The full moon doesn’t appeal to my uterus

My calls to the full moon didn’t help last night. I did feel some contractions that I’d rate maybe a 3 on a scale of 1-10 (compared to what I’d rate an 11 when I was on pitocin).  So more than Braxton Hicks, but definitely not full-blown labor.

It’s ok though because I was up anyway frantically trying to finish sewing Lil’ J’s Easter dress. If I had had the baby it wouldn’t be done. Lil’ J had an Easter egg hunt at school today, and it’s her last day, since she’ll be home with mommy and daddy during our maternity/paternity leaves, so I wanted her to have something special to wear.

I bought the pattern from Adelaide’s Boutique for anyone who’s wondering. I LOVE her dresses, and was so stoked when she released a pattern for the style I most often buy.

I was sewing pretty fast and in a groove but then I ran out of elastic thread right at the end, and couldn’t find the rest of it anywhere! I contemplated running to the store at what was 3am, but didn’t want to alarm my husband. So I found a dress I hadn’t finished yet and picked the elastic thread from that dress, to use on her Easter dress. It was a very annoying and tedious process that had me up until 5am! But it all was worth it this morning when she asked to see the dress I had been sewing and couldn’t wait to put it on.

It was kinda a bummer because it was on track to be the fastest I had ever sewn a full dress, and the first time I never needed to use a seam ripper for mistakes, and I ended up having to rip out multiple seams for the stupid thread. Anyway, it’s behind me, and I’m going to stock up on that stuff now.

Since the full moon has passed, and I saw that as my one opportunity to go into labor early, I’m no longer expecting it to happen… Ever. Or at least until I’m induced. But that’s ok. It’s a win win. My mom and little sisters will be coming to help with Lil’ J in a week, and if I’m going to be late, it’ll be nice to have them here. If I go into labor on my own, that’s ok too I guess.

For all of your procrastinators who still haven’t guessed on Leechie’s arrival date… I asked the good people over at to re-open the pool til Sunday night. So you have a couple more days to get your guess in and win $50 if you’re the closest.

If you don’t want to sign up on the site but still want to enter, just write your guess in the comments including your guess for 1. baby’s gender 2. birth date/time 3. birth weight 4. birth length 5. hair color 6. eye color. I’ll enter your guess for you.

And here’s last week’s photo. I’m almost completely caught up on editing these. Finally, right here at the end. I can’t wait to meet this kid!

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  1. Such a cute dress! I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew but I’m not sure if I can actually carve out the time (or space) to do it. I originally wasn’t going to do this because it’s such a random hit or miss I have almost no chance of being correct but here are my guesses:

    gender: boy
    birth date/time: April 8th at 5:02 pm
    weight: 8 pounds, 8 ounces
    hair color: black
    eye color: brown

    PS. I’m going to be stalking your fb, twitter, and IG so hard waiting for the announcement!!

  2. I will be anxiously awaiting the good news of lil’ Leechie’s arrival! It really does make it more fun to wait to find out the gender, even for the good folks who follow your blog! Here’s my guess:

    1. girl
    2. April 6 at 10:23 p.m.
    3. 8 lbs 14 oz
    4. 20.5 in
    5. black hair
    6. brown eyes

    Also, I am jealous of your sewing skills. I need to get in gear on that front…

  3. Three of my friends were pregnant at the same time — one just had her baby a couple days ago, and now we’re down to you and my friend who’s expecting triplets through a surrogate. It’s a race in my mind to see who will pop first. All these new babies! It makes me so happy!

  4. Love the dress you made for Lil’ J, love the take home outfits, and LOVE the shirt you’re wearing. I’ll echo Bec’s comment above…where did you get it? Can’t wait to hear more! 🙂

  5. Just found you on pintrest! Loving your blog. Noticed how swollen your feet are on an instagram photo in the side bar and I thought I’d share a couple of things that have helped me de-swell in the past 1- lemon water (just squeeze lemon juice into the water you drink or you could do lemon aid if you don’t mind the sugar) 2-Vitamin E (after baby 3 for me I was deficient in it and that turned my feet/legs into water ballons) 3- stay out of the heat (if a pregnant lady gets to hot, the body tends to hold on to water to try and cool you down). Hope that helps.

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