20 Reasons to Stay Pregnant FOREVER!!

Before I got pregnant I decided to make a list of reasons why I DIDN’T want to get pregnant. Reverse Psychology if you will. I got the idea from my Circle + Bloom meditation lessons (one of the lessons encourages you to use this technique). At the end of that month… BAM, knocked up!

So in an effort to get Lil’ J to stay in as looooong as possible (psst… Just kidding, I’m using reverse psychology now) I’m going to use the same technique.

Reasons why she should stay put:

20. I love not having to buy tampons or pads.
19. You get closer parking at Babies R Us (though this one at Central Market confuses me (with-child or with A child?) … So I don’t park there).18. I haven’t pre-washed ANY of her clothes… (call me a bad mom) But the longer she waits the closer I get to just giving in and doing it to pass the time.
17. Right now it’s easy to feed, bathe, sooth, and rock her to sleep. It will be much more difficult once she’s out of my uterus.
16. I currently get foot rubs courtesy of my husband every night. I’m not sure if I’ll still get them once the baby’s here.
15. I like having an excuse to eat whatever I want when I want and just chalk it up to being “because I’m pregnant” and “craving it.” Today’s craving… Gumbo!14. I’ve always (well, since I’ve had this blog) been known as “Future Mama” and I’m not sure what to call myself after she’s born.
13. In order for her to get out, she’s going to have to emerge from my vajayjay.
12. I like seeing my belly shape into crazy contortions.
11. I’ll miss thinking of her as “Spawnie.”
10. I really kinda enjoy being all big and swollen. It sorta makes me feel unique.9. I still haven’t decided what to wear on the way home from the hospital, this could take awhile to choose.
8. I’d like to make Snoop a new collar and leash set to welcome his new little sister home with. Maybe something pink and blue. … Real men (and boy dogs) wear pink (yes I made this it’s my hidden talent).7. People always comment on my round belly and “glow” (which is actually just sweat cause I’m so freaking hot) and it’s kinda fun, I think I’ll miss that when I’m no longer pregnant.
6. I haven’t finished making Lil’ J her 4th of July tutu dress yet. I still have to make her a bow for it, and sew on some white stars, as well as make a matching hair bow.5. I still need to find some baby book of some sort to capture her newborn feet and hand prints. I haven’t found anything I’m in love with yet.
4. The 23rd is a ski camp day for foster kids, I’ll get to ride on a nice, fast, bouncy boat with them… It’s a small sacrifice for a great story.
3. I’m enjoying my sleep. Really. I’m getting about 8-9 hours of sleep a night easy. Especially thanks to my awesome pregnancy pillow. Snoop likes it too.2. My cankles are WAY too much fun to photograph, I don’t want to stop.1. Eclipse comes out June 30th… Need I say more?

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  1. those cankles are amazing and should be photographed as often as possible. i totally get the obsession now. a-maz-ing. #13 freaks me out big time. that is big on my list of reasons why not to get pregnant. i’m definitely starting that list and stealing your strategy. 🙂

  2. I must see a full length pic of you, cankles and all, because I just don’t believe those feet are on that little body. LOL

  3. Bad mom if you dont pre-wash baby clothes??!! I don’t think I ever did that. We’re living in a first-world country. It’s not like cholera and malaria are lurking inside those cute onesies…LOL

    The “with child” parking definitely includes born children, not just in-the-womb ones.

    The biggest gift I ever gave myself was to expect my baby 1-2 weeks past the 40-week mark. To not even give myself the tinest shred of hope that I’d be “early” or “on-time”. Because that way, it would always be a pleasant surprise whenever I went into labor!

  4. You are too funny! I think your cankles are getting a lot of attention! I didn’t get them with my first pregnancy, but I am getting them with this one. I think it’s because it’s hotter (being preggo in the summer, rather than the winter, like last time). It must be the heat of TX that gives them to you!

    Which, by the way, I am going to be in Dallas this next week. I don’t know what part of TX you are from, but if I happen to run into you…I might get a little excited! I’ve always wanted to meet all the people whose blogs I read. I never get to go to all those cool blogging functions, because I live so dang far away from every other blogger on the planet! lol

  5. i was going to say – take the baby book to the hospital and let them do your hand and foot prints – they did ours but I had another thing i wanted to do them on and he would not cooperate to open his hand for nothing! Of course that could have just been my son

  6. Wouldn’t it be great if Lil J stayed in there until after Eclipse came out? LOL I’m super excited about going to see it myself and will be hitting up a midnight showing!! Wow, those cankles are huge. Mine never got that big.

    So wish I had that bowl of gumbo. And you’d better get busy finishing that tutu dress and Snoop’s new leash and collar. You don’t have long before Lil J will make her appearance.

  7. You can still call yourself Future Mama. Just Future Mama, now with Spawnie. I mean, you’re planning on having more kids, right? Technically, you’re still a future mama. I love the parent parking. There was a mall in Arizona that had new and expectant parent parking. It was the best. I’ve never seen the with child parking at Babies R Us. Hope your list works out for you!!

  8. HAHAHA! My friends have said baby needs to wait until after the 30th so we can go see Eclipse! I love that that’s reason #1. Honestly, I did read the books, but I’m not a huge fan, so if I have to wait for it on DVD, I’m okay with that. But, great list!

  9. This is great! lol I’m only about 9 weeks so I have a loooooooooooong way to go… despite the fact that I feel so sick and can’t get anything done, you’ve made me remember the positives of pregnancy. 🙂 Thanks!

    Oh and the foot rubs don’t last. The baby takes up too much attention, lol.

    Another positive is that you’re getting all the attention now – when you have that baby everyone who oohed and aahed over you is going to ignore you completely and coo at the baby. Good luck getting any eye contact with another human being again! haha

  10. So now I totally get the cankle obsession. It’s probably because you know it’s a part of your body… but it TOTALLY doesn’t look like it which is sort of facinating (I would think). Crazy.

  11. How cute, your blog’s colors make me happy. Congrats on your pregnancy- I love the list about why you shouldn’t get pregnant. I wanted to recently do one about why I want to be pregnant “theoretically” but reasons why it’s not possible for me yet. Theory and practice are 2 different worlds.
    I like #16 on this list- the freebie foot rubs, I guess you should enjoy these privileges while you can (even if it’s just a week!)

    Pray everything goes well with your delivery, transition, etc.

  12. oh my goodness, congratulations! the last time i stopped by your blog was way before you conceived due to me losing all the fave blogs i saved!
    glad i found you again….will be stopping by regularly now!! 🙂
    you look awesomely fantastic by the way!!

  13. I could totally make a list like this for why I don’t want to get pregnant again (cause I do – but I don’t – but I do – ad nauseum).

    I had the same swelling in my legs, ankles, and feet. Contrary to what some may think, it doesn’t mean you have toxemia (which I’m sure you know, but for the benefit of others who think they know). Edema is one symptom of toxemia/pre-e, but it’s also just a pregnancy symptom for some women.

    I agree with Rixa about expecting yourself to go 41-42 weeks. I was totally convinced I wouldn’t go into labor until at LEAST 41 weeks, so I was taken off guard at 39w2d when the regular contractions started! (I disagree w/her about having no reason to wash the baby’s clothes because this is the 21st century – to me, that’s the very reason TO wash, all the modern chemicals.)

    One more thing you might add to your list of “reasons to stay pregnant”: as soon as the baby is born, all the special attention you’ve gotten while pregnant? POOF! – gone. Oh, people will pay attention to the baby, but you may as well not even exist. It was a HUGE shock to me – one day, everyone is fawning all over me, opening doors and smiling for no reason (they don’t normally do that here in Michigan). Then I had the baby, and the first few times I went out alone, doors slammed and no one even looked twice at me. It was kinda depressing. Mostly it was strangers, so I got over it, but some family members acted this way, too. Now, whenever I visit a new mom, I try to focus as much attention on her, and not the baby. I ask how the baby is doing, of course, and give the requisite “ooh” and “aah”, but I’m really interested in mom. Hopefully you’ll have lots of friends and family members who will treat YOU as the center of attention after lil J makes her appearance!

  14. OH. MY. GOSH!!!! Those poor ankles. Those itty bitty toes poking out made me laugh. Not at you, of course. I thought I had swollen feet at the end of my last pregnancy. It was like jelly under there and if I pressed on it, the mark would stay for over a minute. But, sista, you take the cake. Hope everything goes perfectly during delivery!

  15. I had my two other children 7 days and then 10 days after my due date, reverse psychology, eviction notices and all! This time around (I’m 37 1/2 weeks) I am not counting on hitting my EDD at all (and secretly hoping she’ll come early!) lol.

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