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Remember me showing off my maternity photos last month? Oh you don’t? Ok I’ll show you again! There’s a bunch more on Forever Bliss Photography’s site. Ooooh I love them, and they are already put up around the nursery and in different parts of my house (soon to be replaced by newborn photos I’m sure). My husband keeps asking why I have pictures of my stomach up all over the place, I tell him he just doesn’t understand.

He was also a little embarrassed by having to be in the photos and that he had to do “stupid poses” but I told him Tara is a professional, she knows what looks good, and they do look good! She’s going to be doing many many more photos for us in the future, if she’ll have us, and I’m SO excited to see Lil’ J captured by her lens. Hubs isn’t looking forward to taking more pictures but I keep telling him he has to… I need to think of some good bribes so he won’t whine.

Forever Bliss Photography also does family portraits, engagements, wedding pictures, children’s photography and more!

I’m not sure what’s cuter here, the announcement or the baby but say it with me… “AWWWWW!” I’m working on making… Yes, making Lil’ J’s dress for her baby announcement.

Forever Bliss Photography is doing mini sessions for summer and Father’s Day. It’s a 30 minute session and you get ALL of your edited pictures on a CD (it’s about 20-100 photos!)! The special is just $75! For those of you who live in Utah, (I guess in the Provo/Salt Lake general area) or if you live in Central Texas, you can win a FREE mini session from Forever Bliss Photography (remember, that’s 20-100 photos edited, on a CD!). Don’t live in the area? Sorry… But let your friends who DO live nearby know about this awesome deal!

Just leave a comment letting me know what kind of photos you’d like to have taken! For an extra entry let me know her favorite session posted on her site. Blog followers also get an extra entry!

Contest ends June 14th at 11:59pm.
Random.org will choose a winner! Good Luck!

Erin says:

Oh I would love to win this! We’re in Utah. I love Michelle and Ian’s pictures. They do look good together!

Erin says:

I’d do family pictures.

Erin says:

And I follow you for a third entry.

We live in Fort Hood! I’d love to have pictures of all four of us taken!

Megan B. says:

I would love family pictures at Wheeler Farm!

Megan B. says:

Your pictures are great, of course, and I also like Michelle and Ian’s photos and invite.

Megan B. says:

I follow your blog in Google Reader.

I would choose a family session!

Jess says:

Id do the kids of course 😉

Jess says:

My fave setting is the 2nd one! A hot preggo with her cute hubby 😉

Jess says:

I stalk errr follow u 😉

Rachel says:

I would love to take maternity pictures…I’ve been looking for a good photographer.

Angie says:

oh my goodness!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have some new family photos taken to update our ‘hoping to adopt’ blog. We’ve been homestudy approved for 9 months now and just hoping to get chosen soon! I have lost 40 lbs since February so some new family photos are a must!

Angie says:

My fave photos from her site are of the cute little girl with the HUGE blue eyes..gorgeous!

thethomasons says:

I would love a family Session!!!!

thethomasons says:

“Jenn’s pictures” :<) Are soooo my fav.

MsBabyPlan says:

So, so romantic! So sweet :D! Happy Sunday.

I would love to do a family session.

Gena says:

I would love family photos!

Gena says:

I love Isabelle’s newborn photos! The nursery is to die for!

I love the pictures of the Lindholm girls!

Yes, Tara is amazing! I would love to have some family pics taken!

My favorite session has to be of the Christensen fam…just cause she’s my best friend 🙂

And i’m a follower 🙂

Glam-O-Mommy says:

I live in San Antonio and would love to have family pictures taken…my mother has been wanting to have some since my daughter was born in 2008 and she has lost 101 pounds in the last year, so I think she will be ready! So it would be my parents, my husband, my daughter, and me if we win!

YUMMama says:

Can’t wait to see how the dress is going to turn out!!

Forsythe says:

ooooh, I love Tara and we need some new family photos. We are in Utah. Thanks for the giveaway!

Emilee says:

I would love to do baby photos once my son is here. I actually know Tara. That is so cool. I hope I win.

Emilee says:

I love the baby in the coat. So cute!

Emilee says:

I’m also a dedicated follower

mkdesign says:

I would love to have some photos taken of my four year old daughter.

mkdesign says:

I love the pictures of the Lindholm girls and Sweet Lily!

I love the pictures you did of our girls a little over a year ago

I also follow your blog when i get a free sec

also I think I would just want the girls picture done for now

I would love an updated family picture. My husband and I moved from Utah to Philly for school but will be back to Utah for summer vacation. PS I am a follower!!!

I would LOVE to have a mini-session with her, but I live in Cali. SO if I won I would give it to my sister who just had a baby last fall and wants new pictures of her family and this would be PERFECT!!!

For my second entry to the contest I loved her session with the baby and the colorful tutus all around. So so cute!

And for my 3rd entry… I am now a blog follower of Forever Bliss Photography.

Second entry: Love the baby photos (newborn and 1st year ones)!

Brie H says:

I would have either family photos taken or pregnancy photos with husband and 1st child

Brie H says:

I love the newborn session with Isabella

Brie H says:

I am a blog follower

*Alice Anne* says:

We need a variety of pictures for our adoption profile, so the more photo sessions we can get in with different photographers, the better!

*Alice Anne* says:

Hmmmm….I like the session she did under “couples” – it’s cute and playful and is the most like something I’d want to have done.

*Alice Anne* says:

I’m a follower!

Lilia says:

These photos are so cute! I really love your maternity ones, as well as the baby announcements. Can’t wait to see what you do for your family photography!

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