How to Help Your Child Follow Their Dreams by Making a Vision Board

If you think vision boards are something to laugh at, the joke’s on you. Because they work! I’m telling you. Let’s chat about Vision Boards for Kids and help your children follow their dreams.

I’ve shared my experience with my dream boards being fulfilled before, which is why I was thrilled when my daughter said she wanted to make one too.

So first let’s talk a little about visualization. It’s a powerful mind exercise that uses the law of attraction to form your life. Or, in other words… What you believe you’ll get out of life is what you’ll get back. Athletes often use this visualization technique in sports.

Have a negative attitude and believe nothing good has ever or will ever happen to you? You’ll probably get more of that. Believe that you can achieve greatness and strive for it? You will! Or that’s the idea anyway. I’ve read that concept in books like The Secret and 7 Mindsets.

Then there are the scriptures giving similar advice like in Matthew 7. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

I consider myself a religious person, a spiritual person and just a positive person in general. As long as I can remember I’ve not only prayed, asking for help, and given thanks every single day. I’ve also envisioned myself becoming what I’ve dreamed to be, and I truly believe anything is possible. Miracle or otherwise.

I’ve listed my goals and visualized dreams from going to BYU to marrying a great guy and having a girl and a boy. When you make a vision board you’re supposed to focus not just on the things you want, but on how you want to feel.

After my 30th birthday party I came home with a new vision board in the works and Lil’ J wanted to make her own. I don’t know why this idea hadn’t crossed me before. It isn’t just teens and adults who can dream about and “plan” their future.

How to Make a Vision Board for Kids

Help your child realize their dreams! Tips for how to make vision boards for kids. Easy tips and tricks for making vision boards with your kids.

From a young age I’ve asked my daughter what she wants to do, helped facilitate her interests, and had many conversations with her about her passions. It may sound like a deep word for a 5-year-old but in her own words she describes it like this: “Passionate means that you really want to do something really bad and you love it so much, it could mean you want to go someplace someday, or if you really really like space and stuff that means you’re passionate.”

Right now she’s most into singing, working out, space, playing dress-up, ballet, art, and crafts. We spend a considerable amount of time each week practicing, reading, and playing around all of these things.

I asked her to tell me what interests and goals she wanted to put on her dream board and we looked through magazines and I searched for images that fit. She did all of the selecting, cutting, placing and gluing. I loved that she made hers vertical while all of the others I’ve seen have been horizontal.

Help Your Child Follow Their Passions/Dreams: How to Make Vision Boards for Kids

I think working on vision boards for kids are a great project to do together and it has so many benefits but here are a few.

Steps to making vision boards with your kids

1. Sparks a conversation about their interests: I didn’t realize how into art Lil’ J was. I mean, I knew she loved it, but while we were talking she told me she wanted to take art lessons someday! So I’ve found a local art studio that I’m going to give a shot this week (it’s a surprise).

2. It’s something she can look at daily: And a constant reminder of what her goals are.

Help Your Child Follow Their Passions/Dreams: How to Make Vision Boards for Kids

3. It will evolve: I realize she’s only 5 and these dreams are bound to change over the years, just as mine have. But this first vision board of hers will always be a beautiful keepsake. Even if she makes more and we don’t keep the originals, the photos documenting each one will be special.

Help Your Child Follow Their Passions/Dreams: How to Make Vision Boards for Kids

Aside from showering my kids with unconditional love, I feel like one of the most important things we can do for our children is help them realize their potential in all aspects of life. My kids were sent to me for a reason and it’s my job to do my best to raise them to be who they’re meant to be. I want them to come to learn their divine nature and help them pursue their purpose and dreams. This was just one fun step in that direction.

Take some time to talk about your child’s dreams with them. If you’ve never made a dream board maybe try making one together! Either way it’ll be the start of a great conversation, and hopefully bring you even closer together.

Want a more detailed idea of how to make a vision board with kids? Check out our video tutorial.

What are some of your child’s dreams?

How to Help Your Child Follow Their Dreams by Making a Vision Board

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Moonsparkle says:

Vision boards are fun, sounds like a nice idea to get kids involved too. I don’t have any children now but it would be a good activity to do in the future. 🙂

Lauren says:

I LOVE vision boards and believe in them 100%… what a wonderful idea to make one with your child! My son would have so much fun with this!

I thought about doing one with our girls too! such a wonderful idea…sharing!

Neaque says:

I am happy I stumbled upon this blog. I want to do a vsion board for my children and was looking at ideas. Thanks. Also can you tell me where you got the princess wall decor from?

Jen says:

Oh my, this comment from you really hit me! “My kids were sent to me for a reason and it’s my job to do my best to raise them to be who they’re meant to be.” I haven’t read anything that resonated so strongly in a long while. I think my 7 year old would love to do this, she’s such a visual and passionate little kid! Thank you

BRe says:

I would really like to make a vision board with my mom but to be honest, I don’t think that’s going to happen

jakespietro says:

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Jakes Pietro says:

Great article. I’m a great follower in vision boards and what you can achieve when one is focused.

Johanna says:

I absolutely want to do this with my 8 year old step-daughter but I’m wondering… Are there any magazines would you recommend I get for her to use for this project? Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea!

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