Useful Baby Bath Time Products You Will Love

I can see it vividly. A picture of myself, by little sister Heather, who’s four years younger, and our baby sister Lauren, maybe six months at the time. All butt naked and crammed into a bathtub together. Mind you I was 11. But we all had big grins having a grand old time. I’m sure my mom still has that picture somewhere. Probably hanging on to it as blackmail. I think everyone has a picture of themselves taken while they were taking a bath as a baby, or even a kid. So it’s only fair that I carry on the tradition for posterity’s sake.

I have some photos of my first two, that clearly show how far my photography skills have come.

Along with my ability to white balance; another something that’s come a long way are options for keeping baby bath time safe. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the same day my 11-year-old naked bathtub picture was taken, but probably around that time. I stood up really quick and scraped my back on the bathtub spout. It’s one of the only injuries I remember and still cringe about to this day. I’m pretty sure I have a scar to prove it. I have warned by kids about during each bath.

When I got a box of goodies from my blog partner Munchkin, one of the things inside was a bathtub spout guard. I was so excited and immediately put it on our bathtub faucet. It’s made to help guard against bumps, burns, or in cases like mine, scrapes.

I bought a transitional tub for Lil’ J when she was a baby (that yellow duck tub pictured above). Now Munchkin has a 2.0 version that’s a swan. I blew it up and set it on the bed and Lil’ J screamed when she saw it when she got home from school. Lee Lee isn’t sitting up yet but it’ll be perfect when she is. Like the suck tub, the swan also has the white hot technology to show when the water is too hot for baby.

For now we are using the Munchkin Clean tub that’s great on the counter or in the bathtub for washing your floppy little infant. Personally I like it on the counter better, so I don’t have to bend over. Lee Lee seemed to like it better there too. It has a little pout on the end that lets the dirty water run out of it while you’re washing your baby.

In another post I mentioned my excitement for the new squirt bath toys now can be opened and dried out to prevent mold. Lee Lee isn’t playing with those just yet but her siblings are. We should be able to keep them clean until she’s ready to use them herself.

It’s still a bit surreal starting over and doing this all a third time. I’m looking forward to the day that I can plop the three of my babies into a tub for one adorable picture I’ll forever treasure (and get to use as blackmail).


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Useful Baby Bath Time Products You Will Love

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Hope says:

I scraped my back when I was younger too! It was one of my worst memories!

Erin a says:

I love bath pictures! Just took some of my girls a few weeks ago! I want that swan!

Mary Sue Owens says:

Some of these neat bath products are also good for our senior family members. That spout cover is great for them as well as the youngest in the family. :>)

Munchkin has a lot of great products!! I would love the bath spout cover! So been there with kids scraping their back on it. 🙁 But I also like their sippy cups.

Elle says:

The Magical Firefly™ Soother and Projector looks darling! I haven’t seen any night-time soothers like that before.

Yolanda says:

My newest DD isn’t old enough for the big tub yet either. Her umbilical stump fell off yesterday! My three girls are going to hate bath time with all the photos I’m going to take. I can’t wait!

Stephanie Phelps says:

The Latch bottle is my favorite but we use so many of their items! love them all!

Ange says:

These baby baths are too cute!

Chana Stone says:

I love the kneel mat for the bath idea. I hope to try it this time around.

shannon fowler says:

I love the Soapy Stories Ocean Puppet Bath Book. This would make bath time so much easier and enjoyable.

Traci A says:

There’s so much i like, but i love the Nursery Projector & Sound System.

Lisa says:

I like the Magical Firefly Soother and Projector.

Wendy Browne says:

Multistage potty! My son loves his.

Kelster says:

I love that smile and scoop!

Kara Vaughan Marks says:

I saw a laundry hamper I’d love.

Ellen Thompson says:

I saw several things that I like. I love the variety of bath toys and I like the sleeper that has the feet that roll up so they wear it to play during the day or to make it where they can continue to wear when they grow. I also like the projector and some of the other nursery items.

Sarah Bihms says:

My son loves the latch pacifiers! When he is quiet and happy I’m in heaven, ha ha.

valerie sobus says:

we have loved every munchkin product we have owned! we probably get the most use out of our snack cups :p but one thing from the site i saw that i loved was their bath toy organizer. our bath toy situation is a little crazy (just a bunch of toys in one very tiny plastic bowl that is constantly getting knocked over in our bathroom).

Jeanna MASSMAN says:

I love the Happy Gift Basket. It would be a wonderful baby shower gift.

Jeanne Coulombe says:

The baby gates are really nice I need a new one

Annmarie Weeks says:

I like their Diaper Duty organizer! How convenient & it puts everything you need in one place!

Megan says:

I also love the squirt toys that open.

Marilyn Nawara says:

The Wood and Steel Baby Gates are really nice — they look nice and are walk-thru too.

Sarah says:

I love the big duck! My daughter loved this so much when she took a bath in it and then also played in it when it wasnt bath time. I could hardly keep her out of it! I also love their water hand held cup. It’s so soft and can be gently pressed to the forehead to minimize water run down to avoid the eyes. These are both just as important as toys in the tub to play with.

Jessica Miller says:

I love the Shhh…Portable Sound Machine and Nursery Projector & Sound System

Kelsey v says:

Spout cover

Nathan Lapointe says:

Magical Firefly Soother

Velder Dixon says:

Love the latch bottle

Jen Isom says:

Oh my gosh I’m entering this and crossing fingers eyes and toes! My 16 yr old son is severely disabled and the munchkin sippee cup is the ONLY one he will use. We go through tons of them every month of course because he bites and gnaws holes in them :-/ They are a great product but not intended for 16 yr old teeth lol so we just continue to replace

Onyinye Elochukwu says:

I love munchkin sippy cups.

Tara L says:

The site is down. I will visit soon when it’s updated. If I were to win thought I’d get something for my friend she just had a baby (:

Misty says:

I love the sippy cups that Munchkin has! Best sippy cups EVER! The site is currently down but i’ll be sure to check it out once it’s up & running for new products.

Jan Lee says:

I’d like to get the Munchkin Clean tub for my niece who just had a baby a week ago 🙂

Darlene Carbajal says:

I like the snack catcher.

John says:

I liks the ducky over the bathtub spout

Jessica Padilla says:

I love that little yellow bird for the tub spout.

Angelica Dimeo says:

The soother and Projector would be amazing

kathy agate says:

I like the bathtub spout guard, so cute 7 safe!

Cynthia Gaarder says:

smile and scoop duh!

Teresa Kunberger says:

My lil man would love the bath crayons and the scuba guy

AJ says:

the bath squirts

Christina Gould says:

I love the Smile ‘n Scoop Suction Plate & Training Spoon. They are adorable. Thanks for the giveaway!

AnastasiA says:

My choice is diaper pail STEP.

Meg S says:

Love the snack catchers – those look great.

MyChau “meech” says:

I love the bath letters and numbers as well as the high capacity drying rack. Their products are the best!

Natalia says:

These photos are so beautiful. My daughter loves bath time, even as a newborn.
The munchkin brand is great. We have a few of their products.

Francine Anchondo says:

Magical Firefly™ Soother and Projector

Darlene W says:

We love bath books! There is slot of really cool bath items that I will be trying for my smallest.

meghan says:

That bathtub is so great and would really come in handy!

Susan Smith says:

I like the Paw Patrol™ Snack Catcher and the bath crayons.

Anita Jude says:

I love the PAW Patrol™ Dining Set super cute and adorable

Amanda Treon says:

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our third (surprise) baby 🙂 I’m so excited to do all the fun baby things like bath time. It’s such a great bonding experience!

Stefanie G says:

I love the munchkin Shield™ Stroller Comfort Canopy.

Edye says:

I like their milk makers!

jenna Tomaszewski says:

The travel bassinet would be so useful for us in the next few months.

Margaret Smith says:

I like the Mozart Magic Cube and the White Hot Duck Tub.

chickie brewer says:

The bath spout cover is cute and very much needed.

Antoinette M says:

I like the nursery organizer.


I love the Corner Toy Basket for my daughters room. So cute !

Azeem Isaahaque says:

I like the Miracle stainless steel sippy cup!


I love the toddler divided plates

Christy dubois says:

They have so many useful items that it’s so hard to choose. One item I love is the Onester® Long Sleeve in gingham. It would be so cute on my grandson.

Jana S says:

I Love the Miracle 360˚ Cup!!!! My Daughter brought one to our home when her and my Granddaughter came to visit. Long story short when it came time for them to leave the Hubby stated “That cup stays here!!!”.
This is by far the best cup ever invented.

Sally Guillen says:

The gift baskets would make an awesome gift for any new mommy/daddy. Takes the guess work out of what the essentials are.

Kelly D says:

I like the Nursery Projector & Sound System.

Cynthia C says:

I like the Auto Close™ gates.

Kristin McCall says:

I love the Miracle® Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup.

Cindy Peterson says:

The Happy Gift Basket would be a wonderful baby welcome gift for my niece.

Calvin says:

Loft™ safety gate, also child proofing add ons

Linda says:

I like the Miracle® Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup.

Sonja Samples says:

I love the Mozart Magic cube. I think this would go over well.

Heather D says:

I like theHappy Gift Basket. It would make a great baby shower gift.

kathy Persons says:

I like the bath squirts

Tara Kosing says:

We so need that bath toy organizer!

Shirley Emitt says:

I like the I like the Magical Firefly Soother and Projector and the STEP Diaper Pail.

Darcy Koch says:

I really like the bath squirts. Not only are they cute, but little ones would enjoy playing with them.

Julie Matek says:

I love the VIB gift basket:)

Richard Hicks says:

I like their Wood & Steel pressure gate

w m says:

i like the vib gift basket, entry pls

bn100 says:

Miracle® 360˚ Cup

Nicole says:

I like the seat savers for the car.

ruth ramos says:

the diaper change organizer

Aqdas Ahmed says:

We love the splash toddler cups. The cups are soo strong (they have been thrown, kicked, dropped, knocked around) and they are still in perfect shape!

Wendy R. says:

The Light My Way™ Nightlight is adorable! I’m going to be a grandma for the first time and looking at these things adds to my excitement!!

Sara Perrera says:

Wow looking at their website they have so many products that I had no idea they made. I like the look of the diaper pail.

Speed bottle warmer

Jessica L. says:

I like the White Hot Duck Tub. Adorable!

Luna S says:

I really like their organization selection.

Sarah VM says:

I love the Miracle® Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup.

Kelsi says:

I love the Magical Firefly Soother and Projector!

Ashley B says:

The Miracle® 360° Trainer Cup

Jessica Mcfarlin says:

I love the Munchkin Squirtin Bath toys especially barnyard friends.

Ali says:

The Anywhere™ Bottle Warmer & Cooler sounds amazing warms and then cools if it gets to hot.

Anne Higgins says:

Miracle® 360˚ Cup – seen them in action and very impressed!

Adrienne Gordon says:

I like the Miracle® Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup

Lisa L says:

I love this! Magical Firefly™ Soother and Projector

Lisa L says:

I love this sound machine!

Tanya cox says:

Would love a bath mat or bath letters.

Kenia says:

I know my twins would love the Miracle Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cups!

Alena Svetelska says:

I really like baby organizer…with shelfs to put small it

Ronda Patrick says:

My favorite are the trainer cups and the bath tub faucet covers!

Beth Hern says:

Magical Firefly Soother and Projector.

Maranda H says:

We need some of the organizers if we had the extra money!

Nicole Zerbini says:

I am loving the Safety Swan Tub!

Sonya Morris says:

I love the Lulla-Vibe™ Vibrating Pad!

Stephanie Crane says:

This is awesome!

Ashley C says:

I like the click lock bite proof cups

Lauren Hamilton says:

I like the hello kitty gate

Aubreyanna Williams says:

This would be nice to get when u have 2 wonderful kids that you love!!! My fingers are crossed!!???????????

Mellissa C says:

I also like the Duck Dunk bath toy.

sandra says:

i love their Smart Shade

Mary says:

I love the night-light baby in car mirror because i can see my daughter in the backseat even at night

Tom Bellamy says:

I love the Miracle® Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup.

Cami Valenzuela says:

Love the VIB gift basket. Love theyeverythng they have.

Janet OBrien says:

I would choose Nursery Projector & Sound System

Cassandra D says:

I like the Miracle® Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup.

Angela P says:

they have the best sippy cups and snack cups.

Robin Abrams says:

I love the GoBoost™ Travel Booster Seat

Darlene Owen says:

I love the munchkininc romper

Misty Rose says:

I love the go shop shopping cart cover. I use it whenever we do go shopping it is easy to attach and to take off too. It is comftorable for my daughter and I feel better using it . I dont leave the house without it.

Jessica Matheson says:

I love the Miracle 360 Trainer Cups I use them for my toddler all the time. They are the best I have found.

Darla Peduzzi says:

I really like the Miracle 360 cups.

Marci says:

I like the Miracle® Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup

Love the ocean bath squirts and so does my tiny tot!

Jennifer P. says:

I also love the Fold ‘n Go Travel Bassinet, Cover Guard Car Seat Travel Tote and SmartMove Car Seat Transporter. We have a vacation coming up, so I was drawn to the travel section of their products and happy to see some great options!

Nancy says:

I love their products, especially this one: Smile ‘n Scoop™ Suction Plate & Training Spoon.

Christa Bengtsson says:

I really like the White Swan.

aaron reck says:

Probably the gates are my answer but I would like to look around more. Thanks so much.

Bernardina sims says:

I love all the great sippy cups!

Nicole M says:

The firefly projector look like a great item to have in my daughters’ room.

Sandra Watts says:

The first thing I saw I loved. The CleanSqueeze™ Mold-Free Bath Squirts – Scuba/Shark.


I like the Sleep™ Safety Bedrail

DeAnna Keller says:

Love the Out-N-About Trunk Organizer & Changing Station!

DeAnna Keller says:

Love the Out-N-About Trunk Organizer & Changing Sta.tion!

Diane Sabatini says:

I like the Nursery Organizer

I love the Out n about Trunk Arranger and Changing Station

Catherine Robichaud says:

I really like the Diaper Duty Organizer. I would be great for any nursery.

Tina says:

I love the White Hot Duck Tub. It is so cute

Noura A says:

Love the speed milk warmer x

danell palmer says:

I love the Nursery Projector & Sound System

Debra DuBois says:

The Wood and Steel Baby Gates I really need one they are very nice.

Ronald Gagnon says:

Miracle® 360° Trainer Cup

Pat F says:

we are introducing a cup and am excited to give the Miracle 360 a try!

Pat F says:

We are introducing a cup and am excited to give the Miracle 360 a try! Excited to try!

heather w says:

I need the easy close gate!!

kathy Agate says:

the squirt toys are great

shay says:

love the clean squeeze bath toys! (especially that cute little hammerhead shark)

kristi says:

Nursery Projector & Sound System, its so calming

cheryl larimer says:

I love the Miracle® 360˚ Cup and the CleanSqueeze™ Mold-Free Bath Squirts. So many quality cute things to pick from!

Erin G says:

I’ve never used it but I’d love to try the kneel mat for the bath. Looks very helpful!

Rachel says:

Love the clean squeeze bath squirts!

Randi J Cook says:

My favorite is the “high n dry organizer”.

Denise Low says:

I think that the DuckDunk bath toy is just so cute.

Sonya Morris says:

Somehow the link I put in the form showed some Business Formation site and I hit enter too soon before I could change it! Here is the correct link:

Haley says:

I like the nursery projector

Clarissa Hiciano says:

I love the Diaper organizer!

Donna James says:

360 Trainer cup

Annalisa K says:

I really like the Steam Microwave Sterilizer

Anita Anderson says:

I like the gift set for the newborn Latch system.

Jack B says:

I like the Splash Toddler Cups.

Tabathia B says:

I like the Arm & Hammer™ Multistage™ 3-in-1 Potty


I love a lot of what I’ve seen on Munchkin! I think the Nursery Projector is incredibly cool and calming. The bath products are cute and super functional.

Sarah Cool says:

I love the VIB Gift Basket, it has so many awesome items in it

Leeanne C says:

I really do love the VIB gift basket perfect for the special little one arriving into the world. Has so many different munchkin items that are new born ready. Give it as a gift or pick one up for yourself for your new baby.

ERIN says:

I love the Magical Firefly™ Soother and Projector.

Lance M says:

Mozart Magic® Cube

Sara S says:

I’m intrigued by the Magical Firefly Soother and Projector 🙂 so many fun items!

Charles F says:

Some of these neat bath products are really quite amazing!!

Heather Kaufman says:

I like the SaraBear® Diaper Caddy

Lisa Babs says:

i just got lost on there website. They have so many usefully organizing items… like the stylish SaraBear® Diaper Caddy

andie says:

I think the sterilizer seen here would make a great gift: Steam™ Microwave Sterilizer

Liz N. says:

I love the i-Hide™ Backseat Organizer! My car could USE this!!

Laurajj says:

Oh I really love the SmartCover™ Infant Car Seat Cover! That would be perfect for a new mom we have been helping.

Kristie says:

I like the Steam Microwave Sterilizer

clynsg says:

Right now I would go for the bath toys, since I just found out that my youngest grandchild really has none so far.

I really like the “on the go travel accessory kit”.

Jeremy McLaughlin says:

Like the laundry hamper.

laura bernard says:

love the bath toys!

Karen Runey says:

I love our Munchkin Nursery projector!!

Stephanie Liske says:

I love the CleanSqueeze™ Mold-Free Bath Squirts – Scuba/Shark!! They are so cute!!

Casey Kuntz says:

I absolutely love the Magical Firefly Soother and Projector! This would make a wonderful shower gift

Deb says:

I love the Magical Firefly™ Soother and Projector.

Gillian Basinger says:

I like the Easy Close XL gate.

Cassandra M says:

I really like the dot bath kneeler that they have. i never knew you could buy their products direct. i love the website.

JoAnn F says:

I like the Magical Firefly™ Soother and Projector.

Kari O says:

I love the 360 cups or the Fold ‘n Go™ Travel Bassinet!

Jennifer Marie says:

I like the bath crayons!

Renee Koehn says:

I need the bath mat so bad.

Sheri Newell Anderson says:

The Happy Gift baskets look so fun for gift-giving, thanks!

Gillian Basinger says:

I love the diaper duty organizer!

Missy says:

I like the Love-a-Bowls.

athena graeme says:
The rubber duckie tub is amazing, my daughter loves her rubber duckie, having a tub would make her lose her mind!

Gillian Basinger says:

I love the Clean Electric Sterilizer

Ellie Wright says:

My favorite is the Nursery Organizer

Ed says:

I heart the White Hot Ducky!

kathy pease says:

I love the Miracle® Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup

Carolyn Daley says:

I would love to get the Auto Close baby gates and the White Hot Inflatable Safety Swan Tub.

Sheila Romingef says:

The magic Firefly looks so neat.

Sarah C says:

I’d love to try their 360 cups! They look awesome!

Sherry Lambing says:

I like the Arm & Hammer™ Multistage™ 3-in-1 Potty!

krystal wethington says:

Miracle® Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup

Jennifer H. says:

I like the Shhh…™ Portable Sound Machine.

aurora PL says:

There’s a lot of things I would like but initially LATCH™ Newborn Gift Set

John H. says:

Out-N-About Trunk Organizer & Changing Station

paula peterson says:

I love the Shield Stroller Comfort Canopy, because I’m on the go alot

Jerry Marquardt says:

I like the bath accessories the most of all the items available.

Leela says:

The Elevate Booster Seat.

Jane Jakins says:

bath spout duck

Gillian Basinger says:

I like the miracle 360 trainer cup!

Lyndsey r. says:

I like the Clean Bath Tub product.

DanV says:

I like the Splash™ Toddler Cups

Sherri Bailey says:

I like the lulla-vibe vibrating pad! What a great idea!

Jamie Martin says:

360 Cup!

Christian Alejandro says:

I liked the Night Light™ Baby In-Sight® Car Mirror

Wonderful plastic bath accessories for the child. This is the best review and good explanation. My child plays this tools when bathing.

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