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life as a cheer mom

Life as a Cheer Mom

I’ve been sharing videos of my oldest jumping around doing cheer stuff for a couple of years and nobody has cared! (JK, some of ya’ll do). But now that Netflix has a docuseries that’s giving a behind the scenes look at competitive cheerleading people are sliding into my DMs with all the questions.

Do I mind? Not a bit! Though I’m not one of those cheer moms who will drop everything and pick up the topic whenever, wherever, I do love chatting about it now and then. It’s fun meeting someone who “gets it”, but I also enjoy sharing our experience with it for people who are curious. And I adore supporting my daughter in this hobby. 

Actually my support and excitement for it has manifested itself into something of its own on my YouTube channel. Somewhere along the way in our journey we started a cheer vlog and my channel has become our channel. I love it though, and it’s been fun to see the little community we’ve grown along the way.

Jayda and I finished watching CHEER on Netflix yesterday and I have some thoughts. Overall we really enjoyed it. I love any chance for the world to see how intense and amazing this sport is (yes, hopefully by now you consider this a sport). But I’m not going to turn this blog post into a review. Instead I’ll answer some of your questions that you’ve been sending me in DMs on Instagram, and ones I saved from the question box. If I didn’t answer yours drop it in the comments and I’ll respond there. 

black all star competitive cheerleader

Are you letting your daughter watch CHEER on Netflix?

While I don’t typically let her watch with TV-14 shows, especially ones with some harsh language, and mature issues like stolen nude photos, child abuse, and suicide attempts. I saw this docuseries as a chance for her and I to bond and if she had questions along the way we talked about some of those issues. We took it slow and watched part of an episode every few days. A little more on weekends. If you’re unsure if it’s appropriate for your younger child I’d give it a watch first. Or plan on fast forwarding through some of the topics that may not be age appropriate.

29 Quotes on goal setting

29 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Keep Your Goals

I’m totally that mom who likes to whip out a quote or saying when I’m trying to teach my kids a lesson. Goal setting quotes or sayings help me get pumped when I’m making a vision board, or setting intentions for my week. Sometimes, all we need is a little inspiration for setting goals, or to keep us going. Hashing out what our overall goals is one thing, then following through with them is even tougher. Often, all it takes is a little push or encouragement in the right direction and we’re up and running again. 

If you’re in need of a little “pick me up” as far as setting or following through with goals is concerned, these quotes for achieving goals will do the trick. I’m a visual person, so we’ve turned some of these goal achieving quotes into images. You can show these to your kids when you’re talking to them about setting goals. Or use them for yourself. Feel free to download and print them for your vision boards, or little reminders around your home, so at random moments you’ll see some cool quotes for achieving your goals. 

So scroll on, and hopefully you’ll find something that’ll give you the boost you need.

“If you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”– Unknown

“In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.”– Sid Caeser

Disney Aladdin dessert idea Princess Jasmine donut dessert.

Aladdin Movie Night Snack: Easy Princess Jasmine-Inspired Donuts

Our family has a weekly movie night tradition that goes like this: Every Friday night is movie night. For dinner we usually make or order pizza. Popcorn is a must, and a themed dessert is a maybe. We take turns choosing the movie. When it’s your turn you get to pick the movie and no one else is allowed to argue with your choice. No devices or extra screens allowed on movie night. Just family time. Movies, fun and food.

These are Aladdin-inspired donuts. Perfect for anything from an Aladdin party theme for a birthday party, a Princess Jasmine party, to an Aladdin themed movie night like our own. One of the BIG requirements with things we make is the recipe must be SIMPLE. I know how it is to be short on time, short on creativity, but full of love for your family. You want to do something fun without a ton of mess but that can bring lasting memories. This next recipe may be just the thing you guys make and love and recreate over and over again.

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