Will the full moon help me birth this baby?

Whelp, it’s a full moon tonight, so if any night is a night to have a baby a little early you’d think maybe it’ll be tonight, right? A friend of mine had mentioned the full moon the other day and it’s had me dreaming about it since. My standing outside at night, willing the gravity of the moon to send me into labor.

It didn’t even work in my dreams so I’m not counting on being so lucky tonight, but we’ll see. Although my due date is Monday I’ve mentally set it for a week from Monday so I’m not disappointed… And so I can keep procrastinating the stuff I still need to get done.

Here’s another pregnancy update letter from a couple weeks ago. Almost caught up on sharing these things!

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  1. Funny you say that. I had my baby yesterday evening (a full moon) and I was due April 1st too. With my first I had to be induced and so I didn’t know when to go to the hospital this time and almost didn’t make it. I was only checked in for 20 min before I pushed him out au natural.

  2. Oh I sure hope so!!! Sending you good vibes this weekend although to be honest, I’m not sure I would trust an April fools announcement 😉 best of luck and here’s hoping you have your baby before mine so I have something to read about in labor (due the 9th)!

    1. Haha, good luck to you too Ruth! You had me all freaked out on facebook changing up your profile pic. I was like “wait, what, already?!” haha. Well, likewise, if you’re first I’d love to read about your cute baby. And did I read you’re RUNNING a marathon pregnant? Or just going to watch??

  3. Keep hope alive lol. I had my daughter in 2010. She was due July 31 and came late. I was induced August 6th and had her on August 7th. I had my soon last year he was due on August 30th and I just knew I was going to be late again. I woke up with contractions and had him that same day on August 29th. Only 1 day early but a huge relief since I thought he would be late : ).

    1. Haha, thanks for the hope! I’m definitely planning on being late, but glad that it won’t go past a certain point. Would be fun to go into labor naturally (I think) but it would also be nice having my family here and being prepared.

  4. Please share where you got your yoga pants! LOL I’m 33 weeks and am in desperate need for a pair. Yours look great!

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