Which Disney Movie is More Sad? He Says/ She Says

Our biggest disagreement to date:
She Says: It’s so sad when Mufasa dies in The Lion King. That was the saddest scene in all of Disney.
He Says: Not as sad as when Bambi’s mom got shot.
*stunned to silence*
What say you?

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  1. Mustafa’s death was the saddest, but I think it’s because the Lion King was the premiere animal movie of my childhood.

  2. I think both have the sadness about them, but I guess I remember Lion King the best. Maybe because I saw the play as well.

  3. I vote Bambi! But I wouldnt let my daughter watch either one at this point. She is only 4 and I think these movies are a tad to sad/scary her age.
    Last thing I want is her waking up witha bad dream that I died or her daddy died trying to save her…

  4. Ooooh that is hard! DH and I discuss this often. I’d go with Bambi – the way he says, “Mother!” gets me every time. Dumbo’s another sad one =(

  5. I agree with the two who voted Fox and the Hound. But based solely on the options of Bambi and Lion King, I’d pick Bambi, because at least Simba got to see his dad again in the stars.

  6. Ok, all of y’all who don’t grew with me are crazy! Kristen, Nemo’s mom? UP dude’s wife? We don’t even remember their names!! Mufasa’s death brought me to tears numerous times. Bambi’s mom, ok it was sad but not as sad we didn’t get to know her like we knew Mufasa. Rachael you do have a point. That did make me feel a little better later but still, I can’t believe so many of y’all are taking his side!!! 😉

  7. Bambi takes it! Mufasa and the Lion King teach us and our lil ones about the Circle of Life….but Bambi is just sad. And an initentional shooting/murder. And well, yeah – Mufasa was technically murdered too….but yeah. What a debate?!?

  8. That’s a hard one because they’re very different deaths. Bambi’s mother’s death was so sudden and tragic. Everything he counted on was ripped from him in one horrible moment.

    On the other hand, Mufasa’s death was much more sob-inducing (IMO). The way the writers of The Lion King focused more on the bond and love between the parent and child made the murder seem more real to the audience. He watched in horror as his father died. The emotional effects lasted longer for me. I say, therefore, that Mufasa’s death was way worse than Bambi’s mom.

  9. Bambi. A) a baby animal needs it’s mom more than it’s dad (in most cases). and B) Bambi’s mother’s death was human-caused. 🙁

  10. For me the saddest moment, between the two, will always be Bambi only because I was younger when I saw it vs. my age when I saw Lion King. They both made me cry though!
    As far as the saddest moment in all of Disney… let’s just say I am in my 20s and still can’t get through Dumbo without tears. I cry sooo hard every single time. I can’t stand the thought of little Dumbo being apart from his mommy like that! It’s awful.

  11. hmm, they both had me in crazy tears … i might have to vote Bambi … that was just so sad … gets me sad just thinking about it!

  12. I think they are both sad but Lion King is sadder because Mufasa was betrayed by his brother. Betrayal by a family member is the absolute worst.

  13. I know I’m posting this WAY too late, but I have to say the saddest scene in all of Disney films for me, is when Ellie dies in the movie UP. I bawl my eyes out every single time.

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