I Have Commitment Problems

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Apparently I have problems finishing what I’ve started… I can say that about many little projects I’ve started for Lil’ J. I made three (cute) burp cloths, and have three to go. Tons of tulle, and tons of tutus to go. Snoop has lots and lots of dog collars I never finished for him. But hey, it could be worse. And at least I’ve decorated that nursery better than any other room in any other house we’ve EVER lived in. That’s pretty much done.

I was looking through my drafts today in blogger and realize there are 6 posts I’ve been sitting on forever! So much time has pasted from some of them I’m not sure I’ll ever publish them. Maybe, maybe not. But here’s a little glimpse in case they never survive to see the “publish” button:

1. Consignment shopping 411: “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life it’s how to spot a good deal. I’m a woman who likes nice things, but I usually refuse to pay full price for it. I’m not going to say I’m perfect, I’ve had my fair share of splurges, but I learned very quickly to NEVER buy things full price from Express after buying an $80 dress that I bought in a different color for $15 a month later…”

I went to a lot of consignment sales and had a great post going about the stuff I scored and tips for going to these things. It’s practically done, just needs pictures.

2. (No Tile Yet): “Last week I wrote a post on my other blog about push presents. As usual it got some comments from people who think the idea is stupid, unnecessary, worldly… Basically the people who are jealous they didn’t get one. …Kidding!!…”

It’s obviously about push presents. And presents for daddy too cause I’m gonna make him work! I only have a few paragraphs started, it would be easy to finish if I was motivated enough.

3. “My Crotch Hurts…”: “Last year I spent some time asking people “the things they don’t tell you about pregnancy” before deciding to commit to taking the leap myself. Seeing that most people I know how more than one child I assumed all of the good outweighed the bad. But I didn’t expect there to be so many things that people forgot to tell me….”

That’s basically all I have of that one. I haven’t been keeping up with my list so I’m not sure I can remember all of the things people forgot to tell me. One thing I remember cause I’m feeling it now is the crotch pain. I need to finish this before Lil’ J is born, and momnesia sets in.

4. “Bladder Battles”: “I really don’t have many complaints about pregnancy. I’ve really enjoyed it so far. The nausea during the first trimester was annoying but when it would go away I’d worry, so I almost welcomed it.

Now… as my uterus grows more and more (right now it’s about the size of a cantaloupe) the one thing that bugs me is my constant need to pee.

This is coming from a woman who use to pride herself in the length of time she could “hold it in”… So much so that once on my “introduction” form at church, in the slot where you’re asked to list your talents I wrote down “holding my pee” right under “hoola hooping…”

That’s all I have of that one pretty much, I can’t remember where I was going with this… By the way I can’t hoola hoop anymore either… Have you tried this pregnant? Must get a video for you this week… It’s impossible… and this is from an award-winning hoola-hooper… NO JOKE!

5. Craigslist Psycho: A few weeks ago we bought a new high definition TV. I get free cable and free HDTV and my husband couldn’t stand not having a high definition TV to watch it on. So after months and month of begging and saving we invested in his new favorite toy. But standing it it’s way was our old TV… Flat screen, HUGE tube in the back. Weighing over 200 pounds for sure. My husband was so eager to get rid of it, he asked me to put it up on Craigslist in the “free” section. I did. Bad idea…”

This one is done too, I’m not sure what I’m waiting for. Pictures maybe?

The last post was a call I keep getting from these awards to write random things about myself. I don’t remember which award this is for and I SUCK at passing them on (so sorry) but I’ll try to get better.

Here’s things no one knows about me…

1. I don’t like using the big utensils… You know how they come with big forks, little forks, big spoons and little spoons (I think it’s salad fork vs meal fork etc.)? I don’t like using the big ones. I’ll always grab the small ones first, and let my husband use the big ones. I don’t know why.

2. I can’t walk around with a pair of scissors without having a split second vision of my tripping and stabbing myself in the neck… I know it’s morbid, and I’m normally not morbid but it’s just a weird thought I have when I walk around with scissors… Or knives

3. I’m TERRIFIED of mold. I feel like it’s alive (ok I guess it is) and looking at me… Following me. If something looks like mold, even though it’s not mold I have to inspect it for awhile and then cut it off and burn it with hot water. If it’s not mold on bread I can’t go near it, I have someone else clean it.

4. I can’t do the dishes without rubber gloves. … Which is probably why my husband has done the dishes for the past five and a half years (I have unloaded the dishwasher a few times).

5. Well, you already know I’m award-winning hoola-hooper now, so I guess I don’t have to disclose that. I will say though that I can’t lie… I’m a terrible liar, even if it’s a silly joke, I can’t do it without my face giving away the lie.

6. Almost as scary as mold are public restrooms… Can’t stand them.

7. I hate swimming… Or I should say getting my hair wet. I most likely won’t get in a pool this summer, but I have about 15 bikinis/ bathing suits.

8. I am a career woman but secretly wish I could be a good homemaker… I know some people do both but I’ve tried and failed. It makes me sad.

9. I can say the Bosnian Alphabet.

10. My cankles really hurt… Really bad, but I have an obsession with photographing them. My husband thinks it’s gross and always tells me to stop but I can’t! I’m pretty sure I have over 50 pictures of them. One of these days I may make my first scrapbook… A cankle scrapbook.

Anything surprise you?

If you want a more serious post from me today, check out my Project Pregnancy Blog on Parenting. I posted about my excitement for breastfeeding (maybe a little weird).

Also, Just for Me and You, and Kolcraft is doing a fundraiser for K.I.D.S… Check it out!

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  1. I ONLY use the “little utensils” too … always have … always will. 🙂

    and, I’m quite a good hula-hooper, if I don’t say so myself …

  2. haha i loved this post. my croch hurts too!!
    oh and you would loveeeeeeee the pool right now. it’s the only way this preggo thing doesn’t kill me these days!

  3. The list of facts about you cracked me up! With 1, 4 and 6, I am right there with you! (And my crotch hurts, too! It’s actually my pubic bone, because I’m dealing with symphysis pubis dysfunction this pregnancy! It sucks!)

    By the way, where/when are you posting the winners to your giveaways? I can’t find anything about them.

  4. Oh man…I wish you could finish the post about “things they don’t tell you about pregnancy”. I would really be interested to read that.

    Oh, and I don’t put knives facing up in the dishwasher. I’m afraid I’ll leave the dishwasher door open, then trip over it, and stab myself with the knife. It’s really weird. I’m so glad other people have these weird thoughts about sharp objects 🙂

  5. I prefer the little utensils, but I’ll use the big ones rather than wash a little one that’s sitting in the dish washer. I’m a great hula hooper. I beat out about 15 other people to win an ipod shuffle. I can start at my neck and bring it down to my waist, but I can’t go from my ankle and bring it up (I think gravity is working against me). The craigslist psycho post sounds interesting. You should publish that one.

  6. I do the EXACT same thing when I carry scissors or knives. It’s like, when I touch them, a quick 10 second horror movies plays in my head. It’s either of me dropping it on my foot or tripping and getting stabbed in the chest/face/neck. I have no idea why I think it, it just happens.

    My crotch hurt so bad my last pregnancy. My first two I was just fine, but the last was awful.

  7. If you’re afraid of mold, just an FYI…never put wet baby stuff into a hamper. No matter how gross it is, always let it dry. Burp cloths, stained clothes, etc. I made the mistake once of putting wet clothes in my baby’s hamper–I think I may have rinsed something out and just put it in the hamper instead of letting it hang or sit out to dry, and things must have gotten warm and all covered up in there, because I ended up with a moldy batch of stuff 🙁 I had to throw out a number of things that were too far gone but I did manage to save a couple that weren’t too bad. Just sad to throw out some of my baby’s first little onesies 🙁

  8. Kudos for your husband doing the dishes for the last five and a half years! I’ve never really had a problem washing dishes with my bare hands. Well, maybe if they’re someone else’s or if I have a cut I won’t. But it’s not really surprising that you wear rubber gloves, I know a few people who do that.

  9. I always use smaller utensils. I can’t stand it when people eat soup with giant spoons. Those are for dipping not eating, right?

    I also have weird thoughts when carrying scissors.

  10. Dude… I am so with you on #1 & #2! I always eat with the small forks and spoons and I always picture stabbing myselfnwithbscissors when I hold them and walk ANYWHERE… I think it’s cause of that whole “don’t run with scissors” rule… Glad to know I’m not alone 🙂

  11. Oh man…I wish you could finish the post about “things they don’t tell you about pregnancy”. I would really be interested to read that.

    Oh, and I don’t put knives facing up in the dishwasher. I’m afraid I’ll leave the dishwasher door open, then trip over it, and stab myself with the knife. It’s really weird. I’m so glad other people have these weird thoughts about sharp objects 🙂

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