I Want The Magic Within Them


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Sometimes I feel like my kids are magic. They sure believe in it. Their wild imaginations are a big reason why they both wind up crowding me in my bed at night.

Watching my children play is like magic. Raising biracial children. A millennial mom blog.

It’s not unusual to find my son creating funny dialog with a Barbie doll in his hand, or my daughter running around with a daddy dinosaur playing a game of prehistoric house. When it comes to playing, they’re happy to do it together no matter what it is. And yea, sometimes that means my son’s dinosaur is “eating” my daughter’s doll.

Their favorite kind of play however goes beyond dollhouse walls, even beyond the walls of our home.

“Let’s go for a walk,” I called after a long day inside homeschooling and reading lots and lots of books. We can travel far and wide through text on a book, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still get outside.

Watching my children play is like magic. Raising biracial children. A millennial mom blog.

Watching my children play is like magic. Raising biracial children. A millennial mom blog.

I told them to change their clothes (it was one of those days we opted to stay in PJs all day) and get their shoes on. They ran to their rooms. Lil’ J helped her brother pull on his new pair of shorts. They were both comfy in Carter’s clothes we racked up at a sale at Kohl’s. Lil’ J was in a skort because “I can’t ride a bike in a dress” but of course she can’t just wear plain shorts either. That’s not her style.

My son in pink because she likes to have her brother match her, and because he’s totally cool in pink.

They hopped on their bikes and I jogged close behind them, enjoying their smiles and the fresh air.

Watching my children play is like magic. Raising biracial children. A millennial mom blog.

“Have you ever played Freeze Tag?” I asked as we reached the park.

“No, what’s that?” My daughter asked. My 11-year-old sister was there to help break it down.

“It’s like regular tag but when the person who is it tags you, you have to freeze in place,” she explained.

I was it first, and the evening was full of belly laughs and side aches.

I’m constantly amazed by their imaginations. I mean, I have a pretty big imagination but they are something else. Climbing on a simple rock wall isn’t just that… It is a castle they’re climbing and jumping off of and onto their dragons so they can fly away and escape the bad guys.


Watching my children play is like magic. Raising biracial children. A millennial mom blog.

It’s a magic of youth I wish I could conjure up more myself. A magic I love soaking in as I watch them. A magic I hope they never completely lose grip of. A beautiful magic.

We are big believers in having fun and being comfortable while doing it, which is why we partnered with Kohl’s on this post. Kohl’s is having a sale on Carter’s clothing from 3/17 – 4/2 $10 off a $40 purchase with promo code KIDSALE10!

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Teaching children to dream big and use their imaginations.

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  1. How fun! My kids are older so I don’t have those kinds of opportunities anymore. Now it’s all about car time together when we’re on our way to and from an activity. Car talks are some of the best conversations, though!

  2. Kids are magic, every little bit of them! When mine were littles Carters was our most trusted brand! They make a fine quality of kids clothes.

  3. There’s a whole lot of magic wrapped up in childhood. I love seeing the world through their eyes. But all that exploring and adventuring means a mess. Love that Carter’s clothes always washed so well for me.

  4. I miss the imagination of little ones. I love that your little ones enjoy being outside and using their imagination. Much better than video games or tv. Your little ones are so cute.

  5. I miss that young age. I miss the moments of watching my son play and create. Now it seems like he spends all his time prepping for the future with college and school.

  6. I love to see the world through my kids eyes. They just have a way of seeing the good in everything. I love to shop at Kohl’s. They have a great selection for the whole family.

  7. This is so sweet and so true! I love seeing the world through my kids eyes, how they see things does feel magical. I know we all grow out of it, but when my kids do that will be sad. They only get one childhood and I want theirs to last as long as possible.

  8. Pretty awesome. Your kids are cute.

    Over the years I’ve been around different cities near Atlanta and have seen parents out with kids in the morning (for example: Saturdays) and I have to admit it made me smile.

    Life is short and it’s good to enjoy these moments.

    Good stuff! 🙂

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