The Story Behind The Viral Video Of The Baby Sister Waiting for Big Sister At The Bus Stop


That viral video of a baby waiting for her big sister at the bus stop, and the two sisters running to each other after school? That’s not where this love story begins my friends. Nor does it start at the beginning of the school year when Lee Lee started waiting for her siblings to get off the bus.

No, to get to the beginning you need to go back to 5 years ago. Fall of 2014. Way before Lee Lee was even in the picture. I was working at my computer when all of a sudden I hear whimpers behind me and I look over at my then 4-year-old daughter who has tears streaming down her face.

“What’s wrong baby?” I didn’t know if a bug had bit her, something had scared her, or what.

She caught her breath and sobbed.

“I… want… a… sister!”

“What?” I expected about 12-thousand other things. Not that.

“A sister! I want a SISTER!”

“But you have a brother.”

“No! I want a sister.” She continued to cry, completely inconsolable.

I blamed Frozen for planting this seed into her little head. Elsa and Anna were all the rage (not much has changed in that regard), and Lil’ J decided her baby brother just wasn’t cutting it. I felt a little bad, but I guess not bad enough because I recorded some of that encounter.

Sorry kid, but that’s not gonna happen. That ship had sailed and we were two and through.

Or so we thought.

When There Were Two

She loves her little brother. The feeling is mutual. In fact, he constantly touts her as his best friend. I’ve often called them my perfect pair. None of us expected little Sneaky to make an appearance, but when she did? Oh my goodness, I’d never seen her happier.

She was so excited for a little baby, and said she would love another brother, but we all knew she really wanted a sister.

When we did our gender reveal Lil’ J was SO excited when the smoke blew pink. And she skipped the whole way home.

And then there were three

A few months later her baby sitter was born and her dreams came true.

Photographing siblings meeting for the first time

Big brother and sister were equally excited to meet their baby sister. The smiles on their faces made my heart triple in size. There was no diving my love. The love was multiplying.

If you listen closely in the video at the :35 mark when she’s holding her sister you’ll hear Lil’ J say “I can’t believe it. I have a sister!” And my friends, that still gets me every time. *Cue the tears*

A little over a year later, that baby sister of theirs is now walking (she started before she was 10 months, no doubt to keep up with them) and awaiting their arrival (both of them!) after their school day.

So this sister story began many years ago. With prayers from a little girl who loved her brother, but also wanted a little sister. She got an answer to her prayers, and that little baby sister loves them so hard right back.

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  1. Oh my, your story has touched my heart in soooo many ways. I am the baby sister to a girl who so badly wanted a sister.

    This past March I was her bone Marrow donor. It took and she is 100% cancer free.

    However I am currently losing my sister to the common cold virus. With no immune system to fight it, she has spiraled to the point she had no chance.

    Within a matter of days, my big sister will be gone. Oh please please continue to help build their bond.

    My sister was my first friend, she was supposed to be my last. My love for her is and will always be endless.

    Your Family has a beautiful bond and it’s so worth fueling.

    God bless all of you!

  2. Jamie, I’m so sorry to read what you are going through. When my mom was pregnant with #4 (I’m #2 with an older and younger brother) I told her I wanted a baby sister wrapped in pink. My mom came home from the hospital with a baby girl wrapped in pink. We shared a bedroom and everything. 14 years later, she died of Leukemia. Nurture that bond, Jennifer, for that love will last a lifetime no matter how much or how little time you get to have them in your life.

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