Pregnancy Update Weeks 26-32: Letters to Leechie

Ready to be completely bombed with photos of my pregnant self? This isn’t even the half of it when you consider all the maternity sessions I’ve had done too… I’ll be sharing of those soon. So I kinda have sucked at documenting this pregnancy on my blog. Like sucked super bad. But I’m glad I’ve still been journaling for this little one to read some day. It’s just been a process getting them all edited and posted in the same week. I’m finally caught up and ready to do a big pregnancy update! Hopefully weeks 33-41 (I’m expecting to go late) I can share on a weekly basis.

A couple other things… Remember that New York trip I went on a while back that I couldn’t share more info about yet? Well, now I can! I’ve partnered with The Birds and the Bees to talk about Today’s Modern Family. I was on a panel with four other amazing women (including Rosie Pope!) to talk about family planning, balancing home life with career, and why I decided to take the plunge and become a mom at a young age. The other women have had different experiences and journeys but all have a special story to share. You can read all about them and watch out interviews here.

Also, you’ll see in my letters to Leechie that our gender guesses have been all over the map! My husband is now team pink (as far as guessing, though he tells me he hopes it’s a boy) and I’m still team blue. If you’d like to make your guess count (sorta), you can join our pregnancy pool over at They’re featuring Little Leechie’s pool and sponsoring a $50 giveaway for the winner who gets the most points in guessing the gender, birth date, weight, etc. I’m also trying to see if I can line up another sponsor or two to sweeten the deal a little more, maybe for a 2nd and 3rd place winner. They also did a Q and A with me, and I shared some of the craftiness I’ve been up to with the take-home outfit(s), which I haven’t had time to share here. SORRY! I’m such a boring blogger these days. Part of it is because I’ve been re-hired as a BabyCenter blogger (I’m currently giving away $125 to Target, so go enter!) and that takes up a bit of my blogging mojo. I’ll try to do better.

And finally, I haven’t written out the post on how I do these photos but I did make a video tutorial that I’ll embed in a detailed tutorial post soon, but if you just can’t wait any longer, here’s the video tutorial. Hope that helps a little. Now check out how this baby has grown over the last six weeks!

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Martha says:

I really want to commit to doing this with my next pregnancy! This time around I wasn’t consistent with my bump photos but at least I have a good amount on my blog. Next time I want to do some thing thing like this every week!!! YOu look beautiful!!

You are so sweet Martha, thank you! I will say, NOTHING makes pregnancy go by as fast as an attempt to have a weekly photo documentation. The weeks FLY by and I’m like “Dang, time to do another one!!”

Sandra says:

Mya goes well with Jayda. I like Nadia too. Won’t be discussing boy names bc I think it’s a girl haha. Your belly looks like a boy I must admit.

Deana Howell says:

You sure do keep busy! I don’t know how you do it all. I work full time and my husband goes to school full time and I don’t think I could get all the stuff you do done. Kuddos to you 🙂 You are so gorgeous, you really do look like a pregnancy model. I have been doing the bump photos with this pregnancy on instagram and then posting them to my blog but I think next time I will do the journal idea. Its so fun! I love the name Noah but I’m biased seeing as how our 18mo old is named Noah. We found out we are having a girl this time so I hope you get your set and have a boy this time.

Mrs. Match says:

I’m guessing boy too. I can’t wait to find out! I hope you get time to update your blog with the nursery when you’re done. There are so many cute gender neutral themes out there these days.

YUMMommy says:

Thanks for the quick video tutorial! I’m going to side with you and say that Leechie might be Team Blue. I just think it’s cool to have one of each.

Veronika says:

Hey girl! You are looking great!! Everytime I visit your cute little blog I change my mind on what you’re having! haha I’m going back to my first guess that it’s a boy! 🙂
I saw the giraffee (I think on a twitter pic?!) it’s so cute! I love the name Corbyn. I have a Mason and Justin and always say if I ever have another boy it will either be a Corbyn or Logan! haha Great girl names too 🙂

Jennifer says:

You have the BEST weekly photos 🙂

Alice Anne says:

Ahhhhh! I love these! I’d wanna get pregnant *just* to take pictures like this. Is that wrong?? Lol. The time really is flying by. I’m excited for you!

Kathy C. says:

You look absolutely beautiful!! You make pregnancy look like a walk in the park! If I get preggo again, I’m hitting you up for help setting up a weekly update like this. I seriously love it! Glad you’re feeling more energetic and ready to meet you lil… girl? I’m going to guess girl!

Amy says:

I gotta do something similar with my next pregnancy. LOVE! You are STUNNING! I bet YNN viewers have been asking you about #2, no? I think it’s a girl. I think you will have sweet little girls to dress up and fawn over.

B says:

You look great! Where do you get your maternity clothes? Adorable!! Love that pink shirt, especially!

Don’t worry about being behind in blogging we forgive you and this post made up for it anyway. You looked amazing in the blue dress in Week 27. We’re so excited that the video tutorial is here on your set up! Neither of us is pregnant so what excuse can we use to take photos of ourselves and write cute notes on them?

Deanna says:

Jen, you look fabulous! I love the recent bump pictures! I also love how much extra attention to you are giving to Lil J. I was worried about my oldest not adjusting well to having another baby around but he was awesome and really loves his little brother.

All in all, you are doing great job balancing it all! Keep it up. Many prayers for you for an easy delivery to a healthy baby!! xoxo

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