One Thing My Parenting Generation is Doing Right

It’s normal for things to be pretty crazy for me at this time of year. As the former education and now parenting reporter at my station I’m tasked with doing the back-to-school series. But to top it off this year I’m also sending a child to school for the first time this year, which as I’ve mentioned already has come with its own set of emotions.

At times like these I wonder if my parents put as much thought and effort into every little decision as I feel like we are.

Why can’t decision-making come easy for me? Before having children I could stand in the oral hygiene aisle and debate toothpaste brands for half an hour. Now I’d never risk that much time at a store alone with my kids, but I spend way more time deliberating over decisions that affect their lives.


Which car seat is the safest? How should I position him to sleep? Which school setting would be best for my daughter? What are the ingredients in this conditioner? Is this the best way to discipline him?

And then there’s an immense amount of information in thrown in front of us on a daily basis. New parenting findings can send me into paranoia in an instant.

Why does parenting have to be so hard? Or maybe I’m just doing it wrong. Or maybe it’s hard because we care so much.

On a piece of mail I received this week was this quote:

[bctt tweet=”In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.”]

-In our every deliberation, we must consider

That’s from The Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy.

It makes you think doesn’t it?

I’m not going to say my parents didn’t thoroughly deliberate their choices when they raised my siblings and me. Information wasn’t as readily available, and with their busy schedules they had to do what worked for them.

I remember cleaning and mopping the kitchen floor and the strong pine scent that filled the house. Bleaching the tubs and knowing I did a good job when everything “smelled” clean.

Now we know better. We know it’s probably not a good idea to shut your kids in the bathroom with some sponges and  a tub of bleach. I began to linger in the cleaning products aisle and read the labels. I leaned towards non-toxic cleaners like Seventh Generation natural cleaners. Now the smell of clean doesn’t involve inhaling harsh fumes.

The best natural cleaning products and how they make a difference.

Different parents have different priorities. I’m not a germaphobe, so we totally practice the 5-second-rule when food falls on the floor. And I’m the chill parent at the playground that’s nearby, but not hovering.

But when it comes to recycling. It’s a must-do. Lately I find myself recycling more than I throw away, and buying things have have been recycled. Ninety percent of my son’s wardrobe is second hand (yet adorably cute!).

I don’t know exactly the kind of impact these little decisions will have. I hope that it keeps my kids healthy, and helps them live longer, healthier lives. When I think further I hope that it keeps our world from becoming something we’d see in WALL-E, where everyone has to abandon Earth because of all of the trash and pollution.

Next week we meet my daughter’s teacher, and hopefully some of her classmates. My fear of letting go is melting away and being replaced with excitement. I’m not sure I’ll be ambitious enough to be a room mom, but I definitely want to volunteer and be involved as much as I can.

Am I obsessing too much? Did our parents worry this much? Surely our grandparents didn’t, though probably for a lack of knowing any different. Will our kids turn out to be even more awesome or will it have a terrible unforeseeable reverse effect? … Here I go again.

I guess it’s hard because we care. Because we love them so much.

What parenting and lifestyle decisions do you prioritize?

*Thank-you to Seventh Generation for sponsoring this story. I’m partnering with them as I share my imperfect life and ways I’m trying to improve it with you. If being more conscious of natural cleaning products and eco-friendly diapers are on your list of priorities, head here for more information. As always, all opinions are my own.

Natural cleaning products you can get from the store.

Parenting is hard and its not always rainbows. I totally get that and i am so glad you are sharing. We are all in this together.

We are definitely in this together mama! The good outweighs the bad. It just feels like a lot of pressure sometimes 🙂

Leah Sannar says:

Ahh, parenting decisions. It’s crazy how in one split second your life changes and you’re suddenly in complete control of someone else’s well being. I (just like every other mom) knows the instant stress and worry that comes from that responsibility. My biggest priority right now is making sure we’re showing D all the love and patience I can muster while he goes through his tantrum phase. #itainteasy

Lucky for me, I already LOVE Seventh Generation!! :o) So that decision is already taken care of. Yes! Check it off the list.

I know right? It’s a lot of responsibility. I do love that I can trust some brands in their mission to make some shopping decisions easier for me. At least there’s that. haha

Amanda says:

I’m with you on the decision making. Sometimes I think we have too much information available to us- it can make a seemly easy decision more difficult! I am glad there are healthy choices available for cleaning- that at least makes one decision easy!

One less thing to worry about right?

Maryann says:

Seventh Generation males some great products. Love that they clean well and are safer.

Sacha says:

This is such a great reminder that we cant loose a second around kids and detergent. I’m glad they used you for this story, your a good mother so you will model all the safety tips needed.

Kerri says:

I try my best with 3 kids to make sure everyone is getting the attention they deserve and have special mommy and me time. With school starting for everyone soon, education is a huge priority making sure my girls know the importance of a great education. Time management is huge and having a flexible schedule helps.

I’m with you Kerri, education is so important! I loved school growing up so I really hope my kids do as well.

Chelle OJSA says:

I used to spend so much time worrying and spending extra money on all these different items. 6 kids and 17 years of parenting, I really don’t care one way or another. I like 7th generation as the kids can do their chores without breathing in a ton of fumes. But in the end I’m counting it a win if the toilet gets cleaned without me having to nag. lol

Hahaha Chelle!! AMEN to that!!

Joanne says:

We’ve used Seventh Generation products before because we try to buy non-toxic whenever possible. Parenting decisions can be tough sometimes but when we come from a place of love it usually works out in the end. 🙂

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