Wordless Wednesday: When Daddy’s Not Quick Enough

pee spot
(At least it was his side of the bed)

heather says:

hahaha…I love it.

Sassy Wife says:

Now that is funny.

🙂 I always put an extra nappy cloth underneath the bedsheets to soak up the piss and so that it doesn’t stain the mattress.

Ahhh… the joys of parenthood…

Oh, yes! Been there.

Happy Wednesday!

YUMMama says:

LOL. Yes, you have be quick changing those diapers or else they will give you a surprise.

Lindsey says:

That is so funny! I have some stories, too…

April says:

Been there before! haha

hahahahahahaha!! At 21 months my son continues to give daddy a spray the minute the pull up comes off, and the funny thing is he only does it to daddy!!

Haha, I think we all have those moments. The very first time (and almost the last lol) my hubby tried to change our newborns baby boys diaper, all peee broke loose. lol.

Ahahahahaha! Better than poo.

Verena says:

How funny. And, poor daddy! 😉

Better the bed! I hate totally experienced this in other places… oh no good!

Katie says:

sadly this mommy hasn’t been quick enough before, either!

Tori says:

This comment has nothing to do with this post, but I just got my latest Bravado Designs email and saw that you are one of their breastfeeding mommy bloggers! Congrats! My son self weaned and I’m still wearing all Bravado bras because they’re the only ones that fit me, and they of course rock. 🙂

Rachel says:

yea. That’s why my husband always made a habit out of changing diapers on my side of the bed. It’s never been the same.

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