10 Best-Selling Lightyear Toys Your Kids Will Love


Come in, wannabe Space Rangers. Wannabe Space Rangers, come in. Do you read me?

The new Lightyear movie is out, and in soon you’ll be able to stream it on Disney+ as much as your hearts desires. Your kids may want some of the toys to go along with it.

In Lightyear, we get a look at Buzz’s “origin story” – If you read our ‘Lightyear’ review you know we weren’t buying that it was the movie Andy watched that started his obsession, however it was still a fun movie with some positive messages. And with every new Disney-Pixar classic, comes a whole new range of merch. This time, Buzz-inspired and a couple of these we got for our kids and they’re totally in love with.

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Check out my top 10 picks of the Lightyear merch coming from Mattel, LEGO, and more below!

1. Mattel Laser Blade Buzz Lightyear Action Figure, Disney Pixar Lightyear

Bring in the action with this talking Laser Blade Buzz Lightyear Action Figure with lights, motion, dynamic sounds, and our favorite Buzz phrases! 

Buzz is kitted out in the one, and only Alpha suit from the movie and is easy for fans of any age to pose and manipulate. Let the battle for the galaxy begin!

2. LEGO Disney Pixar Lightyear Zurg Battle Set 

Great for the LEGO lovers! Blast off into the world of Lightyear! Kids will love firing their lasers to try and stop the evil Zurg in his tracks with only the coolest weapons: a wrist laser, blaster, and stud shooter! 

3. Mattel Space Ranger Alpha Buzz Lightyear Action Figure, Disney Pixar Lightyear

Dressed in his Space Ranger Alpha suit, Buzz is on a mission to protect the galaxy from evil Zurg. This figure is perfect for small hands and can be used to recreate Buzz’s signature moves and get him ready for imaginative battle, flight and exploration!

4. Mattel Disney Pixar Lightyear Space Ranger Training Visor Roleplay Toy

We love this one! With this exciting wearable toy, kids can recreate all the action and adventure from the movie. The clear front panel has a high-tech look and opens and closes so your kids can train to become a Space Ranger like Buzz Lightyear!

5. Mattel Buzz Lightyear Action Figure and Hyperspeed Series XL-15, Disney Pixar Lightyear

Relive the excitement of space exploration, conflict, and teamwork in Lightyear, with this incredibly detailed piece from the Hyperspeed Series Fleet that features fold-out landing gear and matching figures that bend to sit in their cockpits! Will you collect the whole fleet?

6. Disney Store Sox Medium Soft Toy, Lightyear

We couldn’t talk about my favorite Lightyear toys without mentioning the adorable Sox! This super-soft robot cat comes with a nametag and recites lines from the movie. Funny story–We got this plush before the movie came out and Lee Lee was quoting him on opening night! He continues to be one of her favorite bedtime companions!

7. Mattel Disney Pixar Lightyear Laser Blade DX Roleplay Toy

Our personal favorite! It’s like a lightsaber ya’ll. This 16 inch long sword-like blade emits a super cool blue light, and battle sounds to encourage the reenactment of some of the vine-swiping scenes in the movie – or dreaming up new ones! Perfect with other Lightyear role-play items like the Space Ranger Training Visor above!

8. Mission Pal SOX Plush

Featuring LEGO’s Buzz Lightyear and Izzy figures kitted out in their signature helmets and armor, this set is sure to bring Lightyear’s exciting adventure home. Kids will love recreating scenes from the movie and can even invent their own action-packed battles! 

9. Mattel Zyclops Figures and Hyperspeed Series Pods, Disney Pixar Lightyear

Another addition to the Hyperspeed Series Fleet, this impressive set includes two Hyperspeed Series Pods and two Zyclops figures. It’s sure to ignite the kids’ imaginations!

10. Mattel Zyclops Large Scale Action Figure, Disney Pixar Lightyear

Calling all Zyclops fans, this one’s for you! This fierce robot is eager for some creative battle play. Featuring 11 movable joints and movie-authentic detail, this Zyclops is ready to take on Buzz and his team!

And that’s a wrap! I’m always thrilled when a new movie pops up to spark my kid’s attention, and Lightyear did just that! 

Have you had a chance to watch Lightyear yet? Let me know in the comments!

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