Trains: Who is More Obsessed, Me or Him?

Rivaling my son’s obsession with trains. We were gifted some tubs of trains from friends who are moving past this stage and I’ve been sorting through them, finding which pieces go with which sets. I’ve helped him map out elaborate plans across the playroom with his wooden tracks.

I’m bookmarking train accessories on Amazon and trying my best to resist the urge to get them before Christmas.

I brought another gifted plastic set over to my mom’s for him to play with when we visit her house.

Train lover

I’m strategizing a bedroom makeover from his whimsical jungle nursery to freight trains and railways.

I’m wondering how this happened. I went from princesses and dress-up to wheels and tracks, and to be honest I love them just as much. He loves Thomas but he doesn’t train discriminate. He has never watched an entire episode of Thomas and Friends but he will watch a goof half an hour of freight train video on YouTube kids. trains-and-trains-galore

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  1. During my childhood Days i also love toy trains and play with them.This post memorized my old days and i like the way you share this.Thank you so much.

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