Who is the Greatest Disney Princess? Use This Bracket to Help You Decide


Are you trying to determine which Disney Princess you relate the most? Check out this The Ultimate Disney Princess Bracket Challenge. Just in time for World Princess Week.

When I was little my sister and I would watch The Beauty and the Beast on repeat. We’d flip our robes over and tie them around our waist to act like Bell with her apron or her big beautiful ballgown.

As children, many of us fell in love with Disney Princess movies. We loved the big pretty dresses, their adventures and fun songs, and of course, the happily ever afters. But now that I am a mother to kids who like to watch these movies, I can see the animated characters as symbols of human issues and traits.

Take Another Look at the Disney Princesses

We may have viewed them as examples of kindness and truthfulness in the past. But watching them through an experienced adult’s eyes, together with the help of hilarious but insightful internet memes, some people see Disney Princesses to have a lot of baggage and issues that we don’t want to pass on to our kids. But the way I see it, they exude a type of ‘Girl Power’ that goes beyond simply defeating Hans or returning Te Fiti’s heart. They have courage, conviction and even represent life struggles we all face, be it yearning for a parent’s approval or struggling with one’s identity. 

We all have our favorite princesses from our childhoods. Maybe she’s the one that looked the most like you or perhaps you envied her ginormous library (anyone else want to live in Belle’s library?!). But I think it’ll be fun to look at all of the princesses again. Take a look at the qualities they each exhibit throughout their movies, how they conquer their fears, and what bigger messages and themes they represent. Take another look at them and see which ones stick out to you the most. Which traits do you love? 

To help you determine which Disney Princess you relate to the most, I created a Disney Princess Bracket! These are all qualities I appreciate in Disney Princesses and hope that my children pick up on when watching these movies.

How the Bracket works

We have our contenders paired up on both the left and right sides (mostly old school vs new school). Based on the information I provide, the paired-up princesses will compete against each other. Every round has a winner, and the final two battle it out in the arena of Girl Power.

It’s up to you. You decide which qualities you appreciate and relate to the most. It can get tricky at some points as you may understand more than one quality in more than one Princess. Be confident in your choices and trust your gut!

Note: Though Elsa wasn’t a princess in the movie for long, and Anna became a queen also, I’m still including Elsa and Anna in this bracket because they were Disney Princesses for a hot second, and as much as Disney tries to keep Anna and Elsa in their own little Frozen world, as far as I’m concerned, they’re on the same stage with the rest of them.

Disney Girl Power Bracket

Snow White

Does the word ‘brave’ even suffice here? Snow White was abandoned in a forest! Can you imagine finding yourself in that situation? Through friendship and compromise, she kept her positivity.

Disney Princess Bracket Challenge -  Snow White
Walt Disney Animation Studios


Her story is one that so many, unfortunately, can relate to: an abusive household. Cinderella’s kindness always shone through, even in the darkest of moments. Being true to yourself and not letting a harsh world change you is not easy.


A character rooted in history who stood up for her people, was open-minded about other cultures and cared for Mother Nature. Need I say more?


A Princess of the Sea who knew what she wanted and went after it. If your life is comfortable and privileged, it’s easy to stay there. Ariel’s adventure is all the more impressive because she left behind a world she knew and was healthy in for the unknown because, well, she wanted to!

Disney Princess Bracket Challenge -  Ariel


Though sleeping for a decent chunk of the movie, Princess Aurora is a testament that Girl Power comes in many forms, and the feminine form is no less powerful. She loves dresses, enjoys singing, is soft-spoken and sophisticated. Not only is she loyal, but her kind and dignified presence demand loyalty from others. I have a feeling she made an excellent queen after the credits rolled.


In my opinion, Princess Jasmine invented the archetype of the rebellious Princess! Aladdin would have been much shorter and boring if she had just married a Prince when her father ordered her to. But she stuck to her guns and persevered. She believed that she could run the kingdom alone, and ultimately, she married for love. Lesson: do not let society or conventions dictate your future!


‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ This lesson was practiced over and over again by Belle. Whether a person is a good person should not be determined by their appearance. The villagers applauded Gaston for his muscle, but that man was…well, mean. Based on wealth, possessions, and looks, Belle is the Princess with the least superficiality.

Disney Princess Bracket Challenge - Belle


Like the title of Merida’s movie suggests, this Princess is Brave with a capital ‘B’. Merida fights patriarchal traditions at every step of the way while in a dress. She has a beautiful independent spirit and takes responsibility for her actions.


princess and the frog screen grab for black history month movies
Walt Disney Animation Studios

She is hardworking, bordering on a workaholic, kind, and fierce. Tiana shows us that in reality, no one else can accomplish your goals but you. A strong work ethic, willingness to sacrifice, and refusal to take the easy road are what propels her to financial success and personal fulfillment.


Born with magical powers that she hides from a young age, Elsa has to learn to accept who she really is. She has a lot of strong will to be able to hold in her powers in an attempt to help others. Elsa is gentle and loving, and very powerful once she learns to harness and embrace her magical gift.

Disney Princess Bracket Challenge - Elsa


This Princess was literally kidnapped away from her loving and capable parents, locked in a tower for years, isolated from society, and, during that time, basically sucked off her energy and brainwashed into believing that blind loyalty to elders is what keeps you safe. However, when she does meet other people, she displays kindness, curiosity, and generosity. She changes her life because of her determination. She might still be stuck in that tower without it. Lesson: the first step is the hardest but the most rewarding.


Moana knows exactly who she is and will not compromise that for anyone. As a proud member of her heritage and culture, she uses it as a weapon when fighting for the people she cares about.


This woman saved China. Need I say more? Okay, maybe just a little bit. Mulan was a warrior. This is commendable in and of itself, but she did it at a time when women were not allowed on the battlefield. To save her father, she sacrificed her youth and comfort, choosing genuine friendships over superficial ones.

Disney Princess Bracket Challenge - Mulan


Princess Anna teaches us that family is forever. Despite living an isolated childhood after her parent’s death, she never held it against her sister, empathized with Elsa’s struggles, and went to save her when she knew her sister was in trouble, even if it was from herself. Empathy and courage are a spectacular combination.


Raya is headstrong, loyal, and wise for her age; the list of her positive attributes is endless. One thing no one can dispute is her ability to persevere. She is a very dedicated and loyal character who fights for her beliefs and uses her wit as much as her blade.

There you have it. Who won?

Regardless of the outcome, I think we can all agree that Disney Princess has at least five admirable traits for every flaw. We all can benefit from improving or adopting their qualities. Girl Power doesn’t have a set template. Women like these are proof of that.

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