Why moving is heartbreaking


Tonight is our last night in this place we’ve called home for the last three years. It’s the longest we’ve lived in a single place our entire married life.

I’ve been so overwhelmed with the packing that I hadn’t stopped to think about what we’re leaving.

Our little two bedroom 2.5 bath Townhome was the perfect place to move. Close to my downtown job. A small back yard with a white picket fence just large enough for our Snoop to romp around in. It was a downsize from our three bedroom condo in Utah, but it still fit us well.

Then we decided to have a baby and we quickly filled the space. Even still, this home is where I spent the happiest days of my life.

It’s where I carried my child, welcomed my child, and where I’ve raised her. It’s where my husband and I confided during some of our most difficult challenges. In many ways, I think it’s where we really began to discover ourselves. On our own, far from family, making a new home and growing our own family.

At Subway this afternoon, where we took a quick break for lunch, I broke down. The tears came out of no where. I realized TONIGHT would be our last night in this home we’ve grown so much in.

This afternoon was the last time our daughter would greet the neighbors who’ve watched her grow up. The last time she’d run next door yelling “flowers!!” while sticking her nose in them to take a whiff.

It was the last time we’d run across the street to watch the butterflies drink from a pretty garden.

“What if she freaks out about the new place?” I asked my husband.
“She won’t. We’ll be there too. With all of her toys and things.” He assured me.

He laughed at my emotional state. But I couldn’t help it.

I’ve moved so many times and every time it’s been much further than this one. But that hasn’t made it easier.

We’re going to have an extra bedroom and a garage, plus a nice yard and new neighborhood to play in. I have a sky high stack of boxes full of my things, my two favorite people and our favorite fur ball coming with me, but I still feel like I’m leaving a part of me behind.

What keeps me moving forward (aside from that April 30th deadline) is the hope and excitement for a new batch of memories. New adventures with my husband, new babies (if I’m lucky), and lots LOTS more fun with the one I already have.

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  1. Moving is always hard. Not just hard work, but emotional when you have had so many memories in one place. It’s totally understandable. But there will be more room, more fun, and more time with the family. Hugs and congrats on the new bigger place 🙂

  2. I feel you! I’m so tired of feeling transient and we just moved 3 months ago from a 1 1/2 bedroom in Harlem, a neighborhood I LOVE to a 3 bedroom in Jersey City. It’s the 4th apartment I’ve lived in over the 5 years of living in NYC and I know another move is in sight. I used to dream of having a forever home but in this day and age it’s nearly impossible. Good luck with your move!

  3. I know how you feel! We are in process of moving from the US to Canada and are waiting for immigration stuff so it is still all up in the air as to when but the place we are living in is the longest I have ever lived in one place my whole life! I will be happy to be able to move onto bigger and better things when we move but the thought of all the packing and actually moving is very sad! It sure doesn’t help to be leaving a fantastic ward full of friends either!!!

  4. Moves are hard especially because of the memories you feel like you’re leaving behind. I told my husband if we ever strike it rich we’re buying the first home we ever lived in.

  5. I remember when we moved from our first apartment into a duplex. Although I hated the place, I was sad to go because we made so many memories there. I don’t even want to think about the feelings when we move from this place. On our last night we camped out on the living room floor watched movies on the laptop and had popcorn.

  6. I go through the “moving blues” everytime we move, for much the same reason!

    When I was pregnant with our first daughter we needed more space so we moved to a 2 bedroom apartment. I was very emotional about that move, it was probably made worse by the fact that I was 7 months pregnant, but I just kept thinking of how that had been our first place together.

    Two years later we decided to buy our own home and I was sad because I’d be leaving the only home our daughter had ever known – where we bought her home from the hospital to, where she crawled for the first time, walked for the first time, spoke her first words, etc.

    Now we’ve been in our home for almost 2 years, and though I know it’s at least a couple years away, I know we’ll eventually move to a new home and leave this one behind. Even the thought of it saddens me because then I’ll be leaving our first home, the only home our 2nd daughter has ever known, etc. etc.

    The good thing is that I have always gotten over it after a while but I always find myself wondering who is living where I used to live and how they decorated, etc. haha

    I hope Lil’ J takes it well! Our daughter handled it well during the day but bedtime was a nightmare.

  7. Hello lovely lady! I just found your blog. I’m also a new momma and I deliver the news (I’m a print journalist, though) and I blog, when I get time! So glad I found your blog. I was laughing out loud about the he says/she says male birth control bit. So great! Following you on GFC now.Stop by, say hi and follow back if ya feel like it:) XO

  8. Aww! That’s a really touching post. It is definitely hard to move, but it IS good to move on, especially when that involves moving up and onto new things. More space could mean room for more babies, more adventures, who knows? Good luck!

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