When the Today Show calls…

I glanced down at my phone and noticed I had a new message. When I opened my inbox I saw a peculiar subject line. “NBC Today Show.”

Hmm. That’s funny. Well it got even funnier when I opened it up and read that they were doing a story about sharing information when pregnant for the next morning’s show, and wanted to talk to me about it.


I called the number the producer left for me and chatted with her for a few moments, and she asked if I’d be willing to fly to New York City to be on the Today Show the next morning. It would be on their dime of course, and they’d fly me and someone else out (probably my husband, unless I decided to ditch him and bring a friend.). I told them I had work the next day but they said I’d be done by 8 and able to make it to work that morning.

“Sure!” I went with it.

Interestingly enough a similar situation happened just a few months earlier. The NBC Nightly News wrote to me about being in a segment about written love letters. Everything crumbled and fell through at the last moment because of some breaking news, but I hey, that’s the business. I live it every day, I get it!

I was extremely excited to see this new message but hesitant, not wanting to get my hopes up. I only told one friend about the possibility before the producer called me back.

It took her too long to get to the point so I knew it wasn’t going to happen. “My producer is telling me we’re set for the live part of the show,” she told me. Awww man!! I thought. “But we’d still like to come to your house and talk to you for our story portion.” Sweet!

I still tried not to get too excited. I needed to run this by a few people above me at work, to make sure they were ok with me blasting myself all over national television, then clean my house, and oh yea, tell my husband the Today Show was coming over.

I basically waited until I had everything cleared and the photographer on his way before telling my husband. I called as I left for work.

“Hi honey, how’s it going?” I tried to warm him up with small talk before dropping the bomb. “So remember how NBC Nightly News called me awhile back?”

“Oh no,” he interrupted me.

“Oh no?” I shot back, deciding that over-excitement would be my defense and hoping his guilt for bursting my bubble would counter any distaste he had for the idea. “This is exciting, why can’t you be happy for me?”

I heard him sigh. It was starting to work.

“When are they coming over?” he asked.

“Seven,” I lied. They would be there at six, but it was seven eastern time, and we’d probably start filming by seven after all the set up.

“Seven?” he freaked. “We need to clean up this house.”

“Well get started, I’m on my way home and I’ll help.”

“I have to be at church at seven,” he said. I knew this already and I had already arranged for a friend to come over and help watch Little J while I was being interviewed.

When I got home he was doing the dishes, and scrubbing glasses, which annoyed me a little. The camera wouldn’t be pointed at the dishes or our sink. I took the liberty of picking everything up that was out of place and throwing it in our hall closet, and our bedroom. I knew we’d most likely film in the living room or nursery, but the crap would be hidden in our room.

My daughter didn’t want to be put down so I cleaned while holding her, and she laughed as we ran up and down the stairs throwing things in strange places. I laughed at the irony that one day I’ll probably be telling her NOT to do this, when here I was doing that very thing many moms hate. Shoving things out of the way instead of putting them where they belong.

I managed to get everything hidden put away, and changed my and my daughter’s clothes just in time.

Meanwhile  I told another friend I was probably going to be on the Today Show the next morning and that she should watch for me.

Right at six o’clock there was a knock at the door. I hoped it was my friend, but it was the punctual photographer.

I let him in and showed him my living-room so he could set up while I finished touching up my makeup. He recognized me from my local station and we talked a little about mutual friends. My nerves started to settle as I got to know him.

The producer I spoke with earlier had written down my answers and basically already knew what she wanted me to say based on my responses from earlier. The question were based around TMI, what’s TMI and do I consider my blog TMI.

Honestly after I got pregnant I think my blog turned away from the TMI tone. I mean, pre-pregnancy was a little much. Saying you’re “trying” is practically saying “Guess what? We’re doing it all the time in hopes to spawn.” It can seem a little TMI. But the pregnancy part? I didn’t really think that was inappropriate.

The story was born after Mariah Carey tweeted a picture of her decorated pregnant belly, and a popular website deemed the youtube pregnancy documentation phenomenon as “WombTube.” So the Today Show ran with it and found me.

When it was time for me to sit down, sit still and answer questions I found it so odd being on the other side of things. I worried I’d sound stupid, I looked around behind me to see what items were out of place and tried to straighten up things that would make my house look messy. I vowed to never again say “Don’t worry about it” when someone I interviewed in the future tried to straighten up their place. I now know how they feel.

After the interview the photographer got some shots of my daughter and I playing. This was what I was most excited about. The world seeing my beautiful baby–In hopes of one of those people being a casting agent for Baby Gap (wink).

The first set up didn’t go so well. He told me to put her in her crib and act like I was walking in to get her. Well, she knew it wasn’t bed time, and I had gotten home from work not long before, and she wasn’t even close to being ready for me to leave her alone. So every time I set her down she’d scream as I’d walk away. I’d walk in, and pick her up, and she’d be ok. We did that about four times. I’m glad they didn’t use that video on TV because it wasn’t very cute.

Then we sat on the bed in her nursery and I read her a book. She was more fascinated with my necklace and my boobs than the book, so I’m glad that footage also didn’t make the cut.

The photographer went back downstairs to adjust some lights before we set up for the last scene–Playing with blocks. I fed her while he went downstairs which is why she was especially happy for this scene, and why this one made air.

We played with blocks and she grabbed my headband off my wrist and started playing with that. While she’s used to having a camera in her face, she wasn’t familiar with the person behind this one, but she still did a fabulous job. I was able to sit her down to play while I typed on my computer. I tried my best to get my blog name in the story but I only saw it once for half a second. Ahh, oh well.

I set my DVR that night and anxiously awaited the show. I still didn’t believe it would air. I figured some breaking news or bigger story would make them cancel the whole thing. But somewhere after the first commercial I noticed a tease for the story. “Are women sharing too much information online?”

YAAAAY! I wanted to scream, but my excitement was stumped a little with my husband standing over my shoulder.

I checked facebook and some of my east coast friends told me they had seen the segment. Now I knew we had made the cut, and I just had to wait to see it.

When it finally came on I held my breath. Lil’ J was in my lap and my husband came in to watch it with me.

Meridith Vieria read the intro to the story that ended something like “but has it gone too far?” and I gulped.

“So the Today Show decides to do a story on TMI and you’re at the top of the list,” my husband said. “That’s great.”

Sarcasm. Wonderful. I paused the TV.

“Are you going to add your commentary the entire time?” I shot back.

“Yes,” he said. I had to laugh because his remark was funny, but I was a little worried about what else they had grabbed from my blog. I knew I’d be ok with it, I put it out there, but my honey is much more conservative than I am in that regard.

Next came my cankle pictures.

“Now the whole world has seen your cankles” he heckled. “I thought you weren’t going to post those online.”

Oops. Busted.

At the end we watched the other woman who was there for the live interview and I got slightly envious.

“That was suppose to be ME!” I told my husband. But it was ok, at least this way Lil’ J got to be in the story with me. And I didn’t have to punch out that so called “expert” who said women are sharing too much information.

As you can probably gauge from my recap, my husband completely agrees with said “expert” some things–like pregnancy experiences should be kept private and to yourself. My argument is that I never asked for a huge audience. I began my blog as a way to write about my thoughts and experiences. The fact that it picked up and subscribed to by thousands was not expected. But I stand by what I said. I’ve learned a lot through this. I’ve learned about a whole new world of birth and living. I had never heard of a “granola mom” before starting my blog and some people may consider me one of sorts.

It goes the other way too. I’ve received countless wonderful emails from readers who tell me I’ve helped them in some way. How awesome is that?

And on top of all of that I’ll have this fun documentation to share with my daughter, which may or may not have lasted long had I not had support and feedback from followers.

In my opinion, having my own personal space to blog about this specific topic isn’t giving out too much information. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it. And if you’re my friend on facebook you know that I was not blasting out pregnancy updates as my status throughout my pregnancy. I hardly updated pregnancy photos there. I can see how in that outlet people can be hit with information they don’t want to see but on a blog?–You’ve gotta be seeking that out yourself.

So, 63% of people on the Today Show poll say sharing your pregnancy online is TMI. I live with one of those people who fall into that category of votes. To that I shrug and say “oh well.” If you don’t like it, don’t read it. I’m not giving out my address, or personal information that could be potentially hurtful.

I read comments on the show’s facebook page under that posted link and read some rude remarks about Mariah Carey, and other celebrities. Luckily none seem directed toward me.–Lucky for commenters that is.

Pregnancy is an exciting time. It’s such a short experience, and it only happens once, twice or three times in a lifetime (sometimes more or less). I say live it to the fullest, no matter what that means to you. And with the way technology and social media is going, it’s not wonder people are sharing. I know I’ve made “virtual friends” who feel like family, and I love sharing good news with them. Why would it be any different for others? Even celebrities. I don’t know what it’s like to be famous and pregnant. I can imagine they feel just as excited as I do and want to share it with the world.

I could go on and on but I’ll spare you. It made me think of today’s 365 advice though.

Kai-Cream and socks c/o See Kai Run

… And it would be hard to walk a mile in her shoes cause they are so small. Or mine cause they are so big. Or Mariah Carey’s because they are probably stilettos. Speaking of shoes, if you love these (above) from See Kai Run, as much as we do, read below for a giveaway!

If you missed us on the Today Show, click play below!

I was a proud mama seeing my little one on TV. So happy! Oh, and if you’re wondering, her dress in that story is from here.

Everyone who comments on this post before the 30th will be entered to win a pair of shoes of your choice from See Kai Run or Smaller. If you follow them on twitter or facebook or subscribe to my blog, comment again for an extra entry.

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  1. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing a little of your life with us each day. I’d also love a pair of those adorable shoes for Baby Lucy. 🙂

  2. I was so excited to see you! I actually think being in your own habitat w/Lil J came across much better than being on set. Even my 8 month old Nia was excited to see Lil J on TV =)

  3. I watched the segment and thought the whole thing was great! I DID feel rather awkward for the girl sitting on the couch with the “expert.” I felt like she was left alone to defend herself and I didn’t really like that. All in all, if people feel like they are getting TMI, then they don’t have to click or read or watch. Right?

    Also, I’d LOVE to win shoes for my little girl. Thanks for the chance!

  4. That is so exciting for you and Lil J. I think it’s great when you can find other’s who are willing to share in their joy with you. I somewhat blogged about my pregnancy but that’s because I live 5,000 miles (and an entire ocean) away from my family. It was the only way they were able to be apart of it all.

  5. Great segment! Lil J was so cute. I go back and forth with the oversharing but in the end if someone doesn’t want to see or hear about my babies then they don’t have to click on my new pics on fb or watch my YouTube videos. I’m sure I am guilty of oversharing at times.

  6. I love mama blogs and while I don’t have my own, I have appreciated everyone who is willing to share their lives because I have learned a lot from the ones I read. And I love see Kai run shoes and would love to win a pair!

  7. I am SO tickled for you and Lil J!!! That is sooooo cool…way cool! I love ya’ll both. I love the way you live your life! It is a grand thing.

    p.s. I LOVE those Gillian sandals. Eeeek!!! Thanks for the chance.

  8. Even though you didnt get to do the live segment I think it was nice to see little J comfortable in her home. May have been more of a stress to her to do it live

  9. I missed it on the Today show, but I saw it on my Today show app on my iPad. Personally, I thought the cankle pictures were hysterical. Who doesn’t want to document that?! Mine were huge too, but I didn’t take pictures.

  10. Congrats on all of your success! I think it would be criminal not to share Lil J’s cuteness with the world! She always makes me smile when your Facebook posts pop up in my feed!

    jennifercausby at hotmail dot com

  11. Our husbands sound WAAAY to similar! Every post I write, either I don’t tell him or tell him with a sweet smile. He’s learned to shrug it off. He’s more private tho b/c his family is more conservative. When I posted my ultrasound pic, he said “great, everyone knows what your uterus looks like!” Yes, that dramatic. You and J looked great. She’ll outdo that movie star in no time.

    Oh and yes, I would love some shoes!!

  12. We loved seeing you on the Today Show. I don’t think we watched the other lady that was on, she was kinda boring! lol! My 12 year old loves you and your daughter (we’re what’s the word, bi-racial, multi national?) More than one race. When I showed her your daughter’s picture and you can vote for it. she said, Can we please,please,please vote for her. Ok, we will now to register to vote.

    Love your blog, TMI and standards!! YAY for you!! (and lil J)

  13. I completely agree on the “If you don’t like it, don’t read it.” philosophy. Like you, I started my blog for ME. I don’t have even a percentage of the readers you do, but I don’t worry about what I post because it’s for me. 🙂

    And the shoes are TOO CUTE. {Love the advice too. 😉 }

  14. I am with you if they think sharing about pregnancy is TMI, don’t read it!! :-). I love your blog and got a kick out of your clip on the Today Show.

    Keep up the awesome writing (and cute photos)!!
    Amber @ Tales of Domestica
    mrs.domestica @ yahoo . com

    ps– I love See Kai Run shoes, they are awesome!! I had a pair for my daughter and would love a pair for my son.

  15. Yay for the Today Show! Congratulations!

    I love your blog, TMI and all 🙂 I don’t think that sharing pregnancy experiences online is over sharing….but then I don’t have thousands of people reading mine either.

  16. I was so excited to see you on the Today Show! I even made my husband get up early so we could watch it. He thought it was pretty cool. You looked great and did a fantastic job! And of course, Little J was beautiful as always.

  17. I saw you on the Today show, it was pretty funny I was sitting there watching it with the hubs and I started yelling “i know that person!” He thought I was crazy! I sent you a Twitter message, I’m sure you got a TON that morning!

  18. Ok, first off, I LOVED your post about the kankles. I mean, really, it’s normal, and it’s nice to know that other people can understand it. Then the whole thing is, if people don’t want to see it, then don’t look at it.

  19. Jenn, I think you did awesomely and represented us Mommy Bloggers well. I don’t see what the big deal is, blogging about pregnancy and motherhood in an honest, candid way. Obviously, it’s something people are interested in; my most-read posts on my blog are about pregnancy and childbirth! Pregnancy is a normal part of life and I don’t think it’s something we need to be overly private about. Sure, it’s probably a little much to talk about the color of your discharge or the size of your labia. But posting pictures of a pee test or a baby bump? Harmless!

  20. I was hoping to catch your segment live but they kept teasing and then going to another story and I had to drop my little one off at daycare before work. I was able to see it online later! Those shoes are adorable I really love all your finds!

  21. OMG I am so excited for you, how cool!

    I don’t think you have overshared. In fact, I don’t know if there is the possibility. I mean, I have to go out of my way to coe here, click & read. It’s not in my face.

    Now, if some stranger at the drugstore decided to tell me about her pregnancy hemmroids, yeah that’s oversharing. In fact, my MIL (at least 2-3 times) told me all about the hemmies she got when DH was born. Totally unsolicited mind you. That was a bit of an overshare.

    I’m not a huge fan of hearing 300,000 updates (and a belly shot) on Facebook before the person is 4 weeks pregnant. I also don’t want to hear when you did the deed. Honestly, I don’t, now I have to hide you from my news feed, LOL.

  22. Girl you looked sexy! Haters are everywhere. Children are a blessing and it should always be met with joy. You bring joy to many ladies who aren’t able to share it with everyone. I LOVE your blog!!!!!!!

  23. I never thought this blog was TMI. I love being able to read others experiences and try and find out info that not everyone would tell you about in person. Cute shoes!

  24. Although I do think there is such a thing as too much sharing for me, I think we each just have to draw our own line with what makes us comfortable. And if someone doesn’t agree with what makes me comfortable, then they don’t have to read my blog.

  25. I don’t think you share too much at all. In fact, I love what the one lady said about sharing through Facebook meant getting all kinds of support from moms who have been there. That’s what I love about blogging and social media. Also, I’ve loved following your story too.

  26. Congrats on your segment!!! And thanks for posting the clip else I wouldn’t have gotten to see it. I think you did an awesome job and so did baby J. Although I do think there such a thing as too much sharing I don’t think your blog constitutes it at all. To each his own though, everyone’s line as to what is “too much” is drawn differently so that’s why if someone doesn’t like something they can always not read it. Thanks for sharing your piece of your world with us. I know I for one look forward to it!

  27. I don’t think there could be such a thing as oversharing about pregnancy! I love reading mama blogs that give details and insights to their lives! I pretty much survived pregnancy and learned so much from this information. If you don’t feel comfortable writing it, don’t write it. If you don’t feel comfortable reading it, don’t read it. Simple as that.

  28. I agree with you, I definitely don’t think that sharing your pregnancy is TMI. I posted pictures of Ultra sounds, my pee stick, belly photos, etc. on Facebook because I live really far from my friends and family so that was a way for me to share it with them. And you are right, if it offends people, they don’t have to read it! I love your blog and have been a follower for a while now! And those shoes are SO adorable!! I am obsessed with baby shoes 🙂

  29. I totally agree that pregnancy is worth sharing. It’s an exciting time and the amount of people that can benefit from your experiences is overwhelming.

  30. You did great. And I have always thought sharing was fine! I started sharing my TTC experience in 2000 and blogged some of my 2 pregnancies!

    But, your post cracked me up. I just had a CBS news crew at my house for a story last week and while running out of time I totally did the “throw everything where it won’t be seen” event. LOL! And my 2 sets of twins were here for the taping and one of the boys (age 4) decided to act like he had never had company before! I cannot wait to see what actually makes it on the air. :O)

    BTW, Lil J is just sooooo beautiful. Just like her mama. 🙂

  31. I was watching the Today Show before work and BAM you were there! I was like, “Hey! I read her blog!” Very cool…congrats.
    ps. I don’t think you share too much.

  32. I don’t think you overshare at all! But there are some people who do. Congrats on the TV spot. I loved reading the story of how it happened and your husband’s reactions are especially hilarious.

  33. Had no idea there was a giveaway with this post, read the whole thing, interesting! Next time I’ll be on TV will be in a million years, i.e. probably never 🙂 I wasn’t made for it. My daughter does need some shoes for fall though 😉

  34. I’m glad you started your blog and have shared your experiences. I’ve been following since before you got pregnant. Now that I’m pregnant myself, I often think about how something I’m going through is “normal” because you wrote about it, or I think about different products I’d like to use that I’ve read about on your blog (like cloth diapers). I say keep sharing! 🙂

  35. Yeah, I take any Today Show poll with a grain of salt, anyway, LOL… you’re doing fine. 🙂 Keeping things shut-away is what got us to where we are in the US maternity care statistics, in the first place, so I think it’s fine to be un-doing some of that damage! Anyway, I sure appreciate the thoughts you share! 🙂

    Guess I should leave my email or something for the giveaway, right? krista.norton at gmail dot com … Thanks for sharing, and for hosting! 🙂

  36. I too have a husband who thinks I share way too much information on our blog, but fortunately it’s mostly only friends and family who read it. And that’s fine with me because that’s actually why I started it in the first place. I think you’re doing a fantastic job with your blog!

  37. jen! ay carino…i . adore. you. seriously ma. way to go. it’s funny after you posted it on fb marcus and i watched. i was a bit confused and every once in a while marcus would look at me and say: did she know what the title was? we kept watching and i couldn’t help but be bothered by the way they depicted everything (the girl’s videos–almost purposely beating you over the head with the topic of TMI) . To be flat honest: i think they should have interviewed you live. I loved the way you worded everything ma, how this was your way of capturing such a redefining chapter in YOUR life. Not to say anything bad of the girl being interviewed ( bless her heart she was basically being fed to the lions—ok a bit dramatic —but you know, she really had to fend and speak on behalf of an entire community of women) . ANYWHO, i came to a conclusion : had i not gone through the life altering experiences that are conception, pregnancy, bringing LIFE into this world, and every single detail that follows on this motherhood journey , I would probably have gone with what they were pitching to me. BUTTTT instead i refuse to. this journey is far too refining not to share. PLUS , we are human beings , we feel, we yearn to express and be understood. THANK YOU Jen for ALLOWING others a glimpse into your wonderful life. i CHOOSE to keep coming back. Here’s to mothers who share and gleem from each other’s experiences , joys, and love for the details of LIFE.


  38. As a biracial breastfeeding mama who’s married to a blonde haired blue eyed boy, I especially appreciate your blog. My 14 month old daughter is my life and I can tell the same is true for your baby girl. I watched the Today show spot, interesting. Also, I love See Kai Run shoes, clothes, whatever they make! kellisblinn@gmail.com

  39. Well I fall in the 37%! I am not pregnant, not even trying to conceive, and I have been a loyal reader for over a year. Not only is it a joy to see you raise your little one, but you give such insight into what new parenthood is all about. How can helping people with a few laughs along the way be TMI? 🙂

  40. Congrats on the interview! I see nothing wrong with pregnancy blogs. I found yours through Pregnancy.com when I was pregnant (two months behind you) and it was wonderful hearing about your experiences. Thank you so much for sharing!

  41. I enjoyed reading the story! Personally I don’t think your blog is TMI, but maybe that’s because I have a tendency to be an oversharer? lol. I really have to restrain myself sometimes.

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