Tips for Meeting ALL of the Disney Princesses at Disney World

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If you have a princess fan on your hands this post is for you. Theses tips for meeting all of the Disney princesses at Disney World and the questions to ask them.

Still on my Disney high. Bear with me. I’m officially in love, and documenting our family’s magical obsession is going to be a new addition to this blog in a section I’m calling “Making Magical Memories.” I’ll probably throw in other non-Disney adventures from time to time but for now, I’m continuing with the Disney World tips for the Princess Fans.

As I started planning our trip to Disney World I wondered what my daughter would enjoy more: The rides, or meeting all of the Disney princesses. It was a surprise visit, so I couldn’t outright ask her, but I tried to in a roundabout way.

“So some day, if we go to Disney World, which would you rather do there, meet all of the Disney princesses or ride the rides?”

Without hesitation she exclaimed “Meet the princesses!”

Tips for meeting all of the Disney princesses at Disney World. Where to find them and when, plus questions you can ask them for more interactive fun, photos and magical memories that will last a lifetime.
I knew my son would be all about the rides. I worried he’d be afraid of any character in costume more than just a dress after discovering his fear of the Chick-fil-a cow.

One reason deciding where we’d spend a portion of our time beforehand is because you can choose “fastpasses” and bypass a big chunk of the line for three things a day. (You can actually choose more after you use those three but I’ll get into that in another post later).

I spent a lot of time researching which attractions had the longest lines and from that, deciding which ones I think my family would like most. Other things that didn’t have an extremely long line, I figured we could just wait and ride/ meet in the regular standby line.

I had heard that Anna and Elsa were the most difficult fast passes to get. Because they’re the newest princesses (of an incredibly popular movie) people literally wait hours to meet them. I thought early February when crowds are relatively low, the line wouldn’t be so long but even still the wait was always over an hour. But that’s an hour well spent because after all the goal was to meet all of the Disney Princesses, right?

Luckily I kept checking for fastpass availability and by the day before we left I had reserved three for for my daughter, my husband, and myself.

I also had reserved fastpasses for Cinderella and Rapunzel because as I frequently checked the MyDisneyApp (download that while you’re planning!) I’d check wait times and they’d get pretty long for them as well.

Ok so for meeting all of the Disney Princesses and making that experience awesome, I think it’s important to really get into the magic of Disney. My daughter was SO excited to meet each princess and while we waited in line we talked about questions she could ask her. It helped her not be as nervous when she approached them because as much as she talks, she can be so bashful.

You can really ask them anything because they are trained to have the entire movie memorized and with great improv skills. Looking back I wish I had jumped in and interacted more with the actual princesses.

Meeting ALL Of The Disney Princesses


Where to meet Tiana.

Tiana we met right out of the gate. She was coming towards us when Lil J yelled “MOM! It’s your favorite princess! LOOK! It’s Tiana!”

She’s set up at Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. There’s no fastpass option for her, and she comes out for about 40 minutes each hour. We didn’t have to wait in line too long, and frankly we were all just excited to be meeting our first princess.

Lil’ J asked her what it was like being a frog and Tiana said in her beautiful southern accent “It was so slimy honey! Don’t ever go kissing frogs, or anyone for that matter!”

Tips for meeting ALL of the Disney princesses at Disney World. Where to find them and when, plus questions you can ask them for more interactive fun, photos and magical memories that will last a lifetime.

She also asked where we were from and when we said Texas she said “Oh I’m right next door to you!” And I thought really?! For a moment and she said “I’m from Louisiana!” Duh! It clicked with me.

Some other fun questions to ask Tiana could be:
When did you start to actually like Naveen?
Do you ever go see Mama Odie?
How’s the restaurant going?
Is Louis still playing his trumpet?

Ariel (in her grotto)

Tips for meeting ALL of the Disney princesses at Disney World. Where to find them and when, plus questions you can ask them for more interactive fun, photos and magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Next we met Ariel. Lil’ J’s favorite princess and probably the one we waited the longest for. We could have used a fastpass for it, but it said the wait was 15 minutes and I thought it wouldn’t be so bad. It ended up being more like half an hour, but it wasn’t so bad. My husband went to play with our son while we waited.

There were fun shells and stuff to look at in Ariel’s grotto. She asked me if I thought she’d be swimming in her fins, and how she could breath outside of water while we waited. I reminded her mermaids can breath under and above water.

When it was our turn Lil’ J was SO excited and in so much shock she couldn’t remember her question. Ariel pointed to her shirt and said “Oh you’re a sister!” Do you have a sister or a brother? Lil’ J said a brother, and I said “Ariel has sisters” and Ariel said “Yes, I have lots of sisters, I have six!”

Meet Ariel in her grotto.

Lil’ J was so happy and just in shock, so she pretty much sat and smiled the whole time, forgetting that she wanted to ask her if she preferred her legs or fins.

Some other fun questions to ask her might be:
What was your favorite item you collected in your trove?
Will you do a fish-face pose with me?
What do you think of people eating fish?
How do you get along with all of your sisters?

Next Lil’ J had her princess makeover at Bippity Boppity Boutique before meeting the Frozen sisters.


Tips for meeting ALL of the Disney princesses at Disney World. Where to find them and when, plus questions you can ask them for more interactive fun, photos and magical memories that will last a lifetime.

She met Anna first. And boy was she hilarious. She patted my daughter’s bun and said “Oh my goodness your hair feels completely frozen! Have you been playing with my sister?” It got a chuckle out of Lil’ J, and she still talks about that today.

I don’t think she remembered to ask them any questions. She meant to ask how Sven was, and what kind of chocolate was their favorite but forgot. The interaction was still so adorable and worth it. I think I got quite a bit on video, but I still need to edit it all together.

Questions to ask Princess Anna.

Other fun question to ask Anna:

Has Kristoff proposed yet?
What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?
Do you want to build a snowman?


Check for fastpass to meet Elsa. Elsa and Anna are really popular characters to meet.

My daughter was so excited to meet Elsa, and I think a little more warmed up. I believe we asked her if Olaf was enjoying summer and she said he’s loving the beach. I just asked Lil’ J and she says she asked her what’s it like having ice powers and she says Elsa told her “It’s fun” but I’m not sure that’s really how it went down.

Elsa was very regal and sweet, just as I’d imagined her to be.

More questions for Elsa:
Are Olaf’s hugs really warm?
Did Marshmallow (the giant snowman) ever give her tiara back?
What does do you think of Kristoff?
Did you know Hans was bad all along?

Halftime Tip: Character Dining

The next day we went to Epcot, where we met five princesses at one meal at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. Definitely worth the pretty penny if you ask me. If you want to make sure you meet all of the princesses during a short trip I highly recommend booking a character dining meal either here or Cinderella’s Royal Table. Cinderella’s was closed for our visit but I’ll definitely be booking there next time. Because the princesses you meet there rotate, if you can book a reservation early in your trip you can quickly figure out who else you need to meet during the remainder of your visit.

You never know who you will meet when you reserve a seat for character dining.

Make sure you book early. Six months out if you can. Also be sure you have your cameras ready! The princesses come around fast and you’ve gotta take your own photos at the table. Personally, these were some of my favorite photos since the lighting was so good.


When you walk in you’re greeted by Belle. Be sure to give her a hearty “Bonjour!” I can’t remember if we thought ahead about a question to ask her. But I’ve thought of some fun ones since then.

Princess Belle

Questions like:
What’s your favorite book? Or do you have any book recommendations for me?
What book are you reading right now?
What’s your favorite invention by your father?
What’s your favorite dress? The gold one? Blue one? The red winter one?


Everyone loves Cinderella.

Cinderella came around to our table and hugged our daughter. She was SO excited to meet Cinderella it was so cute! She didn’t ask her any questions this time, but the second time we met her (at the same time we met Rapunzel) she asked her why her slipper fell off and Cinderella said: “Well, my fairy Godmother made it the wrong size to begin with, but she made me new ones in the right size, and with straps!” It seriously made her day. Cinderella autographed her book directly to my daughter when she saw her the second time. So sweet!

Questions to ask Cinderella

Some other questions to ask her:
Show me your ballroom dance!
What’s it like riding in a pumpkin?
Has your fairy Godmother paid you any more visits?
How are your stepsisters doing?

Snow White

Snow White was so soft spoken and kind we didn’t ask her any questions because we were awestruck, and Lil’ J had food in her mouth.

Snow White

Now we’d ask her something like this:
Which dwarf is your favorite?
Do you still like apples?
Did you ever thank the huntsman for saving your life?
Do wishing wells work?

Sleeping Beauty/ Princess Aurora

We were so impressed with Aurora’s beautiful pink dress I think that’s all Lil’ J got out “I love your dress!”

Tips for meeting ALL of the Disney princesses at Disney World. Where to find them and when, plus questions you can ask them for more interactive fun, photos and magical memories that will last a lifetime.

More questions we’d ask her next time are:
Do you still like to take naps?
Are you sleepy a lot?
Do you like your dress more pink or blue?
Do you prefer to go by Aurora? Briar Rose or Sleeping Beauty?
Which fairy is your favorite?

Ariel (on Land)

Meet Ariel On Land at Disney World.

Lil’ J was just as excited to meet Ariel in a dress as she was to meet her with fins. She was sure ready to ask her question this time. She asked her if she likes having her legs better or having her tail better and Ariel knelt down and had a long sweet answer for her that she told Lil’ J very softly.

I heard part of it, her telling my daughter that she loves having legs to walk with Eric, and being in the ocean with her family. When I asked Lil’ J what Ariel said she said she couldn’t understand because she was talking so fast and that Ariel didn’t know. Ha! So luckily I heard parts of it. It was really sweet seeing her interact with her favorite princess. I think she was too in shock to pay attention to much of the answer. But I’m glad she was brave enough to ask.

Later that day, continuing through Epcot, we met other Princesses in their “lands.”

Jasmine and Aladdin

Jasmine and Aladdin meet and greet.

We met these two lovebirds in Morocco. It was raining outside, so we met them inside a room with a bunch of lamps and tools. One of the Disney cast members told us we could touch them but that the Genie froze them in place.

They were so fun. Aladdin complimented me on my outfit, and told me I was beautiful *blushes*. It was raining and I was actually pretty gross. I told him I was inspired by Jasmine. She complimented me on my jewelry. Lil’ J asked them how Abu was and they said Abu didn’t smell very good right now because it was raining, and he had some more snacks to eat.

A couple of young women ahead of us spend a good several minutes with them taking photos in many different poses and really getting into it.

Tips for meeting ALL of the Disney princesses at Disney World. Where to find them and when, plus questions you can ask them for more interactive fun, photos and magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Some other questions we’d probably ask next time:
How’s the genie enjoying his freedom?
If you could have one more wish what would it be?
Can I go for a ride on your magic carpet?
Is Jafar still locked in that lamp?
Have you ever flown on an airplane?


We met in China at Epcot. We went to meet her twice but just missed her meet and greet times. Luckily the cast member let us in at the end of the line to meet her right before her break.

Where to meet Mulan in Disney World.

We wanted to ask her about Mushu and Captain Shane but I think we were just mesmerized by her beauty. I’d have a lot of questions for her as she’s tied as my favorite princess.

Questions like:
How’s Captain Shang? Did he stay “forever” like your grandma asked? Or just for dinner?
Do you like this matchmaker dress or prefer your army getup?
Has your lucky cricket brought you any more luck?
What was it like saving your country?


Where to meet Pocahontas in Walt Disney World.

We met her at Animal Kingdom. She was one of Lil’ J’s favorites to meet and talk to. By this time she had warmed up to meeting most people. Pocahontas was so kind and greeted us by saying “wingapo!”. Lil’ J asked her what her favorite animal was and Pocahontas said the sea otters, then said the falcons, and she named a few others and the reasons she liked them, and finally said she couldn’t decide.

More questions we’d ask her:

Did you end up getting married?
Have you ever ridden the Kali river rapids here? How does it compare to the rivers in your village?
How far have you paddled in your canoe?


Princess Merida at Walt Disney World.

We met when we went back to the Magic Kingdom. We had to wait quite a while to meet her too. But you can color or to archery while you wait, so that was nice, though we opted to do it after we met Merida.

Lil J asked her what it was like when her mom was a bear and Merida told her (in Lil’ J’s words) that it was kind of scary but then she got to be a nice bear. I also overheard her mention that her brothers were also bears, which we remember from the movie.

I got have a little of this on video, so I need to go back and re-watch it. Merida was super cute and funny. She noticed Big T on my back in the carrier and said hi to him, and complimented Lil’ J on all of her curls.

Tips for meeting ALL of the Disney princesses at Disney World. Where to find them and when, plus questions you can ask them for more interactive fun, photos and magical memories that will last a lifetime.

More questions we’d ask:
Were your brothers more trouble as bears or little boys?
How did you learn to be so good at archery?
What’s your favorite part about being a princess?
Do you think you’ll ever find a prince you’d like to marry?


Tips for meeting ALL of the Disney princesses at Disney World. Where to find them and when, plus questions you can ask them for more interactive fun, photos and magical memories that will last a lifetime.

She was the last princess we met, and we met her and Cinderella quickly using a fastpass. She was just as funny and spunky as I imagined and had a lot to say to Lil’ J but I couldn’t hear much. Rapunzel asked my daughter some questions before she could ask her but Lil’ J didn’t respond much. Rapunzel asked a question Lil’J wasn’t sure how to answer and Rapunzel said she must be like Pascal and could change a lot.

Meet Rapunzel and ask her questions.

Next time we meet Rapunzel we will probably ask her something like this:
What’s your favorite use of a frying pan? Do you always have one with you?
How long does it take you to wash your hair?
Where can we find Eugene?
Do Maximus and Eugene get along now?

Tips for meeting ALL of the Disney princesses at Disney World. Where to find them and when, plus questions you can ask them for more interactive fun, photos and magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Of course you can really ask them anything, and the characters like Mickey and Minnie, and other non-face characters are fun to interact with too, and will dance and respond to you in silly ways. These are just some ideas to get you started.

In 2017 Walt Disney Pictures will be releasing what should be their 14th Disney Princess movie: Moana. Right now it’s set to be released November 23rd 2016. It will feature a Polynesian princess on an epic voyage. I can’t wait to see it and will definitely add her to our list for meeting all the princesses on our next trip to Disney World.

Have you ever asked a Disney Princess a question and gotten an interesting response? We hope this helps you in your quest of meeting all of the Disney princesses!

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  1. As I was reading this in my email I couldn’t think of my favorite princess. I like them but I didn’t really have a favorite or so I thought… I about died when I saw Merida!!! She’s my favorite Disney Princess! Now I want to go to Disney World 🙂

  2. We are going this fall and I have no idea how my daughter will do meeting the princesses. I know my son won’t be too interested in meeting them, but we will have to see Rapunzel since that’s my daughter’s fave. This is a great round up!

  3. Thanks for all the awesome tips. I’m taking the three girls this summer and I can’t wait for them to meet all the princesses. And how were you able to reserve the fast pass? Just wondering so I can prepare for this summer. Thanks!

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  7. What a beautiful article and photos. Literally brought tears to my eyes these women are so pretty in their costumes and shine in every way. The details in the fabric and hairstyles, the placement of the fingers when posing — these small touches bring the fantasy to life in a very real way. After reading many negative reviews for Disney World and how the “magic” is gone I am thankful for this article for helping me to believe again.

  8. Thank you, thank you!

    In all my (crazy) planning for our upcoming Disney World trip, this has been the single most helpful and relevant article. All my girls care about are the princesses, and we are trying to keep it a surprise while making it as tuned to them as possible.

  9. Wow! You were able to meet all the Disney Princesses…congratulations! We are doing a cruise next year but my daughter wants to meet all the princesses too. Which park do you recommend to see the most princesses as we will have only one day to visit Walt Disney?

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  12. We just got back from DL and omg I was not prepared for the questions with the princesses! 🫣 We had more than a few awkward encounters. Thank you for these questions! They’re so thoughtful and great jumping off points for us for next time 🥳

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