When I Choose Yes


“Will you play dress-up with me?”

A question that would make me cringe. Not wanting to say no but not wanting to say yes to my little girl’s request. I loved the game as a kid but it’s just not something I look forward to anymore. So I’d make an excuse to pass on this favorite pastime of hers.

Months have gone by and though the amount of Disney Princess dress is hanging in her closet has gone up, the number of daily outfit changes and requests for me to play with has gone down.

I can sense my baby is ever so slowly growing up and out of this phase.

Part of me thought I would welcome these days with open arms but instead I feel the opposite. I’m clenching on for dear life, not ready for this to end.

“Will you play dress-up with me?” My daughter asked as she ooo’d and ahh’d over some dresses in my closet.

Chores, work, and closet organization–It can wait.

I turned to her and said yes.

She smiled. I smiled. And together we became queens.

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  1. My only daughter is now 24 years old and I as look back, I wish I had said “yes” a bit more but as a single parent, I was always exhausted from work, school, etc., Years from now, you will remember the fun you had dressing up with her but you won’t remember the chores you put off. Trust me on that one. 🙂

  2. This touched my heart and made it hurt just a little. You know, the ever-so-present mom guilt. My son (who was an only child for 5 years) always wants to play with either me or his father. I, too, cringe when I get that question. I don’t enjoy legos, cars, or the usual game he likes to play. But I know that he is yearning for the attention from me. As soon as I say, “no” mom guilt happens. It’s awful. But I am so happy that I am not alone in this feeling (you know as moms, we can feel alone in a lot of feelings). Thank you so much for reminding me that kids are only kids once. I definitely need to do a better job of cherishing these precious moments!

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