Tips for Doing Disney on a Budget


It’s not a surprise that we are big Disney fans. You’ve seen me review countless movies and dish out some of my favorite tips for making memories on Disney vacations. You may not have known this but I also know a thing or two about doing a Disney vacation on a budget.

Disney World for preschoolers #DisneyKids

My kids have been to Walt Disney World four times (I had to ask my daughter because I missed a trip). I’ve taken them each to Disneyland once and we’ve done two Disney Cruises. We actually had another Land and Sea trip booked for last month, but with Sneaky’s impending arrival and Zika warnings in the Bahamas, we decided to postpone our fun for another time. It’s ok though because had I gone I wouldn’t have met Oprah (more on that later).

Just yesterday Big T said he wants to go to Disney World again and I got so nostalgic for all the fun we had. Taking a Disney vacation can be very expensive, so I try to save in certain areas when we go. This means we usually bring our own snacks and/or lunches, and remember to pack things like rain ponchos so we don’t have to splurge last-minute on buying them in the park.

I have plenty of tips for you to save you money as you plan your trip. Today over on the Alamo Scenic Route blog, I’m dishing all of my tips for taking a Disney vacation on a budget. Check it out and let me know if you have any tips to add from your own experience!

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  1. You can save so much money on a Disney trip by planning ahead. The savings really add up when you do simple things like bringing your own snacks and rain ponchos. Then you can afford to treat your family on something special such as a character breakfast

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