before taking their kids to see Marvel’s ‘Eternals’

Last summer I introduced my kids to Marvel movies when we, like most of the world, embarked on a pandemic Marvel movie marathon. My kids had seen some of the movies here and there but last year we went down our list in chronological order. Those are some great memories. Well, we’ve continued to watch them together and Eternals is next up on the list, but it’s the first movie that is giving me some major pause about bringing my kids. Perhaps Marvel was never intended for families. I think that answer will depend on who you ask. But the fact is, many families, like ours, have embraced the franchise and shared it with our kids. But is Marvel’s  Eternals appropriate for kids? Hopefully this spoiler-free parent review helps you decide if it’s ok for your family. 

Families need to know that the violence and language in Eternals is about on par with what you’ve seen in other Marvel movies, however in Eternals there is more romance and sex and the story timeline could be more challenging for a younger audience to follow. Eternals is rated PG-13 for fantasy violence, action, some language and brief sexuality.

Eternals takes place after Avengers Endgame and really breaks the formula of what we have come to expect Marvel movies to be. Perhaps similar to how Guardians of the Galaxy first felt in the MCU (which I didn’t appreciate until much later). But where Guardians brought spunk and humor to the stage, Eternals bring more complexity to Earth’s timeline. But there is a lot of timeline jumping and backstories which really had me thinking this would have been better as a Disney+ series. 

Ron's gone wrong parent review is it appropriate for kids?

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