Are Your Family Christmas Traditions as Weird as Ours?

I’m a sucker for magic and now I get to relive it all through my children’s eyes.

I mentioned before how I was anti-elf but have was sortof tricked into doing it. Now I actually kind of enjoying it. I’m still not one of those creative-Elf-placers. I simply move it from one spot to the next–But the excitement on my kids’ faces every morning when they find her (yes, even my son seems to be into it now!) has me on board.

I love the spirit of joy and giving all season long. I love hot chocolate and Christmas movies and music. And I love our quirky traditions. We have at least three weird family Christmas traditions.

One is getting pictures with Santa. But not just the Mall Santa–Though we still do that too sometimes–But full-on photoshoots with the jolly old fellow. We’ve done pictures with Jackie Willome four times now. The kids have a blast and I always love how they turn out. Next year I ought to video the experience.


So I have to explain this one. They were told to “pretend to be naughty” Lil’ J struck her pouty face and Big T tried his best to stick his tongue out. It’s a different side of my kids you usually don’t see here on my blog. I’ve actually never seen him stick his tongue out but he’s pretty good at jumping off of things and driving me up the wall. Lil’ J’s stank face is pretty accurate. The next few photos are more on the “nice” side.







This year it was so funny because Big T knew who he was but didn’t know what to think of him. He kept grinning and staring at him. He seemed to dig it though, he wasn’t afraid of him like he was a few years ago:

sad with santa
Another quirky tradition we have is our dollar store gift exchange. Every year about a week or so before Christmas we go to the Dollar Tree and sneak around the aisles, shopping for one another. This is something my family started when I was a kid and we’ve continued it since getting married.

We still exchange with my sisters and mom, and whoever is in town for the holiday. It’s evolved into a white elephant gift for some, but I still try to pick gifts I think they’d like and use. My husband usually winds up with several back warmers or energy drinks.


When we get home we hide in different parts of the house to wrap the gifts. I took the kids outside on the trampoline to get a head start on some of their wrapping. If it’s as warm as it was today on Christmas we may have to open some gifts outside.




And finally, a tradition my husband’s family had that we’ve continued with our kiddos is opening one gift on Christmas Eve–The gift being new pajamas. We adapted the “matching” pajamas part to being just cute PJs that fit each of our personalities. When they were younger they were footies, but now it’s anything from a princess gown to a basketball uniform. I’m kinda digging the onesies still… For them, not me.


There’s still a lot to do, and a lot of good to spread but I’m so excited for Christmas. I’m not ready, but I’m excited. It’s a magical time of year and I’m so lucky to spend it with these quirky family of mine.

Do you have any family holiday traditions? I’d love to hear them!

*Earlier this year we partnered with Springfree Trampoline to share some of our fun family traditions. From summer fun to holiday traditions. We’ve had a blast on ours and I’ve loved the fact that it’s the world’s safest trampoline. There’s still time to order one in time for Christmas!

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One of our traditions is decorating cookies on Christmas Eve with all the grand kids. We also have the tradition of going to the movies on Christmas Day.

Keikilani says:

Your Santa photo shoot is adorable! Santa did an amazing job. 😉 What a fun tradition of shopping at the dollar store.

Lisa J Lewis says:

what a wonderful wrap up of non traditional family holiday traditions! My son would love the trampoline! Beautiful stunning photos! We have yet to create new traditions, work in progress!

These photos are incredible. I love white elephant gift exchanges too! Super fun.

HAHA….I love hearing about family traditions. Yes we too have “traditions”, and even though my kids are grown with families of their own, these traditions are being passed on to our grandchildren. What fun!!

Angela says:

Your Christmas pictures are so wonderful. Magical! I have been resisting the elf myself, although my 8 year old just asked for one last week. We started a new snow globe tradition this year. I can’t wait to see our collection grow over the years.

Bree says:

Your Christmas picture with Santa is beautiful! A tradition in my family is definitely Christmas movie night. I love the holidays!

Moonsparkle says:

Beautiful pictures! 🙂

I like to watch Beaxtri Potter’s The Tailor of Gloucester on Christmas Eve.

Moonsparkle says:

*I mean Beatrix! lol.

K. Elizabeth says:

Love the Christmas photos! Our Christmas traditions include putting our tree up on November 1st, making a birthday cake for Jesus (Moo asked if we could make him a birthday pie this year instead) and binge watching Christmas movies on Christmas Eve. Next year, I’m taking up the tradition of gifting the kids their own ornaments since we agreed that they could each have a mini tree in their bedrooms.

Hmm, every Christmas eve we open Christmas eve pajamas and the kids get a book.
We aim to go to church on Christmas eve too but sometimes it doesn’t happen.
We also bake cookies and go carolling.

Ewan says:

I’ll miss my grandpa with Christmas, he used to buy gifts for me, I also have a family and kids now but I miss those childhood days. What beautiful memories are those.

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