365 Love Letters Week 18

What a week! Pigs, cheerios, swings and butterfly catching! We also has a pigeon-feeding adventure but that photo didn’t make the 365 cut. I’ll have to share it sometime though. She was quite facinated.

I’m adding the camera settings I used for each photo, and which Paint the Moon photoshop actions I used to edit the photos to my facebook page photos for those who have asked for that information. If you aren’t shooting on manual set you may not have a clue what I’m talking about, so I’m not adding it to these. I’ll try to keep up if I can remember. I’ve also added an extra copyright to the web version of these because believe it or not I saw these on another website! I didn’t bother before because I didn’t think anyone would want pictures of my home and daughter as their own but apparently I was wrong. I’ve written to them to take the posts down, so hopefully that’ll get taken care of.

If you see any of my photos or posts taken from my blog please let me know! I’ve had people write and ask for pemission to use certain photos and that’s fine but I don’t appreciate people using them without asking.

There were a few days this week I didn’t take any photos of Lil’ J, but I snapped pictures while I was out or at work. I’m liking like the variety. My favorite is Day 137. We went to a park and Daddy was making her laugh in the swing. We had so much fun we’re going back Monday for a picnic and swim! Which one is your fav?

Tutu from Izzy’s Boutique
Reversable dress from Monkey and Friends
Dress from Carters via Grandma!
Olivia Dress from O’ Baby Fashions

I love the one of her and the butterfly net! So cute!

Mrs. K says:

love love love 137. 136 is so creative. wow!

Toni says:

Great moments and I love the pic with your work and the pig…what creativity!

These are the most amazing pictures and love letters ever! Can’t wait to have a kittle one so I can do the same! Keep it up Baby Making Machine!

samsstuff says:

What a great photo log for your daughter!

Stopping by from SITS to say hi & Happy SITS sharefest!

Tricia says:

love your letters! The pig is hilarious!!

Deidre says:

Love the pig photo and your daughter on the swing is just absolutely precious.

Chantel says:

I love 137, and that butterfly dress she’s wearing in 136 is just adorable. First swing rides are the best. The laugh it gets is so much fun!

melifaif says:

**heart melting** at the butterfly quote….you are so great at these!!!!! Keep on keepin on momma.

Stacy says:

I’m on a scavenger hunt to find the best blogs and I chose yours. I love it! This post stood out to me because, I LOVE this series! I have been following it from day 1! Little j is so precious. And I must admit, Im a wee bit envious of your mad photo skills.:)


Mel says:

I know it sort of defeats the purpose of beautiful pictures, but if you’re having trouble with people stealing them, you might want to watermark them in the center of the picture. Otherwise, people can just steal it and crop out your watermark. You can use a faded overlay font so it doesn’t distract too much, but still shows exactly who it belongs to.

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