All I Want for Mother’s Day is… (My Weirdest Request Yet)

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Like clockwork Mother’s Day appears on the month’s calendar, my hubs asks what I’d like and I have no ideas for him. It isn’t until a month or so later that I’m like “oh yea, how about a…” And I throw out something I realize I’d like.


I mean really, you never really can go wrong with a massage. Granted, actually finding the time to go to the spa and cash in on that massage is another story. But this year? This year I’ve got a different idea for Mother’s Day and I knew exactly what I wanted. A few things actually. The only thing is they’re more bizarre than ever. Really random actually. Get ready.

1. Window Tinting


I just got my new car and I am craving some paparazzi windows. In my mind it’s cause I’m a Boss but really it’s just so people don’t notice my erratic dance moves as I’m belting Disney tunes down the road. After a few strange glances in my direction my husband was totally ok with this idea. I tried to tack on subwoofers but since I’m not 17, and this ain’t pimp my ride I guess that’s not happening.

2. A Drone

This is probably even stranger than my first request. Ok, definitely more strange. I love videography and playing with different techniques and a drone just seemed like the next thing to get to play with so I can be all…

If I thought the expression on his face was funny when I convinced him about window tinting, it was even more hilarious when I said a drone would be a great gift. I showed him the one I picked out at Sears and he told me to go for it.

I placed the order and almost immediately got a notification that it was ready for pickup. I told myself not to play with it until Sunday, but I was excited to pick it up early since I’m heading out of town for a few days.

I know I’ve mentioned before how easy and convenient in-vehicle pickup is at Sears but I thought telling you might not be as convincing as showing you, so here’s a video of how it goes down.

See?! Just a minute and 15 seconds and here it was. From the store, to my hands, without needing to leave the car. Great when I don’t want to drag the kids into the mall.

3. A Robot Vacuum

I’ve wanted one for YEARS, I still want one, but my husband was not going for the price tag. Maybe next year if I’m lucky or we become high rollers. Each year the features on these things keep improving: Wifi, control with an app, intelligent scanning! Before I know it these things will be flying and taking out the trash too.

So that’s my random Mother’s Day wish list in true last-minute form as usual. But it just goes to show there’s still time if your hubby is slacking on your gift, or you’re still deciding what to get your mom. Ordering online and scheduling in-vehicle pickup at Sears makes it so easy!

I’m definitely like my own mother–a techie-mom who loves electronic gifts. I have friends who are more fashionable, or into fancy cook wear and stuff like that. Sears has it all.

What are you hoping for for Mother’s Day?

Find a great gift for your wife or mom at As a bonus, shoppers that use Sears In-Vehicle Pickup for their online purchases between Tuesday, May 3 and Saturday, May 7 are automatically entered for a chance to win a $5,000 Sears gift card! Alternatively, you can also click on and enter the Shop Your Way All For Mom Sweepstakes at

*I’m a procrastinator and find thrill in waiting until the last minute to shop and still managing to pull it off, which is why I partnered with Sears on this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. What I wanted for mothers day: a day of silence, a nice dinner and a massage.
    What I’m getting for mothers day: A CRUISE!!!

  2. I’m really hoping for a nap. I’ve asked for that for the last three years and haven’t gotten that gift yet…

  3. I totally get wanting the tinted windows, it was the first thing that my husband and I had done to my car after we bought it. I love the look plus, it does a good job cutting down on the glare. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day – Thanks for sharing!

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