Is Sunscreen Really Necessary? He Says/ She Says

Every summer when the pool opens the conversation I have with my husband goes something like this:

She Says: Look! I got us some new sunscreen.
He Says: Why?!! We have seven bottles already!
She Says: Well sorry. We can never have too many anyway.

Then we make trips to the pool, forget to put the sunscreen in the bag, or bring it but leave it at the pool. I buy more, rinse and repeat.

interracial marriage sunscreen

This year however, it went a little different. For once, I DIDN’T buy a new bottle of sunscreen before our first trip to the pool. And I went to my husband to find out where he was stashing it all.

She Says: Hey, we’re going to the pool, where is all the sunscreen?
He Says: I don’t know, on the closet shelf?

It wasn’t there.

She Says: Are you kidding me? The one year I don’t buy sunscreen and we don’t have ONE bottle?
He Says: Oh you guys will be fine, just don’t stay long!

I don’t know what he has against sunscreen it’s like he thinks he can’t burn. Or get skin cancer. I’m forever trying to lather him with the stuff when we’re at the pool, cause lawd knows his pasty butt needs it. … Not that I’m lathering his butt, but you know what I mean.

My daughter on the other hand thinks she is going to die if she doesn’t have sunscreen on. Our conversation this week went something like this.

Lil’ J: Where’s the sunscreen mom? We have to pack it.
Me: I’m texting daddy to see where he put it. I can’t find it.
Lil’ J: You CAN’T FIND IT? Oh no! But what is going to happen to me?
Me: You could get sunburned. I’ll find some, or buy more. Don’t worry.
Lil’ J: The sun will BURN me?

Sunscreen tips for multiracial families.

Sunscreen tips for multiracial families (and good habits for all families).

While searching for two bottles of sunscreen I knew I had personally purchased before, I tried to explain to my 4-year-old that her skin wasn’t going to burn up or melt off her bones.

After tearing through the bathrooms and closets I gave up and drove to the closest convenient store… Which wasn’t selling sunscreen yet (and of course I realized this just moments after lugging both kids inside).

A few snide texts later and my husband was coming home with more sunscreen and he met us at the pool.

“I’m so blogging about this,” I warned him.

Sunscreen tips for multiracial families (and good habits for all families).

I haven’t always been the most diligent about my sunscreen habits. But since marrying a white guy who although tans, totally needs it–And having biracial kids with lighter and more susceptible skin than mine, I’ve come up to speed on better habits.

Yes, even us darker ones can burn (although it can take longer to get to that point) and yes, we need sunscreen. I need to get better about keeping it around all year long and not just in the summer months, but you know… Baby steps.

Sunscreen tips for multiracial families (and good habits for all families).

Here in Texas we’re basically in full-blown summer swimming weather now so I’ll soon start stocking up again, no matter what my husband thinks. If you aren’t already I’d suggest you do the same! You don’t want to be all burnt up in pictures you look back on later.–Always reminding you of that terrible painful sunburn. Make beautiful memories in beautiful skin!

Here are some reminders to get you ready:

1. Apply 15 minutes before going outside, and make sure you cover all areas of the skin that will be exposed.
2. Re-apply every 2 hours or more if your child has been in the water.
3. Use sunscreen labeled “broad spectrum” — it means it protects against UVA and UVB radiation.
4. The sun can damage anyone’s skin. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends everyone of every ethnicity and race wear sunscreen.


You can find more sunscreen tips here.

Sunscreen tips for multiracial families (and good habits for all families).

My daughter is kind of obsessed with sunscreen and she won’t let us forget to put it on her when we go swimming. My son loves to be shirtless as much as possible, so I have to get him lathered up before her runs away. And my husband… Sometimes he’s my most difficult one.

Do you have sunscreen battles in your home? Or is it just us?

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*This post is sponsored by KnowYourOTC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the responsible use of consumer healthcare products. All opinions, arguments with my husband, and typos are my own.

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Monica says:

I’m so pale I’m quite literally see-through. If I go in the sun for 15 minutes (I kid you not) I can get the start of a burn. My sister is a red-head who once fell asleep in the sun and her skin basically did blister and fall off her bones like your daughter worried about. Now I have a very fair skinned daughter… sunscreen is our friend. My husband, on the other hand, has some Native American blood (he gets very brown but rarely burns) and I have to fight with him to use sunscreen… usually a losing battle.
How can something as cozy and wonderful as the sun be so bad for us? *le sigh*

Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

I don’t wear it because I like to get a rockin’ tan, but I always make my kids wear it.

Jeanine says:

My kids don’t mind putting sunscreen on. My grandpa was allergic to the sun so they’ve heard all kinds of stories and actually remind me to put it on!

Lisa Nolan says:

Very informative! Great job on sunscreen use! Loved the cute photos, too!

Sunscreen is one of those things that I need to pay better attention to. I’m pretty good about making sure the kids are slathered (and often) as they have Casper white skin. But, I usually forget to apply it to myself!? lol

Bri says:

I tell my mom every time she tells me to put on sunscreen I don’t need it because I am a Person of Color. But I put some on anyway to silence her.

Hahaha! Good daughter 😉 We can use it too!

Helene Cohen Bludman says:

my husband refuses to wear sunscreen. It drives me crazy.

Liz Mays says:

The story of the lost sunscreen is all to familiar to me. I can never remember where I last used it.

lisa says:

As a super pale person, I make sure we are all covered. Skin cancer runs in our family and I’ve had my share of skin damage so my kids will never have to deal with that as long as I’m with them!

I think it is, I just need to be more diligent at putting it on us. Especially living in Florida!

We live in Southern California, and I always wear sunscreen! The rest of my family? Not so much.

Christina says:

I love your blogging threat. I am glad I’m not the only one who says stuff like that! LOL
My husband scoffed at sunscreen on our honeymoon but I made him apply anyway. After he got a sunburn despite the SPF 50 I put on him, he finally realized I was serious!
PS you have the most adorable children ever!

Shauna says:

Ha, ha, ha… That is so funny because as we ran out to a soccer game a few weeks back, I realized we didn’t have any either and guess who got burnt… ME!!! LOL. Now I have some in the car, truck, soccer bag, pretty much everywhere.

Mykidsguide says:

Of course we have these battles. I put sun screen no matter what lol

Iiona V says:

Every year we have this struggle, mainly with my husband. Who then proceeds to burn like a burnt pancake from all of his miles he puts on his motorcycle…

Hoping one year he just does it without me saying something, HA!

Carol Bryant says:

Thanks for sharing this important info – and dogs need the sunscreen, too.

No battles here – we all burn easily! Our biggest issue is that we change our plans a lot, so we might think we’re only going to be working in the yard for a little while, and then we end up being out for a few hours. I’m definitely better about using sunscreen with the kids than with myself.

Laura Funk says:

Luckily we have no battles in our house over sunscreen because we burn so easily here in Colorado with our 300 days of sunshine 🙂

Our kiddos know sunscreen or no playing outside. It is absolutely necessary!

Debbie L. says:

We all wear sunscreen. I think it is really important. My hubby does too – after a few serious burns he is in line for the sunscreen too!

Krystal says:

We never leave home without the sunscreen! 😉 I love your family photos! Looks like a great day!

Debbie Denny says:

A very good reminder. We do all need it. Adorable kids.

anastasia b says:

We wear sunscreen if we’re outside for more than half an hour. I haven’t lost mine yet, which is surprising considering we loose a lot of things in this house! I make it a point though to spend a little extra on sunscreen without cancer-causing chemicals. Why put on something for cancer prevention if it actually causes it? The EWG Skin Deep database is great for finding out how toxic your sunscreen is and choosing an alternative. I compare their ratings against user reviews on Amazon and that way I find the best based on ingredients and actual use.
When I was a teenager I actually got a severe reaction to a conventional chemical filled sunscreen and have switched to much healthier ones since 🙂

What a good point Anastasia! I so need to look into the chemicals that are in the ones we’re using. No use protecting from cancer if the chemicals could give it to ya. I can’t believe you had a bad reaction! Ouch! Glad you’re ok!

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