Toothbrush Sharing: He Says She Says

We stood in the bathroom side by side when I examined my toothbrush.

Wait, did he just use my toothbrush? Has he been using the right one?

When I confronted him about it, he didn’t think it mattered anyway.

He Says: No big deal. …We make out.
She says: That’s nasty!

What say you?

~M says:

If that’s the Sonicare Flexcare+, we have the same toothbrush and love it! We share the “motor” portion, but have our own toothbrush heads, which we tell apart by size (mine is the compact one, his is regular) and/or color.

MelindaB says:

no sharing. 😉

MommyJ says:

Oh, holy nasty. Just cause you have sex, you wouldn’t share toilet paper, would you? I didn’t think so…

Sarah says:

Sometimes I use his because he has a nice electric one and I have a manual.

Never thought about it being like toilet paper. Who considers their toothbrush as gross as used toilet paper?

It might be gross, but I was honest. We are sharing lots of other bodily fluids and germs 🙂

carly says:

NASTY!! you may make out but you don’t dig the plaque from between each others teeth!

Destiny says:

I think sharing a toothbrush is bad hygene. My husband disagrees. Somethings, though, should just not be shared.

@~M, He does have a different toothbrush head for this toothbrush, that’s not gross, and not what I’m talking about. I asked him if he used my toothbrush head and he said “No, but if I did it’s no big deal we make out…” Yuck! haha

@MommyJ haha, I don’t think it’s the same as TP but some people DO use family cloth. We don’t… I think that’s gross, but that’s another topic. haha.

@Sarah I was beginning to think it was a guy/girl thing but I guess some just don’t think it’s a big deal. haha. This should be an interesting poll.

katy says:

We share the handle portion of an electric toothbrush, we have our own heads. 🙂

If there was only 1 toothbrush wherever we were and the option was to share or not brush? I’d share. But I’d wash the heck out of it between brushings and I would not make a habit out of it! 😉

Once I accidentally used Hubby’s toothbrush…so he threw it away. He claims research shows it’s super germy to share. I’m too lazy to look it up, but now I’m more careful!

Sky says:

I say, gross.

Cindy says:

Well, yeah, but we brush our teeth before we make out, don’t we?

B&U&I says:

I would never, ever share my toothbrush.

Maybe I’m just weird but I can’t even share a bath towel with anyone. My in-laws are all the type that will use whatever towel is available. So when we visit them I get a brand new towel each day just to make sure that no one else has used it. When we got married I made sure to let my husband know that under no circumstances is he to use my towel, haha. I know that when you get out of the shower/bath you’re “clean” but the thought of sharing my towel still disgusts me.

Mary says:

I don’t think it’s very healthy to share toothbrushes. Sharing plaque germs and all that.
However, I have used my hubbies once before on a trip, because I forgot mine.
When hubbie forgot his and I offered him mine, he was grossed out and went without brushing at all. Which grosses me out!
To each their own, right?

Betsy says:

My husband and I have been married for almost 27 yrs. In a pinch, we’ve used one another’s toothbrush. It started years ago when we were camping and one of us left our brush behind. I thought it was gross to share but we were desperate! Who wants fuzzy teeth and bad breath? So we shared the brush. Nothing happened. We both lived without any lasting effects from the grossness of it all and neither one had to smell the other’s unbrushed breath! To this day when we end up one brush short, I just try not to think of it and BRUSH!

@Cindy VERY good point!! haha.

@B&amp wow, I’ve never met anyone who feels that way about their towels. That’s so awesome, haha! I am all about sharing towels so long as he doesn’t wipe his butt with it then I need it for my face. I only dry off my body so I’m cool with that. Glad you told your hubby up front about that though. haha.

@Mary, haha. I think I’d go without brushing before I’d share. I know that’s gross too but eeeeh, YUCK!

Smile Steady says:

Maybe it’s gross to some, but I am a dental hygienist, and my husband and I have shared a toothbrush before. More than once…

It does get rinsed really well after each use, though! And I happen to know that we both have excellent oral health!

Vivian says:

Good point, if we are already sharing saliva, germs,etc through kissing, why not through toothbrushes??? Regardless…NO WAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Abby says:

Nasty. That’s just gross. Wanna know other things I’m particular about? Bath towels and pillow cases. If hubby uses my bath towel, he can keep using it and I get a clean one. I always tell him, “mine’s the white one and yours is the green one” but that makes not difference. And the pillow case thing- no idea where it came from because I’m not a particular germ freak or anything, but it totally wigs me out to think of sleeping on someone else’s dead skin flakes, much less their slobber. Also, on trip where I take my pillow in the car, I take 3 pillow cases: one for the ride there, one to change to when I sleep, and another for the ride back. Now that I say it, I sound really ridiculous.

Em says:

Nope! It’s nasty! My DH doesn’t think it’s a big deal, though. I also don’t like it when he uses my deoderant. Blech.

I say that’s gross, my husband, well, he’s ok with it.

He’s got a good point, but stilllll…

Mindy says:

Sounds like the exact conversation I’ve had before.. yuck!

Randi says:

repulsive. no sharing.

Kristen says:

I am a dental hygienist and sharing toothbrushes can be a no no.

If your husband has periodontal disease or gingivitis there might be bacteria on the brush that would transfer to your mouth and put you at an increased risk (if you don’t have periodontal disease or gingivitis).

If your hubby is insistent on sharing a toothbrush, sonic care makes a UV sterilizer that would help.

I have the same brush, my hubby and I use different heads and the UV sterilizer.

[ker-AND-uh] says:

I say it’s all good. But my husband HATES it. lol

Sandy says:

Ewww! That’s yucky!

ashalily says:

If you can kiss you can brush in my opinion. I only do this if i forget my toothbrush when traveling and I can’t get to a new one right away.

kp says:

The thought of sharing a toothbrush makes me want to vomit. I’d much rather put the paste on my fingertip and “brush” that way. Then again, I still struggle with the grossness of kissing at times (even as mom of soon-to-be-6) so mine might not be the most objective response.

i’ve used his before, not gonna lie. lol

Seana says:

I guess I may be the only one here…but I agree with your husband. My germs are his germs and vice versa. No big deal. I would rather share his tooth brush than walk around with morning breath. YUCK

EEWWWW – Gross! I may make out with you but I’m not all up your gums and plaque!! No, no, you keep your toothbrush and I’ll keep mine!

Quiana says:

nope, that IS disgusting! when i kiss DH my tongue is not scraping each of his teeth so it’s not the same.

Kira =] says:

honestly just depends on how lazy I am. The kids always seem to lose my toothbrush so if I have time to go hunt it down then I’ll use it. Otherwise, I’ll just use his. Hey- It’s better than me going around without brushing right?

He hates when I use it, but considering the alternative (not brushing) he deals with it.

Jessica says:

me and hubby use each others toothbrushes on occasion 🙂

We have the same argument. In a hurry, he reaches for any toothbrush and I am totally grossed out when I reach for my toothbrush and it’s already wet.

carolpie says:

No no and no. LOL

We sometimes forget to bring two toothbrushes on vacations etc. We both think it’s not that big of a deal. As long as you wash it off well there shouldn’t be any gross plaque residue from the other person.

EmberRose says:

Not okay. NEVER okay. I have sex with you but I can not drink behind you or share your toothbrush. It’s just what it is.

LOL, oh yes, the toothbrush debate, luckily, my husbnd and I agree on this one. NO SHARING, of course unless its not avoidable, but other than that, no sharing.

Sarah says:

Well I am glad to see that there are a few others out there who don’t think it’s absolutely revolting to share when necessary or just on occasion 🙂 I felt like I was gonna be the only one.

@Abby with the pillowcase- that is a little ridiculous! 🙂 Lol.

I completely agree. Though, once I accidentally used his brush. He didn’t care, but I gagged a little. Get this: my siblings all share toothbrushes. They throw them in the dishwasher after they’ve used them so I guess it’s the same as using the same glasses. But my sisters share deoderent. Now THAT is nasty.

marie says:

LOL!!! Why is the deoterant nasty? When I was a teenager my mom bought us one deoterant for three teenage girls. Sometimes it was the spray kind and sometimes it wasn’t. You put it on right after you shower, not after you work out, so I really don’t see why it’s so gross.

YUMMama says:

I’m to have to agree that if you make out or have sex with a person then you should be able to share a tooth brush. After all if they have any germs, you’ve already caught them. Now, I wouldn’t make it an everyday thing but once my toothbrush feel in the toilet and the hubby was suggested I used his and I did.

If I cant find mine (i swear, it has legs and gets up and moves…), Ill use my hubbys but only rarely.

I get that we already share germs but why share even more with each other!

Plus, I like having a pink toothbrush!

Dagmar says:

NO! Unless we forgot one at home and are gone for more than a couple of days in the wilderness.

Dagmar’s momsense

Mrs. K says:

Love the hubs but no toothbrush sharing here.

Iiona says:

HAHAHA! That is one thing I can’t share, LOL! In a pinch I would rather take the toothpaste on my finger and finger brush and “gargle” with the toothpaste and water…

I know, I know we share so many other things but… there is clean-up in between those clean-ups. I can’t even share my drink with my kiddos, i actually take a last gulp and give it to them… ((shudders))

I’m special and I know it, but I would rather finger brush over sharing a toothbrush!

Anonymous says:

that is just GROSS!!!!

marie says:

Eww. In a pinch, I guess it’s ok, but not regularly. I’m pretty sure the germs in our mouth can transfer. I used to be the kind of person who was like, NO ONE TOUCH MY TOWEL as well, but my husband doesn’t care, and I’ve learned to adapt. I still keep super freaked out though when an in-law comes to visit and I realize they have used my towel, or worse yet, my body sponge!

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