A planned induction… Or so I thought


Last night, (talking present-time now, still at 38 weeks) I started having regularish contractions and it finally hit me that this baby may not have to be induced. Basically for the first time this entire pregnancy. My mom was induced at 42 weeks with all four of her girls, minus me. But with me, her water broke at 38 weeks and contractions didn’t start–So she did end up being induced.

I was induced at 41 weeks +3 Days with Lil’ J, and I’m planning to be induced a week after my due date with this little nugget. But what if s/he decides to come on his/her own before that? It never crossed my mind. I’m just assuming our babies don’t like to come out on their own.

So I started panicking a little, realized I could maybe pack a hospital bag and get the car seat ready… Just in case. I should also plan a backup sitter for Lil’ J in case my mom isn’t in town yet.

Haven’t noticed much activity this morning so I guess I’m in the clear for now. Still not getting my hopes up for an early baby, but going to get a little more prepared just in case. Off to the OB for a checkup. Hopefully those contractions did something last night!

When do you think Leechie will make an arrival and will it be a boy or girl? Guess in my pool! The winner gets $50!

Here’s another blast from the past to my 34 week photo/ update.

Dress: eShakti

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  1. Well, hopefully those contractions did do something and you’re at least closer to pushing Leechie out. And don’t you just love the dresses from Eshakti?! I have two and they fit wonderfully.

  2. I love yellow on you! And about induction I was induced at 41 weeks and 5 days after feeling a lot of pressure from my family who had been hanging around from out of town for nearly 2 weeks. When it’s time for baby #2 (someday faaaar away) I look forward to letting my baby come on its own time!

  3. You never know with babies. It sounds like your family history backs up your plans, though. I have three kids and never made it to my “due date”. I love the photos of you! You really look good pregnant (I never did!).

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