I feel like a prisoner strapped to a ticking time bomb. I don’t know when it will go off but if I leave a certain radius it’s sure to set off a trigger and explode–and we’ll be screwed.

I’ve already organized the nursery.
Gotten Snoop’s shots, nails trimmed, and fresh bath.
Had the house cleaned (and kept up with it).
Pampered myself with a spa manicure/pedicure.
Got my hair done.
Found a pediatrician.
Packed our hospital bags.

And now I have a sudden urge to do totally irresponsible things that maybe I shouldn’t do in my stage of pregnancy:

Walk my dog at 11pm–In the hood.
Pre-purchasing midnight showing of Eclipse tickets, which premiers 5 days past my due date.
Go on a 6 hour trip alone (1.5 hours driving each way and a 3 hour church session in between).
And go on a potentially bumpy boat ride.

I never thought I’d be one of those people itching to have the baby out at the end of a pregnancy. I never understood the difference between a couple of weeks, it’s not that much time. And really–This pregnancy has been super easy, and I’m still sleeping well. Yes, sleeping. Which I know I’ll be missing soon.

Oh, and I know so many moms are thinking to themselves “enjoy your rest!” I promise I am, I sleep over 8 hours a night only with brief sleepwalking trips to pee. I’m resting A LOT… It’s deciding what to do when I’m NOT resting that’s driving me nuts.

I’ve been ready for this baby since I decided to throw out the birth control, I’m just ready to meet her already.

Part of the problem is work. Every day I show up at work at least one person says “You’re still pregnant?” No… Actually I just LOOK like I’m still pregnant. I had my baby last week but decided to come back to work. Maybe it SEEMS like I’ve been pregnant forever, and trust me, I’m ready to be done as much as you’re ready to hear I’ve birthed my baby, but the fact is I haven’t even passed my due date.

I have done all of the major things and all that’s left are little frou frou things that I can’t even get myself to do. If I’m going to be waiting around and want to “relax” and “get my mind off it” then I’d at least like to not feel contained. My OB never told me to stay within a certain time/distance limit of the hospital, however I have a feeling it’s a good idea.

I’m doing a story this week with kids on ski boats and if I’m going to report on it I might as well be on the boat! I don’t want to stand on the shores burning up just watching! I’m sure it’s not DANGEROUS. Though I won’t want to be stranded at sea… I’ll make sure I can get to shore quickly if need be. There will be ambulance–Convenient in case I need to deliver right there. I’ll double check with my OB just to be sure but as long as riding on a boat can’t cause brain or shock damage to my unborn child I’ll go for it.

One of my readers recently told me she basically set another due date, two weeks after the date her doctor gave her so if the baby arrived before then she’d be happy, and not expecting it before then. Brilliant idea that I wish I had thought of before. But no… I’ve had June 25th circled, starred, and paper chained to celebrate this special day which she’d arrive on–Or hopefully before. Stupid, stupid me!

I conversed with Dr. Google about due dates with first time moms. According to many sites first time moms average 8 days PAST their due date! How could this be? All of my first time mom friends have gone early! I suppose if 5 out of 10 go late, and 5 friends I know have gone early then I’m bound to be one of the 5 who goes late. No… I can’t be one of the less than 5% who has her baby ON her due date because I already know two people like that.

I did also read on one of the sites that women of color tend to go earlier. Who the heck knows why, or if that’s even true. That article was written in the 90s.

I can’t sit around. It gets SO OLD. And blogging can only entertain me so much. And then when I’m home with my new baby I’ll REALLY be at home a lot–Busy with her of course, but talk about cabin fever!

I was talking with a friend at work last week who said she brought her little girl to this thing called “baby day” at a theater in town the last time she was on maternity leave. It’s Tuesdays during the day, and the lights are kept up a little so you can feed them and stuff. Plus there’s lots of other babies around so no one feels bad for having a crying baby nearby.

I’m not sure if I’ll feel up to going out and sitting in a theater with an infant but I’m trying to think of easy outings so I won’t go crazy at home. Walks with Snoop… And possibly movies will be the extent of my outings most likely. Granted we are taking trips to see family during my leave too, I guess that’ll be enough excitement for a new mom… Which I’m ready to be!

I don’t mind waiting for her to make her arrival but I’d at least like to walk on the wild side a little while I wait. Someone stop me from doing something crazy. First, late night strolls in the hood, next stop: Six flags.

Update: I wrote this last night when I was ready to pull my hair out. Youtube has since helped ease my boredom and I’ve had an epiphany for something more constructive and less destructive I can do while I wait for Lil’ J’s arrival.–That’s to learn this dance before my due date. Wish me luck!

Any other ideas to take my mind off of possibly flying past my due date?

Want to learn the dance with me? I’m using this guy to teach me 😉

And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and Future Daddy’s out there!

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  1. *hugs*
    I was 10 days past my due date with my first and 9 days past with my son. The worst part is (and this won’t happen to you, I promise) I went in to have my first induced and I asked to go home after 6 hours and no dialation. I was not about to stay there forever. Talk about not wanting to face ppl! At church they were all like “I thought you had your baby? Where is she?”

    Oh I was NOT happy waiting for Lizzie to show up. Not at all.

    Really the hardest part about waiting is the remarks you get. I have read your tweets and other posts, so I know you know this – that going later is healthier for the baby than going earlier. But no one thinks of that when they act all shocked that you might *gasp* reach or even go past your due date.

    As long as your OB says the boat is ok I say go and enjoy yourself! It will be so great to get on the water and get your mind off all this ancy-ness.

  2. With my first child, my doctor wrote me out of work as of my due date and I ended up being 13 days late. Sorry, prepare yourself. A friend of mine gave me an awesome suggestion. Make a list of “treats” for everyday you go past your due date. Spa appointments, lunches at nice restaurants, etc. That way, even if you don’t have a baby you at least have something to look forward to each day. Also, I watched the entire first season of Grey’s Anatomy while I waited to go into labor. If you don’t watch Glee, may I suggest that as a good distraction? Here is a good clip especially considering your Beyonce clip…

  3. Can waaaiiit to see you do the dance! Bless your heart, she’ll be out sooner or later and you’ll either way she’ll be perfect and you’ll ( just about) forget that June 25th was your due date and you’ll be thrilled with whatever date she chooses to be her Birthday, your BIRTH-day! Have fun with your activities. As long as you are both safe, then why not?

  4. Whatever you do, DON’T try the castor oil! Oh my goodness. I tried that with my first and I thought I was going to die. AND it didn’t induce me at all. It just made me sick and I have to camp out in the bathroom for hours. Don’t try that. And it tastes like h***. 🙂 Good luck with your wait. Lil J will be here before you know it.

  5. With my 1st I was exactly 1 week late… which just made me think how funny it was that her due date (November 12th) was given to me by the doctors. BUT in the back of my mind, my whole pregnancy I was going by when I KNOW I conceived… which gave ME the due date of Nov. 19th and that’s EXACTLY when she was born. So maybe she was 7 days late, but according to my calculations she was born on the due date I gave her.

    And the cabin fever thing, for me it did get worse. I would get excited about going to the gas station and would beg my dad to let me ride with him just because I needed to get out of the house.

    It does get better though.
    Like you said, it doesn’t help to be told to “keep ur mind off it” but just try. Time will fly by if you do other things.

  6. Lol… I would just be careful doing the hip swivels in that song! Looks like fun though.=) And all that jiggling around might help loosen things up in there.;)

  7. I’ve heard going over speed bumps in a car puts some women into labor, so maybe going on a bumpy boat might do it for you. My friends doctor told her to try an ATV ride around her property (she lives on a dairy). She said she had a few good contractions from it.

    I was 6 days late with my first, but early with my other two. Maybe she’ll be here right on time!

  8. LOL! I love that tutorial. He moves better than Beyonce’s backup dancers in that video!

    I know how you feel, and I have 8 WEEKS to go! I just want to meet her, I’m not really sick of being pregnant because of any difficulties, I simply want to see my baby’s face.

    I like the idea about making a list of treats for yourself as the days go by. I’ve always wanted to punch people who ask pregnant women “are you STILL pregnant?” as if THEY are the ones who have had to go through your pregnancy. And yes, later is so much better for your baby than earlier. She is comfortable and happy in there, so let her enjoy it as long as she can. You are doing beautifully, and when you, God, and Lil J are ready, she will make her grand entrance! Love ya!

  9. a) i think we are going to need video evidence of your dance moves, preferably while still pregnant.

    b) if you really want to go into labor, make the temple trek. in my world that would be a surefire bet. as soon as i got the nerve to leave town, the dam would break, literally.

  10. It is my due date today…and I feel the same way…just waiting. In fact I did a post about avoidance yesterday:) I think it is worse that we had a c-section scheduled for Tuesday because he was breech and when we got to the hospital ready to meet baby he had flipped (he is head down now)! They sent us home and now we wait… My mom is flying in to help out this week, and I am going to have to come up with things for us to do before baby now.
    So…just know I am right there with you…although I don’t know if I will learn the dance:)

  11. Nellie was 3 days late, which isn’t bad in the scheme of things. My doc had actually set an induction date, and that NIGHT I went into labor, ha ha!

    Here’s a funny website that I send ladies who are at the VERY END of their pregnancies to… Next time someone asks, “Have you had that baby yet?” send them here:

  12. Oh please be careful on that ski boat. We don’t want anything to happen to Lil J. Yes, waiting for your little one to arrive is the hardest part. Thank goodness you didn’t have to go on bed rest. Talk about going crazy.

    Besides learning the Single Ladies dance, you could always work on the art piece you were thinking about making to go over her door frame. Then there’s the 4th of July tutu you still haven’t finished and a new dog collar and matching leash for Snoop. Shopping for some cute fabric should take up a few hours.

    Tuesday, you could do a MomTv segment. Haven’t seen one in a while. Maybe some of the other moms could give you some tips on how to naturally induce your labor! I think the walking is good, but maybe not so late at night. Safety first.

    And I’m sure that hanging out with friends is always fun. You could host a meet and greet to get to know some of your blog followers who live close to you. You never know if you’ll meet your next best friend or not.

    I think the Baby Day at the movies sounds great. I wish we had that hear. Lord knows I’ve walked out of two movies this past year because Moo got a little bit chatterish. Other non-overwhelming places include the mall. Just put Lil J in a stroller and put up the visor on the carseat. That will deter people from asking to touch her.

    A little retail therapy can solve even the strongest cases of Cabin Fever. The mall became my bff after Moo was born. Strangers commented on her being beautiful and kept it moving. Just hang in there.

  13. I’ve been in your place five times, just embarking on my 6th (at only 8 wks, it’s a ways off). It’s not fun but enjoy this last little bit of time before baby comes. Everything will change in ways you can’t even imagine.

    And congrats! I’ve lurked but never commented.

    Dancing: check out Put a Sling on ‘Em – a baby wearing tribute a la Beyonce.

  14. I know how you feel being my 6th baby is coming in 4 weeks or so. I had my first 3 all on their due dates,but most people I know have theirs sometime within a week of it before or after…so even if you have to wait you prob won’t have to wait too long…just hang in there !

  15. This helps me set realistic expectations about when I might expect my baby to show up once her due date gets closer in September.

    She will be here before you know it!

  16. I hear you. I was so impatient that I BEGGED to be induced and I knew which doctor to beg and they did. (Which I don’t recommend cause if I could go back I nvr would have done it) It will get here sooner than you think :). I wish I had some more ways to pass the time but I think you have most everything covered. Have you asked about a membrane sweep? I nvr had it but I’ve heard it helps get things started.

  17. I was lucky. Only one day past my “due” date with #1 and 4 days early with #2. Those dates are totally random I think since really, unless you only had sex once in the past year you don’t really KNOW exactly when you conceived and then all babies develop differently, they aren’t like baking a cake 🙂

    I’m not sure what to suggest since you’ve taken care of all the things that you really should do before baby arrives. Maybe reasearch some play groups for new Mom’s? That’s one thing I wished I had done more after my first was born: get out and meet other new moms!

  18. It’s so funny reading this post b/c I felt the same way..especially about the co-worker comments. Ironically, our thoughts were almost identical to my Soo Anxious ( post back in March…like I totally had my baby and decided to leave her home while I rejoined you wonderful people…NOT!

    ps. Sleep is evasive with my nearly 3 month old wanting to party all night long. Mama is tired!!! So sleep even when you’re not sleep just so you can say, I sure did get plenty of rest while I was pregnant. LOL

  19. Chloe came 6 days late and now that I look back on it I see how funny all the things were that I did to try to get her out!! I wish I would have relaxed more and did a few more things before she made her grand entrance. She’s 6 months old now and hubby and I still haven’t had a date-night since she’s been born. Sex doesn’t happen much more either… so if I were you I’d have tons of sex!

  20. Lol, learning the dance might induce you! He is good though considering he’s a bloke! Real good idea! I felt the same cabin feverness when I had swine flu just after christmas..i was stuck in bed for 4 weeks! good luck!

  21. So excited for you! The waiting does get tedious (can’t do anything too fun or too far away. It feels like your world shrinks to work, the livingroom and the nearest grocery store). With both of mine I worked up until the day before: if I was feeling fine and they weren’t here, I wasn’t burning any vacation/leave days!

    The first time I had a breech baby, so a scheduled c-section the week before my due date. I had a VBAC the second time, 9 days over due(!). I’d actually gone to the hospital to get my induction/c-section instructions for the next day and went into labor in labor and delivery. Yes: super convenient! Except for having the 2 year old with me and having to frantically call hubby and parents to come get her as contractions kicked in. Still, once the epidural took hold, I tweeted my progress. :-)

    I always tell new moms to trust your gut with a new baby. We have so much technology and information at our disposal that we forget even (very young) women in developing countries give birth and raise kids every day just trusting their bodies, their babies and their instincts. If you feel up to getting out: go! Just carry sanitizer b/c some people can’t resist touching a baby (even a new one) and it creeped me out not knowing where their hands had been.

    The movies are great once you’re comfy with traveling with your girl. The first few weeks they just eat, sleep and potty, so I found it to be a good time to catch up on movies since you can wear the baby and just feed her while you’re sitting there, even at regular non-mommy movies.

    Hang in there and please keep chronicling these last lazy days of rest. As a busy mom to a baby, you will look back on them fondly/wistfully before you know it.

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