Welcoming Little Leechie

Remember how I was up having contractions during my last post? Well, Leechie got the eviction notice and decided to start coming that night.

More on the birth story later but for now I’d like to introduce you to our new addition.

Born Friday April 5th at 9:38am weighing 9lbs 2oz, and 22in long.

Going forward he’ll be known as Big T here on my blog.

My birth photographer was amazing. I haven’t seen them all yet but from what I’ve seen I’m already blown away. Definitely worth it and the best push present ever. I can’t recommend her enough.

We are all in love with the little guy. Yes, little GUY! My gut feeling was right and I couldn’t be happier to have a son. Lil’ J still gets confused because she thought she was having a sister named Sanya (thanks to her dad) but we’re teaching her that it’s actually a brother and his name is Ty.

More coming soon!

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Sonya Morris says:

Congrats!! I am totally smitten over Big T!!

Jenna says:

I love those pictures! Congrats again, Jenn!

Congratulations! He’s so perfect!!

Trish says:

Congrats!! he reminds me of Lil J when she was born. He’s beautiful!!!!

Xenia says:

Congratulation to everyone in the family, the baby is wonderful! It has been your joint effort to make this moment not only memorable, but uniquely inspiring. Our heartfelt wishes to repeat such an emotional experience as you lived with your baby girl. From Italy with admiration. Xenia

Veronika says:

He looks so much like you! Congrats again! Love the name Ty (that’s my youngests middle name) 🙂

kelly says:

Congrats! You make cute babies.

YUMMommy says:

Aww…Ty is so cute! Congrats again.

Congrats again! Lovin’ the pics! I knew a girl named Sanya. Very pretty name.

Alice Anne says:

I remember you saying that Lil J didn’t look like anything you imagined when she was born. How was it this time? I think he looks so much like her, but so different as well. Crazy!

Ashley says:

congratulations! He’s so cute!!!

Congratulations. He is too handsome

madame says:

Congratulations! I was so excited to find out if u had a boy or girl.

Grace says:

Congratulations!!! That last picture is adorable. Beautiful family. 🙂

jenn says:

Whats little J’s name??

Her name is Jayda. So Jayda and Tyree 🙂

jenn says:

Ahh i love both names!!! You have an absolutely beautiful family!!

Laura says:

Congratulations, he’s beautiful! =]

Sharon says:

Beautiful baby…..gorgeous big sister…..loving parents. What more could you ask for!?!

Rachel says:

Beautiful, congrats!!!

Love the pics already! Can’t wait to see more. Congratulations! He is adorable!

Emily says:

Love the photos! Tyree is a beautiful little boy. I love his name too. Congratulations!!!

Laura says:

Congratulations, love the photography. Beautiful.

TOI says:

my heart is melting right now! he is so cute!!! congratulation to your family, i love the pictures

Congrats!!!! He is ADORABLE and we can’t wait to get our hands and kisses on him and Lil’ J! So happy for you and hubs.

Nicole says:

Congrats on the new addition! Wishing you as much sleep as possible 🙂

Melanie says:

Congrats! He was a big boy!!!

Oh isn’t he a chunk of cuteness!?! Love, love, love it all. You look fantastic Jen.

Hafsa says:

Aww congrats he’s gorgeous!!!

KeeKee says:

Awww your little dude is so adorable! CONGRATULATIONS! I’m sitting here tearing up looking at the pics. You have a beautiful family.

Nellie says:

congrats!! Your family is beautiful

Rixa says:

So glad to hear!

Kristy says:

Congratulations! He’s adorable. That family picture is beyond gorgeous! 🙂

Kennie says:

Congratulations! He is absolutely gorgeous! Love the family pics!

He is beautiful, congrats!

Congrats!!! I am so happy for you guys! Thank you for sharing his name. I know its a very personal decision and you want to protect your children as much as you can. I can’t wait to hear more!

Hilary B says:

It was such a pleasure taking care of you and Big T. Continued best wishes to you and your beautiful family of 4!

mellisa says:

Congrats!he so cute,you are awesome mama

Rose Omo says:

Lots of love here from London!

I am so excited for you on the birth of your child.
God bless your family.

Patricia says:

He is adorable! Congratulations! I love the name 🙂

Deighorlar says:

Congratulations on your bundle of joy! the pictures are beautiful and so is your family.

ajira says:

Congratulations! Absolutely thrilled for you and your beautiful family. Welcome, little one! Looking forward to watching you grow up on this lovely blog your mama makes!

Anastasia says:

Aw, he is a cutie! Congratulations! The photos are gorgeous and that last one is just beautiful.

B says:

Congrats!!!!! Adorable – and great photographer. I’m in the Austin area, and will definitely recommend your photog to any moms I know interested in birth photography!

CONGRATS!! HE IS PERFECT! Some days I wish I had a birth photographer and then I remembered how ROUGH I looked right after and it doesn’t seem so much of a miss but you look GREAT!

Tracie says:

Congrats girl!! He’s beautiful and those photos are stunning.

Keonté says:

Congratulations, Jennifer. I completely missed that you had your baby boy. What a surprise!! I was too busy with my soon-to-be one month old baby boy. They are truly a blessing. Your family is beautiful. Hope all is well.

Ty says:

I can’t believe you were carrying a 9 pound boy! You looked amazing and tiny throughout the whole pregnancy!

Kathy C. says:

I’m so late with my congrats!! So glad to see he’s here!!! Ty had the same birth stats as my lil…big guy. lol I feel ya!! What a beautiful family you have!!

kia says:

Congratulations! What a beautiful little boy. It certainly seems like your family is growing seamlessly with the newest addition.

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