You’ll Never Guess What Got This Girl to Swim


My daughter is not the least bit shy. I overheard her telling a stranger at the pool that she was a mermaid, waiting for her fins to grow. I kept trying to call her away, while keeping an eye on her brother, but she kept filling the ladies in on her “true identity.”

How can a little girl go from squealing and not wanting to put her face in the water to full-blown swimming on the “deep-end” in a matter of minutes?

She swam around wearing her bright pink puddle jumper, but she wanted to practice taking it off on the shallow end. That’s how it started. It wasn’t pressure from me, or swimming lessons, it wasn’t even really a suggestion. Just a “magical” pair of swimming goggles she borrowed from a friend and all of a sudden it clicked.

She realized she could see underwater, and being convinced her friend’s goggles were magical, it was no longer as scary. Next thing we knew she was jumping in and telling us to back up further so she could swim to us.

swimming underwater video

I’d been contemplating registering her for swimming lessons to help her learn the skill we’d been practicing. But once again, my child has shows me it’s all in her time, not mine.

We went out and bought Lil’ J her own pair of goggles, and so far they’ve been magical enough for her too. I’m thinking of surprising her with a mermaid fin for Christmas. (This is Texas, where we still talk about swimming in the winter).

I borrowed my sister’s GoPro to capture some fun family time on video at the pool. Check out our little swimmer!

How did your kiddos learn how to swim?

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  1. Gosh my daughter is TERRIFIED of swimming. She’s going to be 5 in December and most of her friends know how to swim because they have a pool at their school and have been swimming everyday during the Summers since they were 2.5. Not to mention she is 1/2 indian and it’s a stereotype that indians never know how to swim…so yes, I have a complex LOL. Anyways, she never wants to even wear goggles. What are these magic goggles? I am not big into extra activities but most of my husband’s families have pools and she always hangs out next to the pool, likes to dip her feet in the water and so on. Not to mention, I don’t want her reluctance rubbing off on our younger & super fearless daughter lol. My daughter can ride her bike with 2 wheels, and she wasn’t a least bit scared to try that, but I am not sure why she’s scared of the pool SOOO much! She’s always super confident too. Link the magic goggles!

    1. Michelle, I had no idea that was a stereotype. I wish that the magic goggles were something extra special. Honestly, there’s just the Speedo goggles. I know we had tried them before but had gone awhile without them. Then she tried them again months later and stuck her face in, over and over again and realized she liked it. Does your daughter like to get in with like a puddle jumper? My daughter loved hers for about two years, it really helped her feel comfortable and safe. I think that was another thing, her confidence in the water was at an all-time high. My daughter is most definitely not a dare devil like your daughter sounds though. Funny how kids just have their own little personalities right??

      I’d try a life jacket or puddle jumper then go from there. I was really scared for awhile growing up and that helped me at least get in. haha. Good luck mama!!

  2. I saw recently here in Australia an article about the mermaid fins and a warning not to buy them as they can be dangerous, where they can stop the child from turning back over. Maybe you should check on this first just in case. Xx

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