Cherish Everyday: A new 365 Photo Project

As I scroll through my hard drive to see all of the photos I took in 2019 I have to say I’m a little bit disappointed. It’s not that I didn’t take a lot of pictures, because I did. But SO many of them are posed, a bit stiff, unnatural, or overly branded. In other words, I didn’t take enough photos for ME, just for fun. Photography became more of a job than a joy. And one of my resolutions is to get back to my roots and change that for 2020. 

Self reflection about individuality. Learning to be my best self and inspiring others to do the same.

A lot is going to happen over this next decade. My oldest will graduate high school *tear*, my baby will start kinder. So many birthdays, holidays, trips, and who knows what else in between. I want to make sure I’m photographing all of these ups and downs so that we can remember them years and lifetimes later. 

Let’s kick off this new decade with a bang shall we? If you’ve been here awhile you know I love photo projects. Actually I love pretty much any fun way to document the little things we cherish. Whether you’re capturing the moment in a photo, a quick video, or a quick note in a text message to yourself, taking note of the things you appreciate and expressing gratitude can make you happier. For real, it’s science! 

I took a break from my 365 photo projects for a couple of years, but what can I say, I’ve missed it. But this time I’m not going crazy with numbers next to my baby, or a thoughtful quote for each day. I just want an excuse to take a photo for no other reason other than pure enjoyment and memories. 

A 365 photo project with everything else I have going on seemed exhausting. And honestly, I worried I’d drop the ball. But thankfully a dear friend and incredible photographer who I’m sure many of you know–Lashawn Wiltz from Everyday Eyecandy–has agreed to join me on this project, and together we will hole each other, and YOU accountable for getting these photos taken. 

We are calling this joint photo series the #CherishEveryday365 project with a monthly checklist. #CherishEveryday365_Jan, #CherishEveryday365_Feb and so on. So if you fall off the wagon one month, no worries, we’ll be kicking it off again the following month. 

Make sure you’re following @LashawnWiltz and @JenniferBorget on Instagram to keep an eye on the new prompts and daily shares.

We’ll be sharing mostly on Instagram in stories and on our feeds, but you can also join our respective facebook groups if that’s your preferred social media method. 

We’re going to have some live chats, photo tips (you know I love sharing how to get in the photo with your kids), and photo sharing in between, so grab a camera, come along, and get ready to have some photo fun! 

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