Transition period

Tomorrow I’m flying to Utah to visit family and attend my brother-in-law’s wedding. I’m flying out a week earlier than my husband because… Well, because I can now that I’m not tied down to a full-time job. Of course I’m bringing my laptop with me, and I do have about mmmm… 13 deadlines during that time frame. But I’m hoping the change of pace will let me get those things done quickly so I can relax, take some leisurely photos, maybe even organize my digital photos (is it’s sad when these are the things I consider fun nowadays?).


It’s only been a couple weeks since my last day working as a full-time employee. Since then I’ve found myself saying “yes” to more projects than I expected.

My eyes have been opened to an entirely new world of being “self-employed.” I make my schedule, accept the amount of work I want to take on, and decide when and how I’m going to make it happen. I usually choose the days and times I’ll go into my station to shoot my stories around my husband’s schedule. He’s not too happy about getting less alone time/ gym time/ sleep time, but hello… Welcome to my world. I try to get my tasks done within a few mornings, then I give myself Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends off from going into an “office.” Pretty much every night I have to write something, because if I don’t have an immediate deadline, there’s always one within a few days. If I write at least one piece a night I can stay on top of my load.

I made my first major business investment since this transition. I bought new editing software–Final Cut Pro  X, so I can write, edit, and send in my news pieces from home, or this week… While away on vacation.

I don’t know how it’s possible, but I feel like just in the last week and a half or so I’ve had time to reflect and discover more about myself. For one, I absolutely love having a career. I thought I’d be ok if nothing panned out and I only focused on being a mom, at home with my kids, but I thrive having an additional passion to sink my teeth into.

Then, being at home more, even though I’m still busy with work is just plain awesome.


I’ve been teaching my daughter random vocabulary words, and whatever else I feel like teaching her, and that has probably been one of the most exciting parts of spending more time with her. She is seriously a little sponge ready and waiting to absorb anything and everything I throw at her.

I’ve challenged my husband and myself to start using different adjectives when talking to her to see what she picks up. Sometimes she doesn’t get it at first, and she’ll ask “Pestering? What does that mean?” Then the next thing I know she’s telling me “Stop pestering me mom. I want to be independent!” It has a resembling to my captivation for a Furby pet I had a long time ago. I was so excited to teach it my language. Unlike my daughter, the Furby left me disappointed because it wasn’t learning fast enough. My daughter is thirsty for more knowledge, and I’ve got buckets full I’m ready and thrilled to throw at her.


Another revelation I’ve had during this transition is cleaning isn’t so bad. I still don’t like it, but it feels so nice once I’ve tamed the beast that is my house.

We’ve been super busy with playdates, kids activities an field trips, but the one thing I’m dying to do more of is just capture more sweet pictures of my kids. Ya, I know… Like I don’t have enough. But seriously, I don’t think I do. Not from these last couple months, aside from my 365s. I’m especially lacking photos of my daughter who is also growing up so fast. I’ll do better.

I am really happy with how things have been going and I can only hope they continue to go this well. I’m still finding my groove, but so far, this transition is pretty amazing.

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  1. How do you store all your pictures? I take so many of my children too, but need to figure out how to store them. Living our passions is the best thing life can offer us. 🙂

    1. I agree! So storing the photos. I’m still perfecting a system but so far I have them backed up on my external HD and the original copies on my local HD. I am backing up to Flickr and DVDs too. Once I get all my backups current ill start deleting off my local drive.

  2. You’re only going to love it more as time goes by, you may even find yourself becoming a homeschool mom, teaching your own kids is exciting and exhilarating and VERY freeing. I have been teaching my almost 5 year old for kindergarten and may bring my 7 year old home since I’ve been able to teach multiplication and other math skills faster and more effectively to my 4 year old than the teachers have taught my 7 year old. (He also learns more over the summer than at school)

  3. Hope you guys made it to Utah safely! Glad that you are transitioning to staying at home well. Isn’t it great to be able to have that unlimited one on one time with the kiddies? I love being able to hang out with Moo and Bud and going to playdates or whatever else we want to do each day.

  4. I love this. I love being a mother and working too. Your pictures are amazing. I’m going to message you for some tips!! Play date for reals when you get back from Utah!!

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