Use This Disney Movie Bracket to Plan Your Disney Movie Marathon

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If you’ve just signed up for Disney+ and are totally feeling the overwhelm on what to start with and how to watch all of this amazing Disney content, you aren’t alone. I feel the same and my family and I have a huge head start with out existing Disney movie collection. However there’s a lot of original content to enjoy, and my kids and my husband have barely scratched the surface on Star Wars and Marvel. But if you’ve missed a good chunk of the Disney Classics or just want to take a long stroll down memory lane. Or catch up to us, this post will help you plan for that Disney Movie Marathon.

If you came here already knowing you just want the Disney Movie Bracket, you can click here to download it for free. If you want the updated version including Frozen 2 you can download that version here.

I’ve already created several Disney Movie checklists for you. You can print your free Disney movie classics checklist, your Disney Pixar movie checklist, a live action Disney movies checklist, and even your Disney sequel checklist. But today’s list will help you decide on an order you may want to go in, as well as deciding your family’s favorites.

About a month ago I had the kids sit down with me and go through our Disney movies and give each movie a point value then added them up to choose our top 10 Disney movies. If you want to have a Disney movie marathon and aren’t sure where to start check out our top 10 list. So if you want to start with the BEST Disney movies, start here.

Our Top 10 Disney Animated Movies

10. The Princess and the Frog

9. Tarzan

8. Wreck it Ralph

7. Big Hero 6

6. The Lion King

5. Aladdin

4. Ralph Breaks the Internet

3. Zootopia

2. Moana

1. Tangled.

If you don’t trust our opinion of the best, and want to know an overall consensus? For the next week, until Disney Plus launches I’m taking votes in an Ultimate Disney Movie Bracket. After all of the math involved in figuring out our top 10 I think a Disney movie bracket woulda been an easier route. Maybe we’ll re-do it and update this list accordingly.

The Ultimate Disney Movie Bracket

Never have my husband and I bonded over Disney as much as we did these past few weeks as he helped me figure out how to make an official sports-style bracket for Disney animated movies. He taught me how to seed them, and he made me promise I’d tell you guys that the seeds were determined by our “official seed selection committee” which consisted of us and our kids. So don’t get mad if your team–I mean movie–Isn’t paired well (I told him ya’ll wouldn’t get mad about this stuff). But basically that puts the “highest ranked” movies with the “lowest ranked” ones in the first round, and depending how the votes go the best of the best should be facing off in the final round.

Also, he told me for this to work correctly we needed 64 teams. So even though there are just 57 movies in the Disney Animation Studios cannon (58 in a couple weeks once Frozen 2 is released, in which time yes, we will have to re-do this) I had to choose 7 more to complete the bracket. The movies I added (let’s go ahead and call these wild cards) were movies I felt could squeeze in almost undetected: A Goofy Movie, Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach, Return to Neverland, Frankenweenie, Jungle Book 2 and Planes.

Most of these weren’t seeded very low… Or is it high? I need to ask my husband. So I suspect they’ll be eliminated fairly quickly. But head over to my Instagram and watch my stories to cast vote and see who won in the daily bracket.

Disney movie bracket

I’ll fill out the bracket as we go along and you can watch the movies in that order, or fill out your own blank bracket with your family to see which ones are your favorites. You can download your own for free Disney movie bracket right here. You can start the Disney movie bracket and complete it as you work your way through the Disney movie marathon.

Finished this Bracket already and want a new one that’s mixed up and including Frozen 2? Check out this one! And download it for free here.

disney movies ranked

What’s your favorite Disney movie?

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