Use This Easy Tutorial to Make an Inexpensive Scrunchie Holder Using a Cricut Joy

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Since finishing Ty’s jungle room makeover, Jayda has been begging me to work on fixing up her and Lee Lee’s room. I do a little better with a theme I can plan around so she took some time to think it over and ultimately decided she wanted a Percy Jackson-themed room, or a Greco-Roman theme. 

DIY scrunchie organizer

We still have a ways to go but I enjoy tracking the projects in real time bit by bit as we complete them. Our latest project was this DIY scrunchie holder. She has so many scrunchies that always wind up all over the place and hard to keep track of. So this helps keep them organized by making a place for all of them. It only cost a few dollars and I was able to customize it and make it fit her room perfectly using my Cricut Joy machine. 

DIY scrunchie holder tutorial using a cricut joy machine.

Here’s how we did it. 

DIY Scrunchie holder supplies

DIY Scrunchie Holder Supplies

  • 1in diameter PVC Pipe 
  • Scrap wood, or a piece of wood trim
  • Superglue
  • Sandpaper

For the Customization

Scrunchie Holder Tutorial

Step 1: Cut PVC pipe down to size. We bought a 2ft pipe and cut it in half using a handsaw. About 12in seems to be a great length to hold plenty of scrunchies and not look too tall. 

Step 2: Sand the pipe down to make it smooth, remove any gloss, barcodes or markings. 

Step 3: If you’d like you can paint your stand in this stage. Then set aside to let dry. Since we were going with a white color and the pipe cleaned up well after sanding we didn’t worry about painting. 

DIY scrunchie holder tutorial using a cricut joy machine.

Step 4: Add some customizations! Since we are going with a Percy Jackson theme we wanted to add some mythology flare so we decided to customize it with the phrase “goddess” and “Daughter of Athena”. I typed it up in the font I liked then exported it as a PNG and uploaded it in Cricut Design Space and set it to cut. 

How to use a cricut joy machine for beginners.

Step 5: Apply the vinyl. Once it’s cut I peel off the excess vinyl from the sheet (this is called “weaving” if you watch the tutorials). Then I stick it to transfer tape to get it off the paper backing, then apply the vinyl to the base of the scrunchy holder. 

How to transfer vinyl from a cricut machine.
How to transfer vinyl using a cricut machine

Step 6: Use superglue to attach the pipe to the base. If you used a handsaw to cut the PVC pipe, make sure to glue the flatter side to the wood board so it can lay flush.

DIY scrunchie holder tutorial using a cricut joy machine.

Step 7: Let dry then add scrunchies and enjoy! 

DIY scrunchie holder tutorial using a cricut joy machine.
DIY scrunchie holder tutorial using a cricut joy machine.
DIY scrunchie holder tutorial using a cricut joy machine. Gold scrunchie tower.

Any questions? Going to give it a try? Leave a comment and let me know or DM me a picture on Instagram!

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