There were a lot of things I couldn’t stand about my husband working the late shift. I hated all the worrying, doing dinner and bedtime with the kids by myself, and going to bed alone. But with all the bad parts during that time in our lives, there was a little piece of good I looked forward to most nights. —A little tradition between me and my daughter.

Sometimes before, but usually after putting her little brother to bed, I’d pop some popcorn, sneak in some chocolates or marshmallows and detangle and twist her hair before bed while we watched a Disney movie.

Biracial hair upkeep

Mention the words “wash day” to any woman with natural hair and you’ll likely get a similar response. Maybe an exasperated sigh, or a nod of solidarity. Between my daughter and I, we could literally spend all day conditioning, detangling, moisturizing, and styling our hair. The struggle is real. But we manage. And we handle it as best as we can. It’s easier when I stay on top of it and detangle and pre-style her hair each night.

We started this when she was just two years old. Her hair was shorter and softer, so it didn’t take too much time. Sometimes I’d let her fall asleep in my bed until her dad got home.

The process has gotten lengthier as she’s gotten older and her hair has gotten longer. It can be a salty process but we sweeten it up with a treat and a movie. Through the years we take turns choosing a movie from our collection and she picks a snack. Sometimes it’s hot chocolate, or popcorn, or Yoplait Mix-ins. Like our hair process the Mix-ins have a salty or tart flavor on one side, and a sweet creamy dessert on the other. Tonight while I documented this process of ours we watched Aladdin while she enjoyed s’mores flavor with marshmallow-flavored yogurt on one side and chocolate and gram crackers on the other.

To others, we’re just doing hair and watching a movie but to us, it’s everything. Someday she’ll be old enough to wash and style her own hair. While a big part of me can’t wait for that day, another part of me knows I need to treasure this.

Thankfully, my evenings aren’t as stressful as they once were. My husband is on day shift (for now) so I get help with dinner and bedtime in the evenings, and I don’t have to go to bed alone. My daughter and I still have our washday traditions thought now they usually fall on a weekend. Through this experience we’ve learned how to take less than ideal situations and turn them into a positive.

How can we do that more in our lives? Finding the sweet in a salty situation, or adding a bit of our own. Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day. Let’s find that good.

Yoplait Mix-ins are creamy, traditional-style Yoplait yogurt combined with delicious, crunchy mix-ins. From S’Mores to Cheery Chocolate Almond, to Mint Chocolate Delight, find your favorite flavor at your local grocery store. My favorite right now is the Salted Caramel Pretzel and it’s totally hitting my pregnancy cravings. A big thanks to Yoplait for sponsoring today’s story.


A homeschool day in the life. Our homeschool routine.

“What do you think mommy needs?” I asked my 7-year-old daughter between homeschool lessons. It was a random question, but I knew she wouldn’t mind. She thought for a moment. “Needs or wants?” What a great reply. I didn’t expect her to take it there. “That’s a good question,” I said with a smile. “Cause… read the rest.

learning to take chances

When I was in the third grade I always got bad marks. My grades were fine, but I couldn’t control my talking. My teacher and I didn’t jive well. She was trying to teach and whatnot and I really wanted to socialize. At the end of the year she suggested I take theater classes to… read the rest.

Birthday letter to my 5-year-old-son

My sweet little boy, I can’t believe you are five years old today. This morning when you woke up on your birthday we asked you how old you are. “I’m four,” you said. We explained how you’re five now but you have other ideas. “No, I’ll be five once you sing Happy Birthday to me,”… read the rest.

interracial family photo

Rain clouds hovered over us as we drove to our usual spot to take Spring pictures in the Texas Bluebonnets. If you remember, last year I totally missed the prime time of the season and was bummed that our field was nearly bare. I couldn’t let that happen again. This past week my husband worked almost every day,… read the rest.

Teaching yourself to dream big, encouraging your children to dream big.

“You can do anything.” I mumbled as I started out the car window in half a trance. “What?” My husband asked. “You can do anything. I really believe that. And I want our kids to know that.” “Yes, well…” he started. I wanted to dare him to debate me. “You can do anything you’re good at,” he… read the rest.

“You know what mom?” My daughter started as she was trying on different styles of shoes. “If I had to choose, I would pick comfort over pretty.” Wise words from my 7-year-old. Hmm, I wonder where she gets it from. In the bottom right corner of my vision board I have the word “style” glued… read the rest.

When I tell my daughter to start taking out ingredients and bake ware she looks an awful like that emoji with giant star eyes. It’s sad that a girl who loves cooking so much has a mom who is seriously lacking in that department. But I don’t want to deter her from learning her way… read the rest.

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