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Come’on, you know you’ve been there! (How I got here)
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girl that looks like my world!! i find out tomorrow if i am pregnant! wish me luck! my hubby has rationed my ovulation tests and pregnancy tests… i think i am addicted to the sticks! LOL!

good luck!

my ww: http://mcclurefamilyspace.blogspot.com/

LeNesha says:

HAHAHAHA…You are super serious bout these pregnancy tests. I am so cracking up. I’ve transitioned to being an ovulation test queen! I’ve even thought of taking my ovulation pee sticks to work so I can test mid day…

ha! Nope, never been there! I have never bought or taken that many test!!

Carly says:

I hope that you purchased the dollar store version! That would cost a fortune!

Momstart says:

Good luck guys, I’m ready to be done with that part

Ashley says:

Aww, that looks like me. I can get a little obsessive sometimes! Except I have never bought that many all at one time. 🙂

Dagmar says:

Gosh, really? These tests are so expensive, and you have that many? I remember finding some at the dollar store, and stocking up, but when they showed that I am pregnant, I didn’t believe them, thinking they might be defective, and had to buy some expensive ones after all 🙂 And yes, I was pregnant (with Landon).

Ha ha! I remember where your at right now! My hubby and I ttc’d for almost 5 years. It’s a roller coaster ride for sure! This is the pg test I used when I got my BFP! I was afraid the pregnant would disappear so I took a picture of it to scrap book. My thoughts and prayers will be with you!!

Michelle says:

I wish you all the best 🙂 {{{many hugs}}}

Lolly says:

You are bananas!! I only took three tests when I was pregnant with Peanut. Before that I had taken maybe 5 tests because of scares. But like, 5 different times, not all at once. You’re still adorable Jen!

Those ARE dollar store pregnancy tests, LOL! I should know, I am JUST like YOU! (well, except for that one on top) Hahaha! good luck Mama 🙂

DJ Kirkby says:

Thanks for visiting me! Love the look of your blog. When I was pregnant it seemed so impossible that I did four pregnancy tests in two weeks before I believed it. Would you believe that I took a photo of the four of them? I still have it!

Kristin says:

Good luck!? I think we’ve all stashed one or two 😉

Oh my!!! You have quite the collection!!!
Happy Wednesday!

*visiting from SITS! come check the fashion show we have up on the blog!

Mrs.Zeus says:

Oh my!!!!
And I thought I went through so much already, this is quite a lot!

Good luck!

JosiahsMommy says:

People people people!! CALM down. Those ARE the dollar store tests… Geez. Lol. And yes, I’ve been there. I have totally been there.

Lol, I like to stock up too! No worries, you’re not alone Mamma!

Now that’s what I call being prepared… 😉

Happy WW! 🙂

Momma G.Love says:

Hopefully you won’t have to use all of them! Although, I was some what of a test addict myself. I tested even after my pregnancy was confirmed by my dr!!!

…stopping by from SITS…

Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge


Jenn says:

Good Lord ! Think you got enough ? haha

GreedyGirl says:

I’ve probably taken that many and i’m not even trying to have children. i’m a just paranoid

Shelly says:

Love them, so many LOL.

Just in case you want to double check the results, right?

Happy WW

Auntie E says:

“Got a clear view of the situation.”
Love that photo. Happy

That is so funny. I had no idea they sold them at the dollar store.
I guess some thing you can never have too many of?

A photo says a thousand words, doesn’t it? Your does!

LOL! Actually I never had a collection. The first time around we bought a 2 pack and that was it. When TTC #2 I bought some ovulation/pregnancy sticks (like at the doctor’s office) really cheap and only had those. Good luck 🙂

I had your collection and the same amount in ovulation sticks too!!! We are sane, rational, brave, independant, strong women but those test send and rational thoughts out the bloody window!


Hope one of them give you your dream come true!!!

Tina says:

I’ve never had that many pregnancy tests…lol

I bought 3 with boy #1, just to be sure. With Boy #2 and #3, I knew I was pregnant before I was even late. It only took 1 test for each of them.

Emily says:

My caption is: The Motherlode


I certainly have NEVER had that many HPTs before! I do have a few in my cupboard, though, “just in case.” And I have taken a few when AF has been a bit late before, out of paranoia, and once when I missed a pill and didn’t realize it until like a week later.

Mallory says:

I once sent my hubby into the dollar store to get some pregnancy tests. He got about a dozen of them and when he was checking out, the lady said, “I know you aren’t pregnant!” lol

thisfinemess says:

I’m there now! Really, we have gone through almost as many, with the exception of the very interesting digital test, which I just HAD to have but am too afraid to pee on, until I know it will say “Pregnant” LOL!

Good luck!!

Josie says:

That is SO funny! That is why you wait until you know for sure hahaha!

Best of luck to ya girl! How much did you spend?!

Run DMT says:

It’s a liquidation sale! Every pee stick must go! LOL My BFF stocks up on the pregnancy test from the Dollar Tree. Just so you know, you are not alone. hee hee 🙂 Happy WW!

blueviolet says:

Well, when it happens, there won’t be any doubt on a positive result. You’ll have confirmed it 20x over. 🙂

Nikki says:

lol wow thats a lot of tests! Good Luck with all the TTC’ing! (I’ll have to call you in a year or two when we start trying!) 🙂

Keonte' says:

My captions:

“Not only are children expensive, confirming their arrival is too!”

“It says I’m Positive. Positive. Positive. Positive. Positive. Positive. Positive…”

“On top of Spaghetti, all covered with…PEE”

Found you via SITS…this made me laugh! I’ve done this too and it was always such a bummer when they were negative. But when it’s positive?!! Oh, that’s a good day! Good luck!

Cecily R says:

WOW! That is impressive! My advice, have fun, savor the moments and run through the sprinklers with your kids when they’re older. 🙂 Good luck!

Mommy Bee says:

“Because you can’t be too careful about false positives”

Although I never had more than about 6 in my possession at a time…and usually more like 2-3. I mean, if the dollar store is close, who needs more than a couple at a time, right?

Jamie says:


Have you figured out which test is the best one?!? Answer: the one with the BFP!

Erica says:

Heheheh, what a mound! I’m extremely fertile. Knew before I took the test and it only took 1 test each time. You go you baby making machine.

Frenchell says:

i love your pee stick stack! Makes the amount i have not look so bad…in comparison.

Mommy4Life says:

What is Wordless Wednesday? Where you just post a picture? My best friend Tammy has been trying to have a baby too and I know her stacks are huge too!

Krimmyk says:

Stopping in from SITS, what a great blog! You are hardcore about those tests, best to have all your bases covered IMHO. I was like that 6 years ago.

I feel your pain! My husband and I have been trying for a year now with no results. I’m so sick of anticipating the single pink line or the ‘Negative’ before the results are even finished.

Toni says:

Wow! So many new blogs to check out!!! Thanks!

Connie says:

Hey, future mama chick, I’m sorry I just got around to adding you to my blog with all the problems I’ve had lately. I’m in FINE shape now, sugar! How’s the baby makin’ going? I’ll add you to my prayer list. Love Bunny and I just found out today we’re gonna be great-grandparents…..squeeeeeeeeal!! We are so excited! My daughter and I plan on doing a lot of shopping in Calif. and Idaho till that baby comes in May. I’m pulling for ya, chickee! Truly I am. It’ll happen soon…..

You are NOW on my blog list!!!!

Staci says:

That’s quite the collection! Good luck!

Exciting girl! That’s hilarious

Villager says:

Happy WW! Being a father, my only advice is for you to include Papi in the process…

President Jimmy Carter and others remind us that Racism in America is still a problem in the 21st century. I invite your blog readers to see how this reality has been caught in a photographic image.

peace, Villager

jenn says:

Too funny. I bought one box when I was two weeks late and it only took one test to give me a result. (Of course I wasn’t exactly trying to get pregnant at the time or I probably would have been taking a test daily.)

LOL … I do remember the first time trying to get preggers!!

Stefany says:

I most definitely have been there! I have peed on more sticks than I care to remember.

I never used a pregnancy test before before. To be smart I’ll probably have to purchase my first one soon. Better to be safe and informed than sorry.

I find your stash absolutely hilarious. I made a pact to never buy another pregnancy test after getting miffed because so many gave me wrong readings (not pregnanat – it doesn’t that I wasn’t). I figured rather than buy anymore test, I’d just wait the few extra weeks. I mean I would definitely learn one way or another (if I see red – not pink, then not pregnant).

Michelle says:

Oh yea! I can relate….only I bought the cheap internet tests, so I could test to my hearts content without feeling guilty about how much money I was spending. I would save one good one for when I got a positive, just to make sure it was accurate. LOL

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