YOU’RE INVITED!! To My Pink or Blue Party

About a month ago. I was talking to my friend Danielle and (as usual) whining about how long I had to wait until I would finally find out what Spawnie is.. Boy or Girl. She asked me if we were going to do anything fun when we found out and throw a Pink or Blue Party.

“What?” was my reaction. I’d never heard of such things. She then sent me a link to a blog post by a woman who had thrown one.

I was amused… No, FASCINATED by this concept.

Long story short… She and her husband went to the ultrasound but didn’t find out what she was having right then and there. The doctor wrote down the results on a piece of paper, and sealed it tight in an envelope.

She gave the envelope along with 25 pink gumballs and and 25 blue gumballs to her grandmother, who was instructed to open the envelope, read the results, and make the cupcakes with either blue or pink gumballs inside based on the result.

She invited friends and family over and people wore pink or blue signifying their guess and making up a “team pink” and a “team blue.” They all bit into their cupcakes at the same time revealing BLUE GUMBALLS inside!! Baby boy!

You can also do it with a cake and food coloring like this:Sounds fun huh? Well, at first I thought “I MUST DO THIS” but then moments later when I started dwelling on a guest list, and realized I couldn’t think of more than four people I’d like to invite and who would care enough to actually come. I got a little sad and cursed the fact that we don’t have family nearby!!

The parties don’t have to be a big deal with gifts or anything, it can be a little brunch get together on a Saturday afternoon.. But still… I don’t have that many friends who would rather that than a text notification, or reveal from my Facebook status.

I seriously considered mailing cupcakes to friends and family and across a 15-way-phone-call, instructing them to bite in on my count of 3… I even researched techniques to mailing cupcakes (don’t try it in an envelope).

But I eventually gave the idea up and brainstormed with Danielle a slightly different idea, and decided to invent attempt a “Virtual Gender Reveal Party.” So I could share my exciting news with all of my friends I’ve “met” online.

Originally we were thinking about doing a reveal at birth, but that would be absolute torture for me to not be able to share Spawnie’s new clothes, or nursery plans and progress.

So… You’re Invited!!

I find out Monday and Tuesday I’ll tell you HERE! Annie from Real Moms will be joining me too and Danielle may hop on the chat as well (she designed this invite by the way). I’d love you to meet her. I’ll be broadcasting my results streaming LIVE from my MomTV show and YOU can join in the chatroom, chat with me, play some games, and win! And I’m not just doing a couple of giveaways… Check out these sponsors: The Design Girl, Lillunia, 2 Chix, Storkie, Milian Maternity, EcoStore, GrowShow, Unravelme Designs, Mommy Measure, Spirit of Giving, Dirty Bird Vintage, Valeries Bowtique, CoddleLife, Sewn Inspirations, Jewelry Kaleidoscope, Babies Booty, Sweet Dreams Maternity Wear, B Baby Bling, and more!

There’s no signup required to chat with me, you’ll just click where it says, make up a username, and go! You have to be signed in the chatroom to win one of the great prizes (more on those details coming soon).

Like the invitation says, type using aAlign Center pink-colored font if you think Spawnie is a girl and a blue-colored font if you think it’s a boy!

So, what do you think? You coming?!
R.S.V.P. in the comments! To be entered for a prize!

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  1. Ahhh…that’s such an awesome idea pumpkin pie!! I love it. If I can get my new diggs(wordpress blog) up and running by then I will for sure attend. All the parties and excited before a birth should always be special.

  2. Yay! I’m so happy we get to find out!! 😀 YAY!!

    I don’t know how I’ll figure how how to come to the party, though as my students come to my class 30 minutes before that (MST) and they will be in the room. Hmmm…is it bad that I’m thinking of ways to keep them occupied during the chat??

    (Oh and did I say yay?)


  3. That is a great party idea! I never would have thought of that in a million years. That sounds like so much fun! I’m going to have to tell people about that.

  4. OH my gosh! What a fabulous idea for a party!! This makes me want a baby even more 🙂 I love your virtual reveal party idea as well, so creative! I’ll be there!

  5. Urg! I’m going to be at work when you have your big reveal!!Sounds like you’ll just have to tell me before your online party. Oh, and I think it would be SOOO fun to have an actual at your house kind of party! Such a cute idea!

  6. That is like the best idea i have ever heard…something to keep in mind whenever i get pregnant. I may not be able to join…because im one of those crazy Lost fans…and its the 3 hours season premiere…but i hope its a complete success…

  7. I’ll be there! This is so exciting – I don’t have many friends where I live either – I grew up in Dallas and went to college in Houston – so all my friends are in Houston – but I moved back to Dallas when I started dating my husband. But I do have family around, but none of my family is my age so yeah I have people to invite to my parties 😀 but no one to hang out with.

  8. I would so live to join in but I don’t have “real” Internet access ;(. Can’t wait for Monday to find out what little spawnie is. I’m hoping to keep mine a secret the whole time. Hugs to u miss adorable mommy!!

  9. I am so excited (to be proven right that its a boy) that I am- literally- rearranging my meeting schedule for Tuesday morning to be able to make it! lol

  10. We’re doing this with our parents & siblings…dinner and a big desset reveal – if we can make it that long! We might have to start with dessert!

  11. This is so cute! We’re planning on a cake reveal for this baby when we have a “due date party” for my now 1 year old (preemie). I wish I could chat with you all now that I have steady computer access, but my OB appointment is at 10:50 on Tuesday, so I’m out! Boo! But can’t wait to hear what Spawnie is. (I think boy!)

  12. Ooh! I hope it will still be going on at 11! I have a meeting at 10:30! I hope to join to find out about Spawnie! I think it’s a girl!

    jennifercausby at hotmail dot com

    @JCausby on twitter

  13. Awesome idea!! I am so excited to be there with you and everyone else. I’ll be typing in PINK, lol! I have one daughter, so she’s all I know! But I will of COURSE be happy for you no matter if your first is a son or daughter. Fingers crossed for you on Monday that “all” is revealed in the ultrasound. 🙂

  14. Thank you Future Mama for visiting my humble-boring blog ;)! Yes I really wish I win the Lullabelly. Just like you I love music and I am planning for my big Plan so winning it will mean a lot and I must say your blog is a good place for advice for this new journey in my life.

    I really want to know if Spawnie is Blue or Pink, so Tuesday I will be there :).

    You were considering taking photos of your belly, please check Prissy Mommy’s web, she has lovely pics of her belly but I don’t know which theme she used. Hope they will give you some inspiration. :)!

    Chat to you on Tuesday 🙂

  15. Hi! I am following you from MBC…& let me say I think this is a great idea! I have 3 children myself & can honestly say I have never thought of such a creative way to introduce the gender of my babies to the world as this. I wish you luck on your pregnancy journey & life with this new blessing, as well as this party!!

  16. Sounds like loads of fun. I thought I’d stop by to say hi from SITS Sunday. Your blog is super cute! It must keep you busy. Have a good time at your party!

    P.S. I live in San Antonio, TX, is that close to you?

  17. What a neat idea! I’ll try to stop in but 10:30am Eastern is 7:30am my time so I’ll be in my car driving to work!

    I’ll vote girl though. I love girls and I am SO happy I ended up having 2 🙂

    Visiting from SITS

  18. I’M SO COMING! I hope I remember (ah, life with a newborn) 🙂 And I hope Ryan cooperates with a nap or something haha. I’ve never heard of this pink or blue party thing either, but I love the idea!! So fun! I almost want to get preggo again right now just to have this surprise party! lol.

    Emily @ Baby Dickey

  19. ooooo…sounds like fun! I will be there with my color on! and bells! =) My girlfriend just found out; she’s due in June as well and she’s having a girl. My mom said girls come in waves.

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