Wait, when does the baby weight go away again?


The last time I blogged about my health goals I got called out for being self-centered. Say what?  At the risk of getting shot down again, I’m going to give an update on my progress.

Not great.

You see, I’ve never really been great at eating great and working out. French fries are my vice. I’ve had an obsession with late-night sweets since I was pregnant with my son (current obsession: Bananas over Nutella spread on bread). And exercise has never really been fun to me.

I mentioned last time how my son was not a fan of the gym nursery, and I’m happy to say that he’s gotten used to it. For a week straight I brought him daily, expecting to get called out of my workout class. I did get called out the first two days, but days 3-5 he stayed during my full class. I also signed Lil’ J up for swim lessons, so I’ve been swimming with him while she learns, then I go to a workout class after her lessons. It gives him and I a chance to spend one-on-one time together, and overall, a fun afternoon activity for all of us.

So far I’ve been taking body pump, Zumba, cardio funk, and body combat. I feel like a big wimp compared to the serious athletes in the class, but I try to keep up. I use lighter weights, and occasionally cheat a little on the squats… ouch! I’m thinking of adding in some mommy and me workouts at home using some handy YouTube workouts (yes, there is such a thing!) I did a lot of workouts with a lot of mommy and me classes with Lil’ J, so it’s fun to make time with Big T as well.


As far as eating goes, not, eating French fries has helped me avoid almost all fast foods all together. Or at least go for healthier options. Except for my stops at Taco Bell, that’s my new demon. But I can only have so many cheap quesadillas. If I need a quick bite I’ll get a salad, or, my favorite option when I’m in the area is Boston Market. Sadly it’s on the other end of town, but it’s a no-brainer to stop at when I’m up there.

I completed the 35 ways in 35 days challenge and tried all of their yummy options. Here are a couple of the delicious sandwiches we tried. The Mediteranian Chicken Carver sandwitch on a multi-grain roll, and a Roasted Turkey Carver on a multi-grain bun (my husband’s favorite):


I’ve only stepped on the scale a couple times since having my son more than 10 months ago. My main goal right now is just to take better care of myself. It would be nice to fit into more than just my yoga pants too. I don’t remember a time in my adult life where I’ve exercised as much as I have this month (ok I know it hasn’t been long, but still). If I recall correctly I didn’t lose all of my baby weight the first time until my daughter was about two. I nursed her until she was about seventeen months and I really feel like my body kept those last few pounds on while I was nursing. I’m hoping it’ll prove to be the same case this time, and once I stop I’ll shed some weight that way.

Did it take you a while to lose the baby weight?

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Boston Market. All opinions expressed are my own. I wouldn’t lie about good food.

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  1. I gained 60 lbs with my baby. She’s 13 months old and I’m 5 lbs from my prebaby weight. It wasn’t till my milk dried up that the last 20 lbs came off. I also started an exercise routine about a month before that happened and have continued to exercise and eat less and it’s slowly come off. I’m guessing I’ll be exactly where I want to be when we get pregnant with #2. Lol.

  2. My son will be five in June and I’m still fighting with my body. Thanks to 8 weeks of bed rest, I gained way too much weight… and have held on to most of it, unfortunately. My metabolism just died. My one attempt at a workout class resulted in an internally herniated c/s scar (NOT FUN), so that has scared me off of most forms of structured exercise. I’m just working on accepting the fact that I’m now a size 16 instead of a size 10/12 (where I started) and feeling good about where I am NOW versus feeling cruddy about where I think I should be.

  3. With my first I lost all my baby weight and then some thanks to breastfeeding. My lower half was skinnier than it’s ever been, though my stomach was pretty loose. I think the weight was probably gone within 3-4 months and I kept it off until I finished breastfeeding at 14 months. Then it slowly came back on (and then some), but I changed a couple eating habits and got it back down to where it was pre-baby…but of course, none of it was really looking the same as it did before. This time I only breastfed for six weeks (cow’s milk protein intolerance), and until that point the weight came off great. I plateaued a bit after that, but by about 4 months I think it was back to the high side of where I started, and that’s where I sit a year later. I’d like to be about five pounds lighter, but this is fine. I definitely think my body took a lot longer to snap back visually, though. My stomach still looks a little flabby and overstretched (but no stretch marks, thank God!), and I’m not convinced my hips fully went back to where they were. Bikinis are a thing of the past, but I can deal. I’m also stuck with only one workout a week right now, which isn’t helping. I run in one race each year and that is coming up in May, so I’m hoping that will motivate me to get a little more proactive. It is HARD with two, mostly because I used to leave for the gym a little before bedtime when we just had the one, but leaving my husband with two at bedtime is just cruel. Maybe someday their times will stagger a bit, but for now I just have to watch my diet and do what I can. Or maybe we’ll make room for an elliptical and hope it doesn’t become an expensive clothes rack!!

  4. So my mom (an immigrant/ dr) told me that the whole breastfeeding helps you to lose weight is a myth. She said she thinks they just say it here to get westerners to bf because they are so self centered and will be motivated to bf so they can lose weight. She said they were always told you’ll lose the weight when you’re done BFing because you need tons of calories for bm and you have a lot of cravings. She said that you store fat to make milk…so you really begin to lose weight when you’re done. Having said that almost everyone I know didn’t lose all of their weight until a couple mos after they were done breastfeeding. Only one person actually got tiny while breastfeeding and she was super tiny (like always 85-90lbs).

  5. Mmm, let’s see here, my oldest is 14. I gained a whooping 86 pounds with her and some of those pounds will never come off. My youngest is 9 months (I have 4 children all together) and have actually been trying fairly hard to get off some of the weight I’ve put on over the last decade and a half. It’s not easy, but it’s happening. With my last 3, I gained more in their first few months of life than while pregnant. I think it’s because I would allow myself to sit still for much longer periods so I could hold them. Keep up the hard work, you’ll get there.

  6. LOL @ “french fries are my vice” – they are mine too. They are the evil carb/starch sent here to test my self control. I am beginning to loathe them for being soooo yummy.

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