Wordless Wednesday: Are You Kidding Me TSA?

Our sixth flight in seven weeks and they made us do this as we went through security…

airport shoes

So what exactly are babies hiding in their shoes these days?

At least they let her keep her diaper on.


haha!!! That is soo cute though!

Jennifer says:

We flew to your neck of the woods in July. Coming home at Love Field they made me take off the baby’s blanked she was sleeping and it was cold. Nightly wrapped so you could see it was just a baby.

Not to mention they made my son take off his flip flops and refused to help him walk through when he did not like the carpet (major sensory issues) I asked for secondary screening and they did not do that there like they did in San Diego

Happy flying! At least she will be a pro

MsBabyPlan says:

Very sweet funny. I am sure other people were amused? Lil J’s shoes are very cute 🙂

It’s just protocol ma’am. 🙂

I would think you could hide a lot more in the diaper than those tiny shoes.

Subway Mom says:

OMG… honestly, what were they thinking?!!!

well, it’s a good thing they didn’t make her WALK thru the scan! I remember at Heathrow they told us to make Mimi (then 18-months) walk thru on her own and she refused to leave my side to walk towards a total stranger! So we had to hold up the entire line till hubby was done putting all our stuff on the belt for scanning and then he walked thru and Mimi walked towards him!! Oh, and mind you, they made her take her shoes off too!!! And she was walking in only socks!! Very hard for a toddler who had just started walking on her own only 3 months before! I was outraged!!!

Mrs. Smith says:

Not so wordless Wednesday huh? 😉

Super cute shoes! Maybe they just wanted to see her cutie patootie baby toes! I love the “at least they let her keep her diaper on” comment too.

Stam House says:

those shoes are just adorable!!!!

MommyJ says:

That is the most ridiculous thing I have seen all week. (They are cute shoes though…)

Linka says:

LOL, Wow! I have been dreading the first flight with my little one! I guess they don’t make it any easier!


Lol. (those shoes are the cutest things ever btw)

Oh and I LOVE the new layout!

It’s not the babies – it’s the sick parents who try to hide stuff via their baby. But her shoes are super cute.

YUMMama says:

I never put Moo on shoes when we flew. I just knew I would have enough to deal with breaking down the travel system for them to send through the x-ray machine. They did test the water in her bottle which I thought was crazy since she was drinking it. Like come on I’m going to let my baby drink some bomb making liquids?

Ya know… if you think about it… you could hide a lot more in a diaper than in an infant shoe. Just saying!

I love the new blog design, and yes, TSA sucks. I had to take my little one out of the carseat, dump the carseat over (which made me lose a pacifier), walk him through first, then walk myself through. It’s crazy. Cute little shoes though.

Chantel says:

I always put easy on/off shoes on my son whenever we would fly. There’s just no way I want to wrestle with him and shoelaces. No thanks. I haven’t been brave enough to attempt flight with three children. Flying with one was enough. We plan to drive places now.

I love that you gave her shoes their own crate.

Mrs. Dew says:

OMG for reals?! That’s just insanity! BTW love the new layout!

OMG that is crazy!!! But those shoes are just too cute.

Mrs. K says:

Wow…that is ridiculous–but I guess it’s all in the name of safety, huh? What is funny is that you whipped out the camera to take a picture of it–too funny. Ok, I love those shoes–too cute. By the way, I know this is not a blog about haircare but I can’t help but notice your hair in the photo in the header. It’s beautiful–so thick and healthy looking. What products do you use?

Stephanie says:

OMG…that is super crazy!

Toni says:

ok, these shoes are too cute…and this is hilarious!

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