Why the Cherish365 Project is My Secret to Impeccable Patience

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In the short time since I’ve started this little project I can see it changing the way I think. It has been more than just a challenge for me to take at least one photo a day. It’s turned into a coping mechanism when my kids are driving me up the wall. Big T was up at 3am a couple nights ago asking for a four-course meal because he had fallen asleep too tired to eat dinner earlier.

Though I felt like crying, I found myself thinking “In 5 years he’s not going to want to climb in my bed in the middle of the night. I should try to cherish this.” It doesn’t mean I can’t feel miserable in the moment. But it does make my sleepless misery a little sweeter.

If you don’t journal, you may find this is an easy way to start. I’m enjoying seeing the photos and videos using the hashtag. From flashbacks to babies learning their body parts, to playful twins, and adorable boys playing with their new puppies! It looks like it’s been a fun week for many of you. It’s never too late to #Cherish365. If you capture a moment that’s particularly special that reminds you to cherish life, throw it in there! I always try to comment on it.

This last week flew by, some of the highlights were MLK Day and getting a new trampoline. I’m trying to throw some photo tips in here now and then too. Here’s our week in a nutshell:

biracial boy

Sundays I look forward to getting this little guy ready for church. Seriously! And to think I thought boys were no fun to dress up before he was born. He’s all untucked and a mess by the time we get home, but I can’t get over his dapper self as we head in to learn and worship.

Interracial family Celebrating MLK Day Tips

This evening after dinner we had our second annual “peace pie” which basically is an excuse to eat a dessert, but also a fun way we celebrate and talk about MLK with our kids. We had some good serious conversations about differences and kindness, outward and inward beauty; Changes that our nation has seen and more changes we hope to see. Strangely enough this conversation eventually lead to hilarious questions about where babies come from and needless to say, I’m now armed with enough blog fodder for the next few weeks. I set my camera up on a tripod and used my remote app to capture this family of mine I love so much. I’d love to recreate this same photo on MLK Day a year from now.

Cherish 365: The days are long but the years are short. A project to making moments last and cherish every day.

We ran around with Snoop in the back yard and practiced his tricks. I think his favorite is “dance” where he stands on his hind legs and hops around. Big T still thinks Snoop is some kind of horse he hopes to ride but Lil’ J has always loved snuggling him and lately he loves snuggling in her bed at night. We’ve had this pound puppy for nearly eight years and hope he will be with us for many more. I’ll admit I’ve taken him for granted since having kids, but now we’re making sure we cherish him more.

biracial girl scout

Who else has a Girl Scout and knows what time it is?? Last year this girl painted some stickers and asked me if she could sell them in the neighborhood for $5 each. I told her she could sell Girl Scout cookies soon. Today she was SO excited to don her new Daisy uniform and go door to door selling. I left her in charge of when we started and finished, counting the money, change etc. She gave her pitch as each person opened the door. Her goal was to sell 25 boxes and earn a patch and today she sold 25 boxes! Now she wants to up her goal. I’m one proud mama and going to remember this day for a long time.

Cherish 365: The days are long but the years are short. A project to making moments last and cherish every day.

It took 5.5 years of parenthood, but the first dinosaur toy has entered our house. Big T got it for Christmas from Granny. He likes to walk around roaring and chase us with it. Then request “dinosaur bite me!” When he wants us to chase him. He also got a glimpse of Jurassic World at Granny’s house and asked to watch the t-Rex vs I-Rex fight about 5xs today. Daddy does not approve. Can we go back to just liking trains? They’re much less vicious. (And no, he is not a fan of Dinosaur Train).

Cherish 365: The days are long but the years are short. A project to making moments last and cherish every day.

Today I assembled a new toy for my munchkins. I got a Target gift card for Christmas and was excited to spend it on a trampoline. Big T can jump jump jump ALL DAY LONG but the mini workout tramp wasn’t cutting it for him. This is 8′ diameter and perfect for both of them to jump together. We set it up and Granny’s so we can sit and chat while they wear themselves out. He was so sad to leave but I know he will be ready and excited to go back tomorrow.

Photo tip: Look for opportunities to get a frame within your camera frame. Here I did it with the trampoline net and positioned myself so Big T was jumping between the opening. It brings more focus to your cute subject!

Cherish 365: The days are long but the years are short. A project to making moments last and cherish every day.

I can’t think of anything that warms my heart more than the sound of these two playing together. All I heard was laughter and “tickle me again!” Over and over. When I saw this I ran to get my camera. These moments are often short lived.

How was your week?

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  1. Do you print most of your photos too? If so, what photo websites (if you use them) do you prefer? I want to print a lot of my photos and am doing some comparison shopping.

    1. Hi Camille! Yes I do! Honestly I print them everywhere: Shutterfly, Snapfish, local convenient stores (when they’re just 4×5). When I want a higher-quality print I send it locally to our printer at Precision camera but I’m actually looking into getting a Canon photo printer so I can print more faster and go crazy! haha. I read right now snapfish (if you use their app) is having free 4×5 prints and 4×4 prints. Shipping is still $.07/pic *side eye* but it’s still not a bad deal!

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