What to do on a hot day? He says/ She says

Splash pad baby
Old Navy Swimsuit: Gifted from Tara
She says: Let’s get out and have fun. We can cool off in the pool.
He says: No, let’s stay in and watch a movie.
She says: Ok, then can we cuddle while we watch the movie?
He says: It’s too hot.
It’s never too hot to cuddle. What say you on a hot day?

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  1. Is never too hot to cuddle. but a splash in the pool wins over a movie over here :)!

    Wow, Lil J is all grown up and walking, times flys!

  2. Eurgh I remember those hot days of not going out just cos of how uncomfy it all is to sweat like a pig and be all yucky feeling, and I shall be experiencing it again soon with summer on its way but in saying that gosh its nice to float around the pool and enjoy fresh water 🙂
    P.s What website did u do that collage on? Its so pretty with the white frames.

  3. I am voting for the pool. HE…{my he}….would totally wanna stay inside too! But watch football instead….and snuggle? What.is.that????? hehehehehe….MEN!!!

  4. Lol, I get that same response… “it’s too hot.” Funny, how it never seems too hot to me lol

    On a too hot day though I’m all for kicking back in the a/c, watching a flick, and enjoying our favorite popsicles.

  5. If I didn’t have a 4 week old, I’d say spend the day at the pool! But I’m not ready for my baby to conquer the Las Vegas heat just yet so we are staying indoors for the most part.

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