On being pregnant again

You know, it’s interesting, being pregnant again. It gives me a chance to reflect and compare to how things were last time. I mean, I remember being tired, but I don’t remember being THIS tired. Last time I was able to take a nap whenever I wanted and this time I’m trying to keep from passing out in front of my toddler. And I literally take naps instead of a lunch break. Yea, morning anchoring during first trimester pregnancy fatigue/ morning sickness is a joke. Yet I’ve managed to survive.

Last time I didn’t drink caffeine from pre-conception through nursing. This time? I’m sneaking in sips of my husband’s energy drinks and downing Dr. Pepper to stay afloat. My poor second child has probably already developed 2nd child syndrome.

I’m significantly busier this time around, and there’s been a time or two (or twelve) I’ve succumb to exhaustion. I’ve been so lazy I literally just lay there when I have a long list of things to do. That’s one of the reason this here blog had been neglected. Not cause I was trying to hold in the secret, cause I was too dang lazy to write about it.

Lazy, that’s who I’ve felt. But I’m not going to apologize for it at the moment.

My life is also CONSUMED by my two year old. She’s my world, and everything revolves around her. Seriously, she’s so spoiled. But I can’t help it. She’s not a brat, thank goodness, but my husband and I both adore her and she has us wrapped around her finger.

There are times where I forget I’m pregnant because I’m so busy worrying about her still. (Recent worries have been because of a childcare switch, and switch again which I’ll share details about very soon).

I feel like this time around it’s very low-key too. I mean, last time I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I over-researched and was panicking going into labor because I worried about what people would think if I had a c-section.

HOLY COW I was nuts.

Last time, I wanted to be a people-pleaser. This time? I don’t give a crap what people think. I’ve done this before, and I can do it again.

I was debating going the birthing center route this time because there’s a beautiful one around the corner from my house. I did a story on them last year. Part of me thinks it would be fun to try something new, and maybe see if the unmedicated birth is all it’s chalked up to be. And if it is… Awesome! I’d get to experience that. But my husband has the mentality of “if it aint broke, don’t fix it,” and thinks it’s best we stay with the OB we know and love. After catching up at my first appointment, I did feel at home and am feeling good about going the same route as before.

We do want to do some things differently though. April Fools is my due date, but I’m considering my due date April 14th. Regardless if I go into labor by then or not, that’s the latest I’m having my baby and the day I’m mentally scheduling my eviction induction for. This way I won’t plan on taking off work too early, but I also will give the baby two extra weeks to show up on their own. I’m hoping the baby won’t be much bigger than Lil’ J though cause at her 9lbs 9oz, the thought of giving this one an extra four or so days to cook, scares me a tad.

I’m also not packing as much crap to take to the hospital. It was as if I was moving in for a week.

I also worry a little with what it’ll be like being a mother of two. How will I give all of my attention to twice as many kids? Will Lil’ J miss being the center of my world? She still will be of course, she’ll just be sharing the spotlight.

Things aren’t quite the same as they were three years ago, but I’m excited for the new adventure. I’m feeling my energy coming back (but that could just be my soda kicking in) and I’m ready to rock! Bring on the baby!

PS: Thank you so much for all of your sweet congratulations! We’re really excited.

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Chewy Mommy says:

First, I want to say how happy I am for you! I followed your pregnancy and parenting journey with Lil J and am looking forward to hearing all about #2 as well 🙂 You are going to be a great Mommy to both kids. Having two kids is definitely a different experience than having one, but it’s also doubly rewarding. Just remember, you are giving Lil J her new best friend 🙂

Kika says:

Yes congrats on the new pregnancy!!! I’m looking forward to hear how you juggle everything! (which I know you will do effortlessly) is there ANYTHING you CAN’T do?! 🙂 all the best and am so excited you’re taking us along on this new adventure!

Congrats! I’ve just been reading all about your journey, and that is so exciting! Hope we can have a chance to feature you in my Mommy Spotlight once my blog goes live.

AmyRyb says:

Congrats! I am over 13 weeks now and still feeling pretty iffy a lot of the time. The nausea laid off around 11 weeks last time around, though I know I was still tired. This time I feel like the tiredness has been spread around a lot more–instead of just collapsing at night I’m just worn out all day. There’s this general blah feeling that’s been following me around since about 6 weeks, and it’s starting to drive me nuts. I keep hoping this all means that I’m having a girl (my son is 4), because this seems very different from last time and I’ve read that nausea and all that can be worse with girls. Working full time is a challenge, and dealing with an active, defiant four year old can be so hard. I can’t pick him up anymore (he’s 40 lbs.) and I’m sometimes scared to get too close when he’s upset for fear he’ll kick me or something 🙁 There’s been a lot of silence on my blog too, because I still haven’t officially shared the news there and there wasn’t much else consuming my thoughts, so I just didn’t write much! I want to announce it just right and have been trying to buy a prop to assist in that for a while with no luck. Hopefully in the next couple days I’ll get things taken care of and can finally spill the beans! I have a whole set of posts I wrote on the side (letters to the baby, basically) that I’ll be posting after the announcement, to let everyone in on what’s been going on and give myself a mental reminder of all I’ve been through this time around. Regardless…it is certainly an adventure and it’ll be fun to go through it “with” you 🙂 I’m due March 7th, so I’m sure I’ll be nodding knowingly the whole way! Congrats again!

MLN says:

I gave birth at a birthing center and I loved it. It was great. I would reccomend to everyone who wanted to be natural.
Would never use and OB/hospital again.

If birthing centers had epidurals I’d be all over that!!

MLN says:

Oh and congrats!!!! I have been following your blog for a while, but time commenting.
It was, the natural birth, not that bad. But only one so nothing to compare. I started in water, but actually gave birth on bed. Best part, think besides no drugs, was we were home within 5 hrs of giving birth. Nothing like recouping in your own bed.

Sarah says:

Oh, how I remember the first trimester fatigue. Pretty sure there were some nights I went to bed at 7, not even joking. I remember thinking, “How in the world would I handle being pregnant if I had a toddler to take care of, too?!” I guess I’ll find out through your blog (and maybe in a few years if I can convince my husband that number two is a good idea… I may need to look back and use some of your tricks… haha)!

One thing I love about Austin is how there are so many options for birth. It’s great that you’ve found an OB you love and are comfortable with–I think trusting your provider, regardless of where you give birth, is the most important thing.

Can’t wait to hear more!

Sarah says:

Oh, and while I’m glad I had a natural home birth, I distinctly remember thinking, “Well, hope we like this one b/c I’m never doing THAT again!” Now that memory has faded a bit, but my husband reminds me whenever I talk about wanting another…

Sonia says:

I feel ya girl. #3 has been doing a serious number on my body. My first trimester was a beast. I was exhausted all day, everyday. I procrastinated on house work and only did the minimum. I thought it was hard being pregnant with EK and taking care of VJ but now I’ve got to take care of them both with #3 on the way. Tomorrow I’m at 16 weeks and I’ve finally gotten around to announcing it on my blog. I’ve just been way too tired.. and don’t even get me started on my mood swings.

I highly encourage having a natural childbirth. Of course I had no choice since my hospital doesn’t provide epidurals (a lot of hospitals in Italy don’t) but it really wasn’t that bad. I personally think that when you’re dilated at 7-8cm, that’s the worst and once you’re at 10, the rest is not as painful. With VJ, the actually delivery was pain free. With EK it was a whole different story. Her delivery was brutal. I remember telling my husband that I did not want to think about having another one for at least a year. Obviously that didn’t happen since I got pregnant almost immediately and now #3 is due the day before EK turns ONE!

You’ll do just fine. Everything is easier in the States. Just count your blessings that you won’t have 3 babies under the age of 3yrs and have to manage double strollers, small elevators, daily trips to the store etc… Oh yes.. life in Europe is glamorous.

Sonia! Congratulations on your #3! Wow, I can’t imagine having 3 under three! Is that how y’all roll in Europe? hehe. I’ll be praying for you!

Sonia says:

We tried to have them at 2 yrs apart. Valentina and Elisabetta are exactly 22 months apart but #3 just decided to join us a year earlier I guess. Most people only want one kid and some have 2. So that fact that we’re having 3 makes us not only crazy but brave. (so I’ve been told!)

Brave indeed! But you will rock it I’m sure!!

Amber says:

Your pregnancy is perfect timing for me to read about! I have been contemplating trying for number 2 and fear is standing in my way big time. You seem so excited, like nothing else matters when it comes to having a baby (let alone #2!) how do you move past any fears?

Andrea says:

For me two was easier than one, once you get past the first three months of no sleep, they entertain each other and there are a lot of ways of giving each one some special time. I’m due with #4 mid Oct. and not only am I going natural but after having the first with the epidural the rest have been natural and I liked it that way so I’m looking forward to this delivery as well.

Natural or not is up to you, I would only say that if you don’t like how the nurses are hardly there and the Dr doesn’t show up until the last minute then you should consider either a labor doula who will be with you, taking care of you the whole time or a midwife who basically does all of that on top of delivering the baby.

Teems says:

It is probably best to go with your usual OB. But you can still have an unmedicated birth. I did for my first and only a few months ago. No regrets. 🙂 I look forward to being slightly more relaxed for my next pregnancy as well.

This is so exciting! You know you’ll get your energy back, its just part of the process. You could have a natural birth in the hospital. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You would just have to make sure everyone is fully aware so they don’t go into protocol mode.

Allisa says:

I just have one thing to say since you already know I’m excited for your second baby. Get your epidural if you want it! Lol. And then take super glamorous post delivery shots like you did with lil J.

I definitely should have clarified that if I’m in the hospital I’m getting an epidural, unless by some crazy fluke I don’t want it. Oh, and glamerous post-delivery shots are a MUST! haha. Thanks!

Michelle says:

I read your blog off and on and had to come by and check it there was a change on the pregnant status. I’m so happy to hear you are pregnant again. Congratulations to you, your husband, Lil J, and all your friends and family!

YUMMommy says:

I’m sure you’ll manage two kids just fine. I was really worried about how I would manage a toddler and a newborn but things worked out great. Moo actually turned out to be a great help. She didn’t mind fetching diapers, wipes or anything else that was in her reach and safe for her to do.

She’s still just as helpful now that her brother is one and more independent. I do make time to do things that are just for me and her so that she knows I haven’t replaced her and love her equally.

Laura M. says:

I am so happy for you and the family! I know you will be a great mom to two., and I know before it happens its seems crazy, but when the little one is actually here you will see that besides the extra car seat, it won’t change a whole lot. Lil’ girl will just have to learn to share, that’s all 🙂 And she will in due time. It’s a learning curve (I speak from experience lol) but I sometimes feel the more kids you have the easier it gets. If I could have more, i so would. 🙂

Congrats again Jen, we can’t wait to meet #2 you and hubs and J are a great family so #2 is going to be in good hands!

Allie says:

We’re using the birthing center and we love it. It’s been a fantastic experience.


Jana says:

I am 7 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child and I can so relate to a lot of what you’ve said. My first trimester symptoms are totally different this time around and a lot worse in some ways which is making me feel this pregnancy is going to be a LONG one. I am exhausted a lot, dizzy all the time which is really annoying, craving spicy meats, have a super sense of smell and my I so want a set up armor for my breasts so no one can touch them. OUCH!!

I too am a lot more relaxed and finding myself making lists of things to do and to get (which isn’t much unless we have a boy). I too am consumed with my daughter who’s 4 1/2.

I look forward to working on my hypnosis for birth to help myself get into a deeper more relaxed place. I am EXCITED for my labor and delivery!


Congrat Jennifer! I can’t wait to follow your journey : )

FSD says:

Just getting caught up on your blog. CONGRATULATIONS!! So happy for your growing family! My prediction is boy, for what it’s worth. :). Seems you conceived pretty close to ovulation, which says boy to me. :). I think being surprised will be so fun!

Kimberly says:


I’ve been following you for the past year (and am proud, yet embarrassed to say) that I’ve read EVERY POST from the very beginning, lol.

This was great news that I even shared with my boyfriend.


Looking forward to all that is to come, including learning about the journey of transitioning from having one to having two!

Congrats Again!

Kenyatta says:

Congrats! Reading your blog has been a pleasure! I find it cool that we now have the same due date for #2. Your thoughts have been mirroring my own. I have a son who will be 3 in Oct and so far the MD thinks this one may be a girl. I’ll have to read old posts to see how to do little girl hair. Good luck and congrats again!!

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