You’re ONE! A Love Letter to Lee Lee


My sweet baby girl. I cannot believe you are one. You snuck your way into our hearts and you’ve stolen them all. Let me tell you something, though I’ve had two kids before you, you are so different than them. You’d think your personality would be similar to one of theirs but nope. You are by far my busiest baby. Walking around all over the place at just 10 months old. I know you took your first steps even before then but I didn’t dare count it. I didn’t push you down but I also didn’t help you learn to walk, at all. You figured it out all on your own. I’m guessing that’s because you wanted to keep up with your brother and sister. 

Since you’re already toddling around (months before either of them were) you’re figuring out how to get into everything. And you’ve also acquired some pretty adorable dance moves. You absolutely love music. The moment we say “Alexa, play…” you start to dance. And dance even more as the music picks up. 

Something else I adore about you is how much you love food. It’s not only awesome, it’s funny. Any time you see anyone eating anything you want some of it. The cool thing about it is that you try and love all sorts of great foods. You love peas and carrots. Gobble up green beans and strawberries. Yogurt and chicken. You love it all! Even seaweed! And yes, of course you love sweets.

We were joking this week that we sometimes aren’t sure you know when to stop. See when you first started eating, since you had so many teeth and seemed to be good at chewing, we handed you some of what we were having and let you pick it up and eat it. If we fed you some food pouches you’d gobble them up no problem. Well now, we’ve gotten into a routine where I’ll share my oatmeal with you in the morning. Or spoon feed you some rice and beans for dinner. When I’m helping you eat some of my food you never seem to get full.

Biracial baby girl eating a birthday cupcake

I definitely believe that you are my cutest baby. It’s ok, it’s not a secret. Your brother and sister know I feel this way. I think they agree. But seriously, everywhere you go adoring eyes and squeals follow. You are deliciously squishy and your smiles brighten any room. Not that looks are everything of course.

I’m not usually one to brag about my kids but I can’t help but admire how clever you seem to be. You love opening and closing things, and trying to figure out how objects work. When I take the batteries out of the remote so you’ll stop changing the channel you know it. Even when I hide the evidence. You can walk and kick a ball at the same time, and you like to point (and scream) at things you like.

Now that you’ve had your first birthday, we’re treating you less like a baby and more like a toddler. We are trying to teach you how to say please, thank you, more and all done in sign language. You sorta have milk down pat. So far you can say “Mama” and “Dada” in English.

Oh one other thing we are loving: Introducing you to Disney movies. Unfortunately you are quite a loud moviegoer. So I haven’t brought you to ever showing. But you have been to a few and you enjoy the experience. The popcorn, the music. But you don’t like to nap with all of that going on, so I usually have to stand up and rock you to help. At home though, you will stop what you’re doing when you hear a movie start, and sometimes you even seem to be watching what’s going on. I can’t wait to see what your favorites are!

Luckily, you have a huge support system to help you grow up in this world. Not only your dad and I, but your brother and sister are your biggest cheerleaders. They love you SO much. They cheer every time you do something new. Bring you presents, sing and dance for you. Carry you around. It’s incredible seeing how much joy you’ve brought to our home. You were the missing rainbow piece to our puzzle.

You’ve made it around the sun, and I’m so excited to keep watching you grow, and see the girl you become. I adore you, and I’m so glad you’re mine.



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  1. Aww…Jennifer, this is so lovely. I’ve been following your baby girl on Instagram (gosh, that sounds creepy) since she was born and I loved the chalkboard milestone photos the most. Yes, she’s adorable. She sounds a lot like my one year old daughter, except for the walking at ten months part. She just started walking towards 13 months. I love the cake too. Your blog and Instagram have helped me enjoy my new motherhood journey.

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