#Thirtythankfuls 4: My first baby

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#Thirtythankfuls #4: My Pup Snoop.


little girl and dog
This may come as a surprise to the people who have known me a while and know how much I used to rave about Snoop before I had kids, or to people who are like “Wait, she has a dog? Why doesn’t she ever mention him?”

Truth is, he’s kinda been just in the background lately. But I’m thankful for him, because despite my neglect, and his severe fall from grace, he’s still the most loving, sweet dog I’ve ever met. By far the best dog I’ve ever had in my entire life, and I’m grateful for him.Snoop-and-Ty_0029-copyBig T has just “woken up” to notice him more lately and I know they will just be all over each other once he starts crawling. He already strains to get close to him when he sees him, and Snoop is the gentlest with both kids, despite occasional tugging, squeezes, and horseplay.  102713_0008-bw-copy102713_0012-bw-copySnoop-and-Ty_0033-copySnoop-and-Ty_0026-copySnoop-and-Ty_0038

Even though I don’t pay him as much attention as I used to, he still gives me a “puppy pedicure” when I get home and licks my feet and toes.–You may find that disgusting but it’s really quite delightful.

Snoop, my first baby and last dog… I love you!


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  1. That is something I worry about now with my dog “brownie” he is like my first child and now that we are TTC it really is becoming an issue, I feel like I am overcompensating now by giving him so much attention. I am however glad to see that the older the kids the more they interact with the kids!!!

  2. I can totally relate before we had our children we had our dogs. Gracie, our first dog is like my first child, she was there while we were trying to conceive to love us unconditionally and I stayed up late with her, showered her with toys, fancy hair cuts and she went on all car rides with us. I made her a scrap book, she had a fancy first birthday party and a cap for her graduation from doggie school. Then our 2nd dog Bella came along, she was so loved too, lots of toys, attention but no scrapbook. LOL!! Then our children came along and the dogs have taken a back seat. I can’t remember the last time they got a new toy, hubby now grooms them at home, and thankfully my oldest daughter gives them treats. They have just begun to sit with me again. 🙂 I am thankful for my fur babies!!

    1. Oh my goodness yes! Snoop also had his own toy box “Snoop’s G’ Thangs” so many treats, trips to dog parks, even his own facebook account! haha. Lil’ J also loves giving him treats. I’m thinking of letting her do training classes with him. Good bonding for everyone.

  3. I know this is a Snoop post but your kiddos are so cute. Big T alreadly adores Snoop, I can tell. And Snoop is cute too. We have a neglected doggie too but my almost 2 year old son looooves him.

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