Welcome to My Crib Mona!

Taking a slight break from the March of Dimes Raffle to introduce you to my little friend.
Not too long ago I was invited to join an amazing group of women bloggers and I became a Moxie Girl… A member of Moxie Media Girls. And I’m really excited for some of the things ahead! This event is hosted by these lovely ladies, so go visit them to see other great blogs after visiting here!:

Better in Bulk
Mama’s Losin’ It
Mayhem and Moxie

Scary Mommy
& 7 Clown Circus

Moxie Mona came to visit me this summer. She’s traveling across all 50 states. She’s been to the beach in Colorado and baseball games in other states. Lots of traveling and sight seeing with cute little families with summer breaks… But around these parts, when we have time off we like to chill out.

Most of the time she hung out with Snoop. They took naps together.

She had a bubble bath but she was naked and asked that I not post those pictures on the web.

Afterwards Snoop liked her smell… A little too much.

We went cruising downtown.And to the state capital.
And I was told she was shy but she made her first TV debut here and did great!

She especially loved doing the weather.
Then she was here when I failed my test. I bought the two pack cause she wanted to test too after all of the hanging out with Ken at Pulsipher Predilections, and wanted to be safe. She got a big fat negative too (though she was happy about hers).

While she was prancing around, happy about her results, I was moping, but she got on my computer and gave me an idea!“Moxie doesn’t = Mope” she told me, “Moxie= Magnanimity” and she inspired me to raise money for March of Dimes. And even created this logo… Did you know she was a blog designer?
So that’s what we’ve been doing since! But today we took a break to say hi to all of you!

We hope you liked our pictures! And speaking of pictures… If you have a cute baby/kid/pet you want to show off, enter my cutest baby contest!

Enjoy traveling around the blogosphere!

definitely nice meeting Moxie…glad to hear that Ken did not knock her up..he can be such a looser sometimes. lol..cute post! love the blog

Toni says:

a great post! 🙂 Thanks for the smiles and giggles!!

Megryansmom says:

Great to see Mona having so much around the blogosphere.

Mona is so well travelled – glad to see she was a good house guest!! 🙂

Adorable- looks like she had a great time! And BTW- one of these days you will see a big ole’ positive, girl. Keep hoping and smiling =)

I just spit my coffee everywhere after seeing her with the prenacy test LOL

Great mona post

Mrs Cooper says:

I love this. Sorry to hear about your first test. At least there’s fun in trying…right???

Mom of Three says:

That Mona. Who woulda thunk? She really is a superhero!

Sevibabyyy says:

Mona is getting around! You took her to the Texas State Capitol, I’m a little jealous she got to go.

Emmy says:

Glad she was there for you at a hard time. And how lucky that she got to be on TV!

Mona embarked on a TV career while with you?! Jenn, you are so much cooler than I imagined. Just kidding! 🙂

Thank you for acting as such a fantastic host to Mona. She saw the sights, got some lovin’ on, and even managed to do some good in the world. I do not think it gets much better than this.

Mona is awesome to have around, isn’t she? And she might have been happy about her BFN, but she certainly does seem to have a thing for babies. 🙂

Mama Kat says:

I can’t believe you brought her on tv with you!! I just wish she could have been there for a POSITIVE pee test!! Booooooo negative pee tests, booooo,

Scary Mommy says:

Damn Mona couldn’t work her powers on a pregnancy test? What kind of superhero is she??

Kameron says:

She could have dressed a little more appropriately for TV, but I’m not hatin’. :o) Here’s to hoping you see that plus really soon!

angie says:

Whew. I’m glad she’s not knocked up. hehe. I’m sorry though that you got a negative. I can’t believe that Mona went on TV. She definitely gets around and knows the right people. 🙂

Lolli says:

I admit I gasped a little when I saw your dog getting a little too friendly with Mona. So glad to hear she’s ok….and that she’s not pregnant. I would have been very concerned about that one….But best wishes to you!

Sorry you’re test didn’t revealed what you wanted but I sure am glad Mona was there to pick you up.

Lisa Anne says:

I kept finding mona all over the blogsphere and finally found out where she came from. Three Bay B Chicks, is no more but I love their new blog. I was jealous I didn’t get one. LOL

My lifes boring anyway. Mono would be stuck crafting and watching football.


heidi says:

See? I KNEW there was a reason I took her to the gyno for a pap. Hafta be sure we’re healthy before baby makin with Ken, yo.

Look how cute you are! And totally adorable on screen! I know that Mona LOVED visiting you and the dog! I mean, everyone likes to get bitten a little after their bath! Laughed so hard about how you couldn’t post her naked pictures. Clever! : )

Kathy B! says:

I’m so sorry you didn’t get the test result for which you were hoping 🙁

But I guess we should all be relieved Mona wasn’t knocked up!

Chantel says:

Hi! Just following Mona’s journey around the blogosphere! I came across you a few days ago on SITS too, but just didn’t have the time to post a comment then. Good luck on TTC, and I love that you turned your negative into a positive with your March of Dimes Raffle!

Anne says:

Awww… Snoop was just trying to hold her hand!

And I am dying over the bit about her taking a pregnancy test!

Mammatalk says:

Glad Mona was such a well behaved house guest.

Darling post!

I just don’t know how she does it… She’s always on the go – and in kick ass red boots, no less!

haha, it was funny seeing moxie. how cute.

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