When are you going to stop breastfeeding?: He Says/ She Says

He says: So when are you going to stop breastfeeding her?
She says: I dunno, when I get pregnant I guess.
He says: You’re going to keep nursing her for another 8 months??!
And that, ladies, is how you get your man to tell you when he wants another.

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  1. That is a super cute story!

    But how about BF her until you’re both ready to quit, which could be after the pregnancy? I think tandem nursing is just so sweet! 🙂

  2. Hahaah… FYI, I’m still nursing my 29 months old boy (dry nursing though as my BM stopped automatically at my 5th month of pregnancy) and I’m due with my 2nd child in early Sept.

    You do what you feel is right! 🙂

  3. You know us Austin hippies 😉

    But seriously, whatever works for y’all two is what’s right for you! I really, really want to tandem our next, but I am sure there are any number of things that could stop that from happening….but a girl can dream, right? 🙂

  4. I tandem fed my two and they were 21 months apart! They both fed until almost 3yo each, with the older one spending less and less time. The older one never felt ignored either, because if she was still awake/nursing after li’l mr. had dropped off, I kept going. Our fav drifting to sleep position was Li’l Mr. on the bed, side-lying, and Li’l Miss sprawled up my side. When Li’l Mr. was fast asleep and had dropped off, I would roll away to side-lie with her. When she dropped off (yes, we had a big bed), I had a choice. I could roll back over towards Li’l Mr. because he was less able to tell me he needed me and go to sleep, or I could get up and get chores done. At night, I usually rocked them in a chair and then DH would take the older one up to her bed beside our bed. She could get up on her own, so if she needed cuddles, she could get up and join us. When she stopped getting up at night, we made a big production of moving her to her big girl room. She still would join us now and again, but mostly, she stayed in her own bed until after I got up.

    The most important step we took was latching the younger on first, then inviting the older to find her niche with us. To this day, they seem more connected with each other than most siblings…almost like twins!

  5. I had to stop nursing to get pregnant w/ my second. Every woman’s body works differently. It was nice having built in birth control through breatfeeding. But I do miss it right now…I guess I’ll have to wait for a few more months when we have another little one 🙂

  6. It seems that most men are in a hurry to have our breasts all to themselves again but those nursing years are short even if you nurse longer than most, I know you’ll do what ever feels right for you.

  7. Good Job! On the BF question, she’ll stop when she’s ready. Mine stopped before I was ready. As long as both of you are happy & healthy I’d keep it up!

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