Wordless Wednesday: Sharing her favorite food

“Here baby, it’s delicious!”
What’s your kiddos favorite food?

Latonya says:

My 4 year likes Mac n cheese. My 7 year old loves chicken strips.

Jenna says:

Carson’s vary. He’s so cute, though. When I ask him if he wants to eat something, he licks his lips and smacks them together.

Audrey will only eat macaroni and cheese if it’s my homemade recipe! She calls it “big noodles.” She won’t eat the little ones (Kraft mac ‘n cheese).

LiciaLee says:

LOL. I hate when C “shares” her food..

Mrs. K says:

too cute. awww…she is a giver 🙂

Angie says:

Jay loves anything he can “dip, dip, dip”. Waffles and pancakes are probably his favorite.

toi says:

My 31/2 months baby loves mum’s milk :), but she starting to look at us eat maybe she want some of our food, lol

Mama Violet says:

Breast milk and cheese. I get several request for it all day!

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