Wedding do-over?


Why can’t I stop looking at wedding dresses?

Part of it is probably because I’ve been watching TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress almost daily since the birth of my daughter.

Or maybe it’s because deep down I’m wishing my wedding was bigger and better than it was. I mean, back then all I wanted was to marry my husband. We didn’t care about a big wedding or a reception. I rented my gown and had a small open house. From engagement to wedding it was exactly two months. My parents weren’t supportive and didn’t help with the bill. Now of course we are all past that now so I won’t go into it. The point is, all of a sudden I’m a bit wedding obsessed.–Six and a half years late.

I wasn’t that girl who had planned out her wedding from childhood. I knew I wanted a pretty, unique dress, a hot husband, and a temple marriage, and I got all three. But now that I’m older, and perhaps a little more vain, I’m longing for a more fantasy, and special day.

I was at work and reading a news story about someone celebrating their anniversary in a big way when it hit me–We should do a vow renewal! But when? I’d love to do it on our 10 year anniversary when I have more of a chance of retaining my small figure, and youthful looks. My husband says we should tack on another 10 years to my reserved date. After all, our 10 year anniversary is in just three and a half more years. Perhaps we’ll compromise and do a 15 year celebration. Either way, I’m already dreaming about it.

To be honest, I never, EVER browsed wedding dresses, except for right before my wedding. It’s weird. I’m obsessed with wedding dress shows, but my taste in wedding dresses is so picky I rarely seek them out because rarely does a particular designer catch my eye.

Until now.

If you know me, you know I’m a Disney fanatic, the biggest fanatic in the world. So when I discovered the Disney Bridal Collection last week I nearly cried. Designed by Alfred Angelo, these gorgeous princess-inspired gowns are all under $1200.

$1200? I know, that’s freaking expensive. But for some reason my heart leaped for joy when I saw the price tag. Probably because I’m used to seeing the $10K budgets the rich girls have on my TLC shows, and that’s just for the dress! Whenever I see a woman walk in to Kleinfield talking about a $1,500 budget I laugh and think “Honey, you’re at the wrong store.”

Before I go on let me just say I’m this isn’t a sponsored post or anything of that sort, just a truthful, 100% honest obsession with this Disney find from a Disney princess fanatic.


I wore an A-line dress at my wedding, but I’ve been dying to try on a mermaid style. I never did and I wish I would have known how it would look on me. This Ariel dress would bring me full-circle from my Little Mermaid Halloween costume I rocked in kindergarten. This gown aint a costume though.


The taffeta on Sleeping Beauty’s gown is a dream. I want to put this on and just twirl around and shake it. It’s enormous, and I love that, but I also know I don’t wear poofy too well.


Which is why I’m also a little unsure about the Cinderella dress. I love it. Love the sparkle, and that it’s truly the classic princess dress. But when I was trying on dresses for my wedding this is exactly what I thought I wanted. A huge tulle dress. Actually I think I wanted satin. I wore a huge white tulle dress for prom (I know right? What was I thinking?) and though I looked good in it, the same idea for my wedding just wasn’t working. We kept adding more and more layers because I thought if it got just a little bigger I’d love it. But nope. Instead, when we let it down to a regular a-line I fell in love.


Now I look back at picture though and think SNORE! Sadly, that’s kind of the feeling I get when I look at the Jasmine gown. I love her in the movie (#2 on my list) but I’m not a huge fan of the bridal gown. It’s a little too nightgownish for me, and simple. I want WOW!


I love dropped-waist gowns. The Belle is so beautiful. I really love this dress. The crystal corset is ravishing–As Mrs. Potts would say (correction–I just remembered it was Ms. Armoire not Mrs. Potts who said this). And I like the cap sleeves on it.


The Tiana gown is the other dropped waist gown I love. It’s got a sexy princess look, it’s asymmetric and beautiful! Plus Tiana is one of my favorite princesses so I have a natural connection to this one.


And finally the Snow White down. She is probably my least favorite princess but I like her essence they captured in this gown. The satin sash and little flower details throughout are classic and just the right touch of nature.

I honestly love them all (ok, minus the Jasmine one) and I’m trying to think of what story I can make up so I can go to a local bridal store and try all of these on. I guess I could tell them I’m planning my anniversary celebration, and just omit the year.

I’m not sure if these will still be my taste in 3.5-13.5 years or if I’ll finally have grown out of my lifelong princess fantasy. I just can’t help but think that a decade after my first wedding in a castle, a second wedding (to my same husband) in a Disney castle would be the perfect way to celebrate.

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  1. These dresses are fabulous. I say just go there and tell them you want to try on gowns. Don’t volunteer any info if they don’t ask. LOL

  2. the Belle gown picture is missing (or my computer is too slow). I love em all…but know all of them wouldn’t work on me either. My prom dress was altered into my wedding dress. It was white and way to have my dad’s spirit there. He picked out my prom dress and the day he did I told him I would wear it wedding day 🙂

  3. I’m only 2.5 years removed from my wedding so I’m not quite thinking renewals yet. But some of those dresses make me think a renewal might be a good idea… I’m thinking next time around we’ll do something on the beach in Hawaii.

  4. I will go with you!!!! I adore wedding dresses and am seriously considering some sort of charity “Wear your Whites” party where the ladies can once again don their wedding gowns or heck…just buy a new one. I;m with you too – I like all but the Jasmine!

  5. Aww! Those are SO pretty!

    I know, I just posted on my blog about a month ago about how I want a wedding do-over. I’d have a cute vintage wedding dress and lots of flowers. And an outside reception. Sigh!

  6. I can totally relate to your dress obsession…My hubby and I semi-eloped (planned our wedding in like a week – literally)…It was just us and immediate family. Although we have only been married a year, I want to do a BIG reception style party before the 5 year mark so that we can celebrate with our friends and extended family….and of course, I would have to go to Kleinfelds for the occasion…LOL

  7. Ahh, those are all SO pretty! I can’t decided what type of dress I want for my wedding, a simple one or a big poofy one. I’m not a big flashy person and liked my clothing to be really basic, which is why I think I want to go crazy for my wedding!

  8. It’s because it is behind you. The first wedding reception we went to AFTER we were married, I cried when we left. My newlywed spouse was confused. “Wasn’t our wedding everything you wanted?” he asked. “Yes!” I said “It was exactly what I wanted but it’s over. A girl always looks forward to that One Big Day an I had mine and it was perfect and it’s over!”

    Is was never really into weddings either. Guess what? That’s how you’ll likely look at each major life stage. I knew I was D-O-N-E having babies- but it didn’t stop me from getting that twinge when I’d see a precious little one. It wasn’t because I wanted/needed another child but because I was sad that I’d left that time of life behind too.

    When my babies leave the nest, I’m going to cry A LOT. It’s the changing from stage to stage that does it. In order to gain the new opportunities and experiences, others must be left behind.

  9. I`m like you! I love looking at dresses! I love watching those wedding shows! I have mixed emotions about them though. After watching the shows, I think that my wedding and dress were lame and really wish/dream I could do it all over again! But, sometimes they make me realize how dumb all that stuff is and wish I had had a smaller wedding. Honestly, these are probably not the best shows to watch for young single gals. I have 2 teenage sisters am worried that these shows are giving them bad ideas. I often remind them that first of all: Getting married is not all about a fancy party, it`s about getting MARRIED! Secondly, most families are not rich, so don`t expect Daddy to fork it all over. And last, but not least: The quest for the “perfect dress” has got out of hand. There are lots of pretty dresses out there that will look good on. And crying when you try it on is not a prerequisite for finding “the perfect dress”. Sheesh!

  10. Wow, these are gorgeous! And… oh my word, the first part of this post. I’ve been watching Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix Instant too and it gives me that same feeling – “Wedding DO-OVER, please!”, LOL. I think that must have been the point of the creation of that show. I would love to do a vow renewal too, maybe 10 years would be a good time. 🙂

  11. OMG the dresses are beautiful! i want a long flowy gown for my wedding too! mum also rented her wedding dress lol, u shld probably go ahead with the vow renewal thing 🙂

  12. Belle is probably my favorite princess and I absolutely LOVE her gown!! My wedding dress was a dropped waist and I loved it, but it didn’t have the full poofy skirt like this one does. They are all dazzling though!

  13. Love this post!! It combines my love for Disney Princesses and Wedding gowns! Thanks for writing. My wedding dress was a princess style— very full & poofy with a sweetheart neckline! I loved every minute of wearing it. I can’t really choose a fave, but Jasmine is my least favorite too because I wanted a “WOW!” dress! Again, thanks for writing, my husband is teasing me while I read, because I am hounding for wedding #2 now! HAHA! I am a long-time reader, first-time commenter.

  14. my husband and i have been married for 3 years we had a really small weekday wedding…dont get wrong it wasnt cheap and it was beautiful but i feel like it was more of what my mom wanted than what i wanted science she was paying i just kind of went with it…but now one of my best friends is getting married for the second time and asked me to help her plan a small but completely elegant wedding and all i can think is ‘I want to get married again’ why does it have to be a one day a lifetime thing? i want to feel like a princess and have a special day for the 2 of us all dressed up but my husband said no (after all it has only been 3 years) and he said that its just a waste of money after all we are already married…that being said here is w wedding dress site that i like for a bride on a realistic budget they are custom made to your measurements and you pick the color you want…if only i would have found this site 3 years ago…

  15. I think I just red that Costco now has a deal to sell these dresses. Go to their website, search for “wedding dress.”

  16. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jen what are you doing to me! Now I want to do another wedding too! Love the first dress. Maybe we can meet up, have our husbands watch the kids, and then tell them we’re going to get mani and pedis and a movie (to allow for more time) and go try on some dresses! LMAO.
    I remember when I was looking for dresses I fell in love with this huge couture looking dress – called about to find it FL and it was $4k! SAD FACE. Now I wish I had tried it on even if I wasn’t going to get it. hehehe

  17. Wow. ok. yeah, those are fantastic dress. Disney you guys are brilliant.

    I wore a princess dress and loved it! Perhaps you need to become a wedding dress consultant, or a wedding dress model 🙂

    PS you are totally cute and I love your blog. I don’t have any kids yet and I loved the birthing playlist idea that I started one of my own. Even though I’m 2 years from becoming preggo.

  18. When I was at the Disney Moms conference, they showcased the new Alfred Angelo disney princess collection and OMG I wanted to get married then and there! The dresses are beyond beautiful!!!!!

  19. The Tiana one is the best imo. Belle is really nice too.

    I was really picky about dresses too; it took me forever to find one I liked. David’s Bridal had horrible service so we ended up going to a smaller local shop for my dress as well as the bridesmaids’ dresses. They all had to wear the same color but each girl got to pick out a style that worked for them.

  20. Did you know that if you were married in the temple you’re not supposed to do a ‘renew your vows’ ceremony?
    I think it would be fun to have a big reception though and have all the bells and whistles 😉

  21. Wow!!!!
    All the dresses are amazing and the background use for the photography is awesome Also i like your words that you write this blog with your own wish and this shows that you are really impresses with this store and the dresses give prove of your happiness. I think the price does not matters when our dreams will comes to true.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics.

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