Two and through?: He says/ She says

My son is only 10 months old (today!) but people already love to ask if another little sprout could be in our future.

My answer? Probably not. Not a definite no, and definitely not a blatant yes.

I absolutely love the baby stage, I love being pregnant, and I love my kids, and our life. But that’s partly why I think we could be two and through. I’m not sure I’ll want to throw a wrench into the groove we’ve got.

It would be awesome if I could rewind and relive these last four years. While hard, they’ve been a blast. But when I think about the future, the potential seems even more exciting.

While riding in the car alone with my husband, I was dreaming of vacations with our family of four, and the slew of sporting events and extracurricular activities we’ll attend.

loving-siblingsJust then it hit me.

“I really think I’m happy with just two kids. I don’t think I want anymore,” I confessed to my husband.

“You have no idea how much you’re turning me on right now,” he said in response.

Who needs lingerie when vasectomy talk counts as foreplay?

No promises I won’t change my mind, but for now, I’m thinking I’m through at two.

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  1. Too many people subscribe to the notion that they must replenish the earth. (Though, your babies are adorable, and the earth should be flooded with such cuteness…) I would NEVER change having the 5 kids that we have. But I applaud people who can be comfortable with what they have and make the conscious decision to stop. (Had we made that decision, our financial life would be significantly different!)
    Enjoy your sweet babies!

  2. This is SO us! Not that we don’t love kids just that we came from large families and can objectively see the benefits of a family of 4 and no more. After this one arrives in June we’re done. I texted my husband today: “We’ll be empty nesters at 52!” Forward thinking . . .

  3. It’s funny, I always imagined as a girl and a younger woman that I wanted a big family, at least three or four kids. Not until recently has it occurred to me that I let a lot of childhood ideas about myself go and that’s completely reasonable. So maybe this will be one of those instances where a good life means something different than I originally imagined.

  4. Funny, because I have two sons (one of who is 10 months on Feb 5 just like yours :)) and everyone keeps telling me: “Now get a girl then you finish completely” and I’m like huh??? LOL, I love the way people keep asking these things. But with my two boys I’m done – like completely over and out, I’ve left that department.

  5. LOL at your husbands response! I always find it odd the way that others always have something to say about the number of children you have. If you have two of one sex people almost always ask when you are going to try for the other just once more but then if you have over three(we just have #4 in November) everyone asks “so you’re done now right?” not that it is any of their business but nope we don’t plan on it and I say to each their own! I think it is more important to except what your limits are or what you are wanting instead of feeling like you have to go one way or the other.

  6. Oh I remember these conversations with my husband. We spent the first 20 years of our relationship childless. Now we have 2 and it was a plane ride (of all things) that opened the door for #3. A simple conversation about rows of 3 and someone always being the odd man out with as much as we travel, led to a ridiculous amount of laughter and I guess acceptance that one more wouldn’t be so bad after-all.

    Your children are beautiful!

  7. I hear ya! I have two boys, currently 7 months and 19 months…I always hear the “good to get it out of the way” comment, but seriously!?!? That’s not how I think of it and the “53 week” span between the 2 of them was way too quick. I think I want to do it again, but I need a breather! 🙂

  8. We have two boys: 4yrs and 3mo!!! Two is harder. I had my tubes tied so we are done. My head and body say no more. My heart loves cuddling babies. I’m 37 this year so I’m thinking I’ll get past this feeling.

  9. I love your blog. After 1 boy and twin girls I must say I am through! Only wanted two but grateful for the extra blessing. No more though. I can’t wait to get backt to some kind of normalcy.

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